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18 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Class Profile Video Series – Wizard

    • And the way she says controversy, emphasizing the middle syllable instead of the first… just like those yogscast guys saying inventory in the same way… yay for british people saying things in weird ways…

      • Ah…. I’m pretty sure english people speak english the right way.
        So you can take your veHIcle and drive on by.

  1. i hope your right, nobbie. I can not wait any longer… I would sell my sister, if i had one for a beta key!

  2. @MrNajsaman: yeah I know what you mean, but the music of d2 was great, hope its the same in d3 from what I heard of that woman singing at the begining of the d3 logo.  

    I like the wizzard, she’= looks asian, boobs, skirts + chainmail/lightplate and magic. As the for male one, I’m not keen on the look, but the concept art is okay.

  3. your voice is perfect for this sort of thing Elly and the way you speak you can hear your passion for the game :). I’m sure i speak for everyone when i say good job and keep it up thees are awesome.

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