Diablo 3 Co-Op Play, In a Single .gif

For this weekend’s podcast we’re planning to chat about multiplayer in Diablo 3, and especially co-op play. Which wasn’t really a thing early on for Diablo 3, with insufficient incentives for partying up, but which has become a lot more viable in Reaper of Souls, and not just for split farming bounties. (Now people actually cooperate to do A1 bounties in games, with the much-buffed legendary drop rate on higher Torments.)

Diablo3 Co-op is pretty good though, and while it’s better to party up and help out, not all builds work well together. At least there aren’t direct drawbacks though, like non-consensual PvP or friendly fire or ninja looting, etc. Right?

Diablo  cooperative play at its best.

Diablo 3 ccooperative play at its best. (Click if you don’t see it animated.)

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  1. While meant as trolling, coop is actually still very detrimental from a survivability perspective, and not just because of Unity. If you can't see the ground it becomes very difficult to avoid all the dangerous ground effects which means taking a lot more damage. Most of the strong builds also don't work well with others because they do completely different things, generally involving either running way ahead or scattering/moving enemies. While it is possible for a static, coordinated group to be overall better, and most groups to be faster, on HC I am much, MUCH safer alone. You might think oh well people are good disconnect protection… if it's from enemies sure, but from ground effects? No, still dead.

    • In my experience your group doesn't have to be static and that well coordinated to progress faster. The current MP scaling means that a party really has to be bad to do worse than a solo player, especially if you factor in group-wide buffs (including certain gems). Coordination becomes essential though when you're at your character's limits and pull too many Elites (fairly often a problem on the graveyard map). When this happens retreating to better position as a unit can be the difference between life and death in HC.

      As for the effect spam, I agree with you, but strictly for public groups. With a well oiled group or a group of friends I've found that MP is much much safer. Sure, you have more effects, but also more eyes to notice things. Me and my friends always call out Elite mods dangerous to our current party composition (most often Frozen, Electrified and Damage Reflect). The rest is pretty easy to notice anyway and I'm saying that as someone who played with a friend who spammed Meteor Shower constantly. Things don't get much worse than that when visibility is concerned.

      Ground effects can still kill you if you DC, but just because you single out one edge case that remains the same in MP that doesn't mean that in general MP isn't much safer.

      • Call out? So you are on voice chat then? Coordinated. Definitely more so than any group I have ever participated in.

        I'm going by the small but much higher number of deaths I've seen from a group hitting a dangerous situation vs soloer basically not dying aside from disconnection. I'm also going by seeing the ground and not getting any performance problems unless you get 5 elites at once (which did happen, but only once) vs enemy spam + ally spam = ability to react and coordinate dramatically decreased.

        It also seems I usually just get Crusaders who always seem to have the super spammy skills.

  2. Is solo HC safer? I honestly have no idea – I simply cannot play alone, it is too boring. Public rifting hasn't gotten me yet!

  3. I haven't had problems either way. I move around enough in battle that even tho I can't see the ground in a big group, its not that hard to stay alive. The cheat death passives are there for the few times where you might get overwhelmed or not act fast enough.

    That said, I would love to see them turn off coop player effects. I just don't need to see all the sparkles of other players abilities. Seeing the ground would be a lot more valuable. Not just that tho, there are times in 4 player games where I can't even see my character. It is just chaos and it isn't fun. There are also times where even with a good graphics card, the game gets choppy with so many on screen effects.

  4. I love this animation. "I'm returning to town." "No you're not." *CRUNCH*

    • Haha yeah, should have been hardcore characters as well :D. Co-op play is good and for me, Diablo series would be boring without it. Even though it’s online only now, the fact that it still tries to be simple in connecting with my friends makes the game slightly better than fighting ‘hp bricks’ by myself.

  5. That gif is so good!

  6. GIF is truly amazing.

  7. i think this would win the darwin awards were it a hc death.
    imagine how much that would suck ^^
    the monk running by would probably die too – of laughter!

  8. I can't stop laughing; that gif is just too much!

    Ah, the simple things that bring a solo-player pleasure…

  9. Oddly enough I had this exact thing happen in hardcore.

    I cleared a cave of the moon clan except for a few mobs and asked my friend to teleport to me to get the exp. He bannered and moved just a couple steps and BAM, flattened by the log lol.

  10. Within the last month, we have been communicating through headsets, and it's the first time for most of our party rifting T6 in Hardcore and it's so much fun. I couldn't imagine going back to solo play.

  11. this would be so mush better if that dead guy was an HC fool :)))

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