Diablo 3 Class Profile Video Series – Monk

In the third installment to our class profile series of videos we focus on the DiabloWikiMonk. As with our previous videos we touch on the lore, skills, design and the role they may play in Diablo 3.

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  1. why does blizzard doesn’t concider hellfire as part of diablo again O_o?

  2. Nice coordination of the footage with the narration. Bonus points for digging up some Hellfire Monk visual.

  3. “Like fusion cuisine Diablo 3’s monk combines tasty elements of western and eastern cooking into one delicious dish”

    You made me hungry… 🙁

  4. I’m not sure but I am missing part of the animation where the monk puts away his/her weapon when doing a handcombat skill. From having a tall diabos in his hands he immideately engages in a melee hand combo.

  5. Nice video, but I hate the monk. Healing does not have its place in a Diablo game. I will consider playing only anti-monk builds for my characters. What were they thinking, anyway, making a melee glass canon?
    Peace, (but death to monks)

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