Diablo 3 Class Crest Artworks

These very cool images were included in the event press kit. They’re called Class Crests, and while Blizzard didn’t say exactly where we’ll see them in the game, I can tell you one place they’re certain to show up very soon; in fan-made Diablo 3 wallpapers.

The images were presented in enormous size, though their backgrounds were an odd color of dirty gray. I fixed it to white because I think it sets off the images much more vividly. I actually tried tacking on some drop shadow as well, but it didn’t work; it just made the clear dark details around the edges look smudgy. The pics are still full-size though, so click through and study the lovely details.

If you want the real thing for some artistic purpose; mega-sized and still in .psd form, I stuck them plus all the concept artwork (not new) in a zip, in fill size/quality. You can find that link in our Fan Creations forum.

Which is your favorite? And did you pick that just because it’s your favorite class? Or didja go by artistic appeal? I like the texture and asymmetry of the Monk’s best, though he’s definitely not my first char pick.

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14 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Class Crest Artworks

  1. witch doctor is something i would like to see as a mask wizard is my least favourite but is my first class monk is detailed and works well barb is a barb haha DH is moody and cool

    • Sorry about the formatting problem; I posted this in a rush this morning and with the tech problems I wasn’t able to preview the post before it went live. Fixed now.

  2. I’d probably have to go with the wizard even tho it’s probably going to be the last class I play. The witch doctor one made me think of Animal from the Muppets.

  3. i don’t have a favorite. really like all of them. the demon hunter one might be a little lame (at least in comparison). and im very curious as to what theyre actually good for or what their role in the game is.

  4. I was disappointed with the WD after seeing the others, i looks good, i just think it should be a little more over the top. These definitely harken back to some of the art in the D2 manual.

  5. The WD banner is pretty underwhelming for an old black dude who crushes his enemies with towers made of zombies.

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