Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition – Wings and Dye Clarification

Diablo 3 Collector's Edition Dyes

The DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Collector’s Edition announced officially at last month’s DiabloWikiBlizzcon was well received; it’s one of their best value to date I think. Two of the in game extras you will get are two special color dyes (Bottled Cloud and Bottled Smoke <- mouse over those, wheeee) and glowing Tyrael wings. Bashiok was good enough to answer a couple of follow up questions on these earlier today.

How often can we use the dyes and wings?

The CE dyes are infinite in their use. Keep them forever, dye as much stuff as you want “Cloud” or “Smoke” colored. The colors are unique to the CE.

The wings are an item you hold in your inventory (don’t take up an equipment slot on your character), and it’s a toggle. Use to turn on, use again to turn off. They’re awesome looking, and stack with other class effects like Shadow Power and Archon.

I see, and are these 1 per account?

It’s 1 per account. If you want to trade to another character you’d just want to put it in your shared stash before logging out. Same with the dyes.

And if you’re a hardcore character you may be wondering what happens if they’re in your now defunct character’s inventory when he expires, so was Vermithrax.

Ah, uh, er… hrm. That’s a good question. We’ll bring that up in our next meeting.

And now that’s in writing it’ll follow him around until it’s answered, so chop chop.

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    29 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition – Wings and Dye Clarification

    1. Sweet, that was my 1st question when I saw the collectors edition info page , “Are the dyes permanent?”, I’m glad they will be.
      Ps. LF2M for a full Normal clear with 4 winged characters 🙂

    2. Really hope they do figure out the hardcore thing, that’d suck if you lost them and could never get them back.

      Another question though, how do you trade these items between hardcore and softcore characters? Do you get one for each of these modes?

      • Shunt them to the shared stash!
        “But Starrise, what if the shared stash is full?”
        Ah, uh, er… hrm. That’s a good question. We’ll bring that up in our next meeting. =)
        Seriously I don’t know what they can do, other than offer a vendor who sells the items to you (only if you’ve bought CE). They may have to completely rework it… =P

      • I do think you should get one of each for both softcore and hardcore mode. Remember you can’t trade anything among sc an hc chars.

        Simply put, whenever a hc character dies with said items in his inventory/stash, the next hc character you roll will have newly generated items in his inventory.

      • You get 1 copy in SC & 1 in HC as for HC death problem well keep the items in the Stash I guess (sure it suck having to return to town to dye your new armour).

      • i actually think the solution is simple for HC.  on character creation, if CE then add this and this to inventory.   solveable in about 10 minutes. (check shared stash as well if the item already in the stash)

    3. As a long time gamer, this will be my first CE purchase.  I see a ton of value in the extras.  Getting D3 for free just for playing WoW is also a really good deal, but I don’t play WoW enough to justify a year sub.

    4. It would be nice if they could show us what the dyes look like in game… are they just special hues of dark grey and white or do they actually give a glowing effect around your character like the descriptions seem to imply?

      • I was kinda wondering the same thing, but on second thought I don’t mind finding out when I get the box. If there are still some semi-surprises when I start up the game thats nice.

      • i agree.  I have to buy 2 copies of D3. one for me and one for my wife.  So thats gonna be $120 right there.   I’m not sure I’ll get the CE because I can’t imagine spending $160 on the game just for a few extras.  If the dyes were really awesome, then I might go ahead and do it.  Then again, if they start selling dyes on the RMAH, I might just wait and see if there are any that I “must” have.

    5. Are there any screenshots of smoke and cloud dyes in beta? I would love to see them prior to having to make an account binding decision.

    6. The Hardcore ‘conundrum’ has easy solutions.

      Reasonable solution:
      /ce or /special or /bonus or /dyes spawns your collector’s edition dyes.

      “These dyes cannot be sold, salvaged, traded, or dropped.”

      HC character dies? Type the command again. And obviously, if you already have the dyes and type the command again: “You may only have one of each dye per account.”

      Simple psuedo-solution:
      HC character dies with the dyes on them -> dyes are placed in stash -> not enough room in stash -> dyes are placed in any available character’s inventory -> not enough room across all inventories -> dyes are spawned in inventory with the creation of a new character that would take the place of the deleted dead HC character’s slot -> you keep the dead HC character because of some graveyard feature, no available character slots left = error. The dye would just have to sit in some odd “queue” until inventory/stash slots were made avaialbe. And that’s not very good.

      Simple solution:
      Dyes are not items that take up space, but rather 2 buttons in the stash UI. Click the button to get the dye cursor to dye an item. Still has infinite uses, of course, and players who don’t have the CE can’t click/can’t see the buttons. Although this solution loses the dyes’ “flavor.”

      • The likely solution will be that you just talk to an NPC or vendor and if you don’t have it in any inventory or stash he gives it to you.

        • Yep that’s just another way of doing my first solution. Probably talking to a merchant, or dye trader, or something.

    7. Those dyes look pretty BA, but there will be others for our dungeon exploits right? Especially if we make a ton of achievements? I mean they wouldn’t give just the best dyes to the fan boys who buy the CE? Won’t there’ve legendary dyes with more then just cool colors? I don’t play the other games very much, and extra copies of D2 don’t sound very appealing to me. Videos for the making of this game are bound to show up on YouTube, someone will scan in the art pages from the book. I just don’t see a reason for spending the extra $40-50 on a pair of dyes…

      Then again the resale value on those could be good, if you can sell them.

    8. I really hope there will be no screenshots of how the exlusive dyes will look like when applied to items. I wonder however, if they will be usable from the beginning on or if you have to reach a certain level – currently, all the normal dyes show a level-requirement of 1 but maybe this is till subject to change?

    9. Wth. If you’re stupid enough (or that much of a daredevil) to put them on your HC char, and your HC char dies, you should lose the items. Just like every single other item. That’s how HC works. If you don’t like it, don’t put them on your HC char. And if you’re whinging about it you’re probably not hardcore enough to play HC anyway. Get back into SC where you belong.

      • Or they could not be stupid and only give each player one of the item and it’s temporary?
        So we have to shuffle around this little vanity item whenever we want to use it. That doesn’t make sense.

    10. Easiest way is to say hardcore dont get the wings or dye. You are hardcore enuff to not need wings. 🙂 

    11. Easy one set of items for softcore and one for hardcore, any items on your Hardcore character when you die are lost, just keep your dyes in the shared hardcore stash and if you have a winged hardcore character then you are extra special.

    12. Simple solution – Dyes dont work in hardcore mode..only softcore. If you wanna be pretty dont play hardcore because that mode gets ugly very fast – as in dead ugly.

    13. Wings taking inventory space peeves me a bit. Making it a UI option for character appearance is more convenient than stash/inventory shuffling. When I buy the CE, I didn’t buy it to have cool things on one character, I buy it to have cool things on all characters on that account — without having to go “oops hold on, gotta swap characters to use this account feature”.

      I know it’s looked down upon to compare WoW features to Diablo features. Nonetheless, remember when WoW pets used to take up inventory slots? That aspect of the game got a lot more manageable with the Pet/Mount UI slots. MoP will take that one further and make them accessible account-wide via this UI. It’s easy, it’s doable, it’s sensible. So why start out with the tedious way for a feature like this when a more sane method exists.

    14. This is some awesome stuff. I’m really pumped right now. I don’t think I’m ever turning off the angel wings. Im also going to OD dye. I’m really happy its unlimited use… and yea you shouldn’t lose them in hardcore because its a collector’s item. It just wouldn’t be right to buy something limited edition, and lose it because forgot to put it in shared stash one day.

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