diablo 3 christmas cointest


    bruseshaw’s Xmas outfit

    The other night bruseshaw sent us as image of, I’ll be kind and just call it an ensemble, over Twitter declaring it his ‘Christmas Set’. Viewers of our Streaming sessions have heard Flux mention on numerous occasions how erm, ‘vibrant’ both of our outfits look in game – he loves those sparkles. Bruseshaw’s image was the spark for an idea to hold a fun Christmas contest that everyone can enter, Diablo 3 vanilla players, Testers and PTRerers.

    What should I do?

    Put together an outfit for one of your characters that would make him or her the perfect bauble to adorn any festive tree. We are not looking for sophistication here, nothing you’d see a cosplayer strutting their stuff in. It should be festive, vibrant and most probably jarring to the senses. You may need to visit one of the Dye vendors to add the finishing touches and even the DiabloWikiMystic if you’re a beta tester.

    Take the image from your profile, not in-game as that’s too small to soak up the spectacle otherwise.

    I have my image, now what?

    Simply add a link to your image in the comments below, or if you’re replying to this in the forums embed or upload your image. We’ll pick a selection of the most festive on Friday night and then put those to the public vote here.  Finally the winners will be announced on Monday.

    And if I’m the Best?

    There will be prizes too.We’ll have two Runners Up who will win a copy of Reaper of Souls when it’s released on [insert best guess] and a ‘Best in Show’ who will win a copy of Reaper of Souls, a Blizzard authenticator and a Diablo 3 mouse.

    Now Get Festive!

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