Diablo 3 client patched

There’s nothing to be alarmed about in the Diablo 3 update which went live today but it may help some players with issues.

You may have noticed your game client update today. Just a heads up that there are no major changes included in this patch. The goal of this patch was to address crashes that some of our players were experiencing.

If you haven’t seen the patch yet, you should see the update come through within the next few hours. Again, no major changes.

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  1. “There’s nothing to be alarmed about in the Diablo 3”
    As always.

  2. I knew this was coming long before any of the fan sites AND Blizzard posted any news…

  3. fixes for those mac fags like always !

    • What has happened to this site…

      • Trolls like George and other professional Cork Soakers happened.

        I noticed this trend a few months ago, when one of these cancers discovered the Diablo-Inc-Gamers site. The trolls appeared out of nowhere, and trolls attract further trolls.

        Welcome to the internet of 2017… infiltrated by chobo’s, casuals and borderline retarded self-entitled scum.

        • Make a serious site then made by real Diablo lovers and not some dirty scumbags who hate Diablo
          Haters that make a so called fan site , lol

          WE are trolls to you and you are trolls to us :p
          but WE love diablo and all what its worth , you are just a bunch of stupid kids that cry for nothing !

          Bring back AH !

          • You are a worse troll than ANYBODY on this site could ever hope to be. Everything you say it just offensive ridiculous drivel. You don’t even make a point or statement. It’s just spewing BS. And you even “like” your own posts to show that you have support for yourself.

          • This site has been around since Diablo 1. lol. How is it the site’s fault that the people who have been on this site since Diablo 1 happen to not like Diablo 3? Go to Diablo Fans, that’s a site that was made to coincide with the existence of Diablo 3. Only thing is about 25% of that site seems to dislike Diablo 3 in it’s current state as well. lol. Oh well, I guess your only choice is the official forums where everything gets moderated away or buried under a wave of white knights like you. Enjoy posting about some pos “play your way Thursday” build that can barely clear GR 25 & can’t even run T13. Or add to the jokers eager for the necro & whatever other pity fuck Blizz is giving this game at the moment.

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