Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition Finally on Sale in the UK

If you’re in the UK like myself, then you’ll have noticed that the Diablo 3 DiabloWikiCollector’s Edition has not been available for pre-order. Site reader David popped over a quick email to say that GAME have today put it on sale now for £69.99.

There is of course no release date attached but at least it’s starting to appear for sale this side of Europe.

Update: Some of you have found other UK based sites that are now selling it also. Gamestop and Play.  Bear in mind we’re just talking UK here, it’s been available from  mainland Europe retailers for some time now.

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  1. That’s strange. I preordered my D3 CE in Sweden many months ago.

  2. Hmm I saw a post somewhere on these forums from some guy who said that the delay is because of rune/skills system AND the CE. Sign of release! 😛

  3. Sign of Release??? Oh wait… still going to be in Q2. 👿

  4. I hope this doesn’t end up being another GAME exclusive… Some competition and undercutting from Amazon, Asda, Tesco, etc. would be very welcome.

  5. Play.com also have it for pre-order here

    – Malignant

  6. £69.99? Just… wow! *cue shock face at how expensive that is!* :O

  7. It’s quite cheap, so I will prabobly change my preorder to CE too.

  8. All I can say is FINALLY!

    Just pre-ordered from GAME and used the £20 of reward points I’d saved for it.

    Now just have to wait for Q2 (Q3…Q4…)

    – Malignant

  9. Yes finally they have it i will order my English. CE @ UK. Don’t like the German ones 😛

  10. I’m curious what people paid at pre-order time – I ordered mine (standard edition) in May 2010 (!) and it cost £24.96 with first class postage from Amazon. what about you guys?

  11. Thanks for the notification on this 🙂
    So just placed my pre-order with Game in the UK……
    UK guys may be interested to know that Game are on Topcashback.co.uk site…….processed the order through them and will get 4.04% cashback on it.

  12. Still no luck for us Brazilians. SC2 got an BR-Version CE. I Hope Diablo 3 will too.

  13. You’re all lucky. In Australia it’s;
    Collectors Edition: $140AUD = 95 pound / 113 Euro.
    Standard Edition: $88 = 60 pound / 71 Euro.

  14. What will happen if Game & GameStation go under soon? Amazon is not selling it and neither are other entertainment media based e-tailers.

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