For this weekend’s podcast we’re planning to chat about multiplayer in Diablo 3, and especially co-op play. Which wasn’t really a thing early on for Diablo 3, with insufficient incentives for partying up, but which has become a lot more viable in Reaper of Souls, and not just for split farming bounties. (Now people actually cooperate to do A1 bounties in games, with the much-buffed legendary drop rate on higher Torments.)

    Diablo3 Co-op is pretty good though, and while it’s better to party up and help out, not all builds work well together. At least there aren’t direct drawbacks though, like non-consensual PvP or friendly fire or ninja looting, etc. Right?

    Diablo  cooperative play at its best.

    Diablo 3 ccooperative play at its best. (Click if you don’t see it animated.)

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