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31 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Class Profile Video Series – Barbarian

  1. The first gameplay video the barb would get cuts from being damaged by enemies.. But I haven’t seen this is any of the betas. Can anyone confirm that or clarify?

  2. Im the only one that miss that amazing skull helmet shown in the video?

    BTW, nice work. I could had expected more recent videos, with the aid of the F&F Beta, but the narration was GOLD

  3. Also, can anyone confirm if elemental damage crits still have special effects like lightning stunning monsters or cold freezing them?

  4. Narration was indeed excellent thanks to Elly of course. I am a little disappointed about the barb not being the same hero as in D2 but it seems that we don’t really know this to be fact just quite yet, so i’m still hoping that it will be the same hero.

    • The fact that he’s much older than the female barbarian makes it very easy to believe 🙂 I, for one, am 110% sure it’s the same guy 🙂

      • if it’s the same guy, why would he start out at lvl 1 and have almost no skills? amnesia? and no equipment? maybe he was mugged….

  5. Great video Elly! Some observations upon comparing the gameplay footage:

    (1) The 2008 reveal (despite all its WOWy graphics and all the WIP) is the best gameplay vid so far!!

    (2) Has the camera-to-character distance decreased over time? The Barb seems much smaller, and the environments much bigger and grander, in the original 2008 footage as compared to the beta B-roll.

    • The graphics and camera distance are the same… you just have some rosey nostalgia glasses on… here, let me get those for you *smash* 🙄

  6. Video and narration by Elly. I did the script, and she made a few little changes while reading it, I think. Obviously we now know what the rune effects in all Barb skills are, but this video was finished some time ago, and we weren’t going to do a big update for just that one thing. 

    These videos are meant as character introductions, to be useful for people who haven’t followed D3 at all, while (hopefully) remaining interesting for the most knowledgeable fans.

    The other 4 should be posted fairly soon; at least 3 are completely finished and ready to roll right now, and seeing this posted this reminds me that I need to finalize the WD script!

    • Great video.

      But found it a tad more corny then informative at times.

      “enemy’s foolish enough to get in his path.”
      “brawl with the best while adding as much finesse.”
      “what devilry might be brought on”

      but the worst one was:

      “Call him a meat shield, call him a tank but call him when your in trouble …”

      • “The developers ran into storytelling issues, and they appear to have axed that plan, much like a barbarian axing a demon”.


      • They all have some corny lines, or at least plays on words and such. We thought doing them totally straight would be too solemn and pretentious. This was the first one done, and I think it’s a bit more jokey than the others. Also, Elly’s very stately, deliberate delivery is an odd fit for any joking bits. For better or worse. It makes the sausage fingers line much funnier since you don’t expect it.

  7. Maybe do them over with actual beta footage ( or dont you guys have acces yet? ) , just seems so wrong seing a barbarian using mana …

    • This was the first done, long before the beta began, and Elly used mostly that 2008 video for it. The others have more varied/recent footage.

    • I chose to use footage from areas not videod to death over the last few weeks and I felt the older vids had more interesting video footage.

  8. Sorceress is also a returning class from D2, how the F do people not see that?
    Just because they changed the classname for gender reasons ( since males can’t be sorceresses?¿) It’s totally the 2nd returning class.
    And why use a 2008 video? Do you want to confuse people?

  9. Excellent narration by Elly although it seems my British is not as good as I thought it was 😉
    It reminds me of “All your history are belong to us” series. It would be nice to see more shorts like that when the beta gets into the full swing or after the actual game release. Sort of like condensed wiki articles or highlights on different systems or game features.
    Great job. I’m looking forward for more 🙂

  10. im english and even to me elly’s voice sounds sexy, i think there will be a lot of americans listening who find it sexy too 😛

  11. I love this profile video, can’t wait for the next class.  Almost makes me look at the class in a different light when it is described so well!! Good Work Elly!  :mrgreen:

    • Monk and Wiz are done, and last I knew Elly was working on the video for the DH.  I don’t know what order she’ll post those in.Surprises for everyone!


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