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14 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Class Profile Video Series – Demon Hunter

  1. Saving the best for last huh Elly?   I am looking forward to the WD and monk.   As always these are great!

  2. Great movie elly!
    Though i am surprised at how different u sound here comparing to the podcasts. 
    Then again that might just be flux’s influence.  😛



    • Obviously Elly could comment on this with more authority than me, but I think she’s making an effort on reading these to speak very clearly, hence slower than her usual delivery. Plus they’re not easy reads; I’m putting a lot of multisyllabic words and long sentences into the scripts, which anyone would have to slow down to pronounce perfectly.

      • It’s probably my telephone voice and I’m speaking from my script, whereas in the podcast I’m just chatting.

  3. Why there aren’t any download links. I don’t want to wait the Youtube’s slow servers.

    And the lady that narrates has a sleepy voice. I think she is dead as she reads it.

  4. I don’t like the Demon Hunter’s resource so I’m going to skip her. Having two resources just doesn’t work for me.

  5. I love that it ends with a bit of that uber cheesy DH cinematic dialogue. Just in case anyone thought some of the jokes in our narration scripts were corny…

    • Honestly, the dialogue of Blizzard characters has always been kinda cheesy… why should that change now? 😉

  6. Her dumb eyes and her dumb bows and and.. Nah sweet vid elly, your voice is perfect for it. Thought it was an official blizz vid when I saw the first barbarian one.

  7. That was a great way of introducing the DH. A good overview of her skills and dual-ressource and a nice finish with the parts of the announcement trailer. But next time please choose game scenes that do the character justice (for the Monk for example: the lvl 13 youtube monk video in which one of our fellow forum users kills like 200 skellis in a random event in a bit over 1 minute). The Demon Hunters in the shown scenes were SO BADLY played, that it made the class look very weak and – at least to me – undesireable. The player often stood still, fired, fired, fired and nearly died before he/she actually moved around and used the DHs manouvering skills. Anyway, thanks for the movie. I look forward to my 2 favourite characters: WD (Number 2) and Monk (Number 1).

  8. Nah, she’s not weak at all.  I’ve not died once playing her and perhaps drank 1 or maybe even 2 potions the entire time.  It’s a complete breeze but it’s only the early levels on normal so I expect it to be thoroughly unchallenging.

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