Diablo 3 Chat Channel Screenshots

The Diablo III Beta is now online (sporadically) after the lengthy patch 13 install, and once I got on the first thing I checked out was the new chat channel feature. It’s functional, if rather underwhelming. I certainly hope it’s also in the beta form, since it looks like something you’d have used on AOL in about 1992.

The window only appears in a tiny space in the lower right of the screen, there’s no list of people in the chat, and there don’t seem to be any formatting options, ways to see more details about the people there, views of their characters or accounts, etc. As I said, hopefully this is just some Beta version they whipped up in the past few days; you know after Bashiok said they didn’t have them, and then the huge public outcry forced Blizzard to quickly implement them while ordering Bashiok to cover for them by saying that he’d somehow been unaware of the existence of a major game feature he’d argued persuasively against two days before. [ /tinfoil hat disengaged]

Update: In my first quick look at the chat I missed the options button, which does open up a display of everyone in the chat. You can invite them to party, or add them to your friends list, as you can see in the screenshots below.

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49 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Chat Channel Screenshots

  1. Heh what did you expect, it took them whole year to develop such a chat for SC2…it’s a pinnacle of Blizzard design team.

    It’s like going into a cave and yelling ‘helloooo, is anyone there?’, and you get the echo ‘….there…there…there’. I think that describes nicely the existing chat system in sc2.

    God I hate what they did with the chat in SC2, and I can see this will be the same thing.

    • “…it’s a pinnacle of Blizzard design team.”

      Your post perfectly comments on something that has piqued my curiosity for quite a while:  Why does Blizzard try to reinvent the wheel?

      Blizzard continually re-codes features from scratch, that they already have implemented in other titles.  The AH is a perfect example.  They already have a bug free, Blizzard polished AH working every day in WOW…. So they start from scratch for D3.  That doesn’t make sense to me.  These chat channels look like Starcraft 2, except you have to click a gear to see people.  

      Now Im not saying they shouldn’t improve or further polish their features, but why do they insist on starting from scratch.  Improving on already existing ideas is something Blizzard excel at, so why is D3 different?  Take your auction house, IMPROVE IT!  Take your chat channels from D2, IMPROVE THEM!  Take your achievement system, from WOW or SC2, IMPROVE IT!  Instead we are looking at the better part of a decade development time for a feature(s) that looks to be several iterations backward.

      Its a  fundamental concept of computer science, if you try to re-code everything from scratch, you will spend all your time doing that, and not innovate or advance in the field…or don’t reinvent the wheel.

      • “They already have a bug free, Blizzard polished AH working every day in WOW…. So they start from scratch for D3. ”

        What, do you think they can just copy and paste the code from WoW and it’ll work? Probably there are things they would change about the WoW system if they could, and now that they’re making a new title they get to re-write it from scratch, fixing all those issues up from the get-go.

        Undoubtedly the design and implementation of AH In D3 will strongly draw on their experience from WoW and yet you act as if “start[ing] from scratch for D3” is somehow some massive bad/stupid thing? 

        • @Lanthanide and der

          Umm. LOL. Ok, are all your posts just made up on the spot like you are an expert.  When you don’t have the first idea what you’re talking about.

          The concept is called modularity.

          Now, clearly you can’t just copy and paste code from one game to another, then games would be identical.  But that doesn’t mean that all functions are re-written from scratch.  You design functions that do one thing really well. Then use those functions (for their function), and adapt those functions to fit your purposes in your current project.  Then assemble those functions into the program you wish create.  This is common on programming.  Even if functions are torn down almost to the beginning you already have an idea of how they need to be coded and assembled due to the fact you have done it before.  This is something Blizzard has done well for a long time, and now many features appear to be taking some steps back. (or certainly not making noticeable improvements)

          The point I was getting at, is that they have spent the better part of a decade developing this game, and a number (as I mentioned above many) of the systems in the game are either barely at an equal level as some of their other games, or in some cases (chat rooms) steps backward.  This doesn’t make sense.  They have already done this before, they should know how its done, if not be able to re-use functions that have worked for them in the past.  It certainly shouldn’t be taking longer to work this game, than It did all their other games, especially considering  this game contains approximately the same amount of content.

          • I agree with you in principle. In practice, lots of software teams don’t properly modularize their code. It also takes a significant amount of extra effort (equaling $$) to write modular code that can be directly implemented in another project. In many cases, coders will decide it’s actually faster to write new code than to take previous code and muck around with it to get it to the point where it will work in the new application.

      • If you really think they can juts copy/paste code from WoW to D3, then you shouldn’t be talking about this, because you have no clue.

  2. Seems almost identical to the SC2 chat channels except the SC2 ones actually show who’s all in it and lets you click on their names in the list to look at their profile, ignore them, add them to friends, etc… I don’t know why they would not have that in the D3 version.

    • I take it back, turns out you can pop out a list of the people in your current channel with all of the usual options by clicking on the gear. It sucks to have to wait for other people to put out screenshots and videos of stuff instead of being able to look at it yourself… 😕

  3. The question is can you chat in that “hardcore chatchannel” from the start?

    I think [Blizzard] that you should only be able to join in that channel after a softcore run so the conversations in that channel won’t ruin your mind [/blizzard].

  4. BOOOOO What a let down.
    Same crappy UI with a facebook style chat bar on the side.
    Something tells me we aren’t getting a real lobby.

  5. To express ones feelings towards this chat feature one would need a toilet, a camera, serious case of the trots and Jay Wilson’s address  ❗

    So dissapointed 👿

    Got the toilet and camera. Sure Jay’s address can be obtained somehow 🙂 And sure his Chili recipe can help me with the Trots 🙁  

  6. wow, this is serious crap. I don’t understand what’s the problem in implementing a feature which has been in blizzard games for years… 

  7. Imo, why don’t they just copy D2 chat lobby and improve on that…?

    This is seriously a big letdown crap, crafted in 1hour of someones spare time?


  8. You can see the people in the chat.  You can see their profile.  You can see their hero.  Next to the dropdown to select the chat channel is a small gear icon labelled ‘chat options’ or somesuch thing.  Click on that, and there is an option to show members.  Click on an individual, and there are a plethora of options associated with them.

    Intuitive interface?  No.  But the options are there. 

  9. Thats our new chat lobby? that tiny horrible window in the bottom right hand corner? what happened to the big window where we can all line up? check each others characters out? im seriously not impressed

  10. Showing the  list of name of people is not enabled by default. You need to go click on that coghweel thingy on enable it . I just did it in the beta. Please correct the post info. 

  11. I’ve said all I’ve had to say in regards to chat channels. Blizzard continue to make them suck and not have a serious go at implementing them properly. Ghosttown.net inc.

    But hey, Starcraft 2 has these types of chat channels, and look at them! They continue to have a thriving community with a massive 3 people currently playing it worldwide!

    • You’ve clearly never played SC2 that much. Whenever I go on there, even at 2/3am CET, there are 400,000+ people online, and that’s just in Europe. The matchmaking hardly ever takes more than 1 minute to get into a game, even at these times. Also – chat channels, while mostly not that useful in SC2 (a separate discussion) – are sometimes well used. Try joining the ‘teamliquid’ channel at peak times and you’ll find it completely full! I think you’ll find the ‘incgamers’ channel will be equally busy once the game is released. We might even need incgamers2 and 3.

      I’m not at all surprised that Blizzard hasn’t made it a more comprehensive chat system, because with good public matchmaking ala SC2, we just don’t need them as much. Also, I’d be pretty upset if they delayed the game further to iterate on chat. If it really is such a massive problem, for some people, let them patch it later.

      • Sorry to burst your bubble, but those figures include WoW US players, which makes up for the vast majority of that figure.
        Blizzard like to mask how many people are playing SC2 because it is embarrassing. The best indicator we have is how many games are being played, which stands at around 10k during peak. World-wide.

        • Yep – source please.

          Also, I just went on http://www.sc2ranks.com to take a look for myself. I looked at the numbers of pages that I got when searching for 1v1 Bronze/Gold/Platinum etc globally, limiting it to people who have been active in the last 30 days. As each page has 100 players on, I just multiplied that by 100 to get a rough estimate. Sure, the last page might have only 1 person on for all of these, but even if true, it’d only reduce the total by ~700. Here is what I find:

          Bronze: 916 pages
          Silver: 732 pages
          Gold: 584 pages
          Platinum: 495 pages
          Diamond: 310 pages
          Master: 183 pages
          Grandmaster (the page it starts at): 182 pages (this might be from last season as a new one started just now, and they don’t immediately assign grandmaster league like the others)

          So that is 3402 pages, which works out at roughly 340k players.

          Note that these numbers only include people who have played in the last FIVE DAYS actually, as a new season started, which wiped everyone’s stats (http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/3715635/Season_6_Has_Begun_-15_02_2012#blog). They are also from 1v1 only – so this is a large underestimate as many people play just 2v2s, 3v3s etc This is hard to take into account as people would be double counted if they played both 1v1 and 2v2 for example.

          I don’t know about the peak stats, but that’s also influenced by the type of game you play, which affects the length of the average gameplay session.

  12. Blizzard keep sending mixed messages… First they try to integrate social media into their marketing and talk about how much they want to make their games social, and then they do stuff like this that makes it look like they’d rather you just constantly be in games instead of sitting in chat lobbies. Or maybe they are just trying to subtly tell you to play their MMO(s) if you want to be social in a video game…

    • Yes… seriously! Maybe this is the result of an inter-departmental communications failure….

  13. They should have looked at the chat ui from warcraft 3. It was inviting and had lots of breathing room, and because of that people actually used it.

  14. They need to put chat channel inside the game when you are playing with any character you are in and I think we all would be one happy family 🙂

  15. The chat system is um…pretty primitive. They must’ve slap this together really quick.
    Btw, did anyone get Elective mode to work? I can’t move skills on my action bar.

    • You cant move skills on your action bar. after you activated the elective mode, you see arrows to switch the category in the skillmenu. So if you want two fury generate skills you have to go to the skill menu, click on the action slot you want and press the arrows until you see the fury generate skills… Than you can have two or more skills from the same category. But you cant freely move them from Hotkey  to Hotkey  or vice versa… If you want to change it you have to change the key bindings.

      • Thanks Ara, I must’ve tried for good minute or two before I realize it won’t work like the old days anymore. To be honest, I thought the traditional way is much more intuitive.

        • Yeah its a little bit tricky… but hey… thats the real test. If you pass it, you are an expert and ready for the elective mode :]

  16. Flux, I do appreciate all the work you do for this website and enjoy most of the articles. I don’t even care that you sometimes seem overly pessimistic and negative, as I understand your reasoning and arguments, and also that you do some that stuff to create a healthy debate and increase traffic (Although I will admit that reading articles 2-3 years ago was a lot less tiring).
    But stating conspiracy theories as fact? Really? You’re not even saying that this is what *YOU* think happened, you’re simply stating that it’s a fact that there’s some coverup. And although I don’t have any specific example, I believe you (or one of the other poster; I don’t usually check the name of the author) have done such a thing in the past.
    I enjoy conspiracy theories as much as the next guy, but would appreciate it if it was stated as such and not as a matter of fact.
    The chat channels seem to be implemented pretty much the same as they are in SC2, and that didn’t take them a couple of days to cobble together. Sure the UI might need some extra work, but as others have stated before me the information you presented is somewhat incorrect as you can view other people in the chat and have more advanced options by clicking the gear button.
    As to the subject itself, I haven’t had much experience with the SC2 chat channels nor am I in the beta, so I’ll reserve judgement on the implementation until I have the chance to use it myself.
    In more general terms however, I found the chat channels on D2 to be pretty much useless and frankly idiotic. Talking to random /b/tards on public chats isn’t my idea of fun and if I wanted to chat with friends in D2 it’d be either in a private chat channel, or more often inside actual games or using whispers.
    But hey, to whoever enjoys open channels, more power to you! But history (SC2) shows that this implementation is about as far as Blizzard is willing to go nowadays.

    Edit: sorry about the wall of text, got a bit carried away.

    • I actually had a < /tinfoil hat disengaged> line in the post, but  it didn’t display since the news script thought it was actual code.  I posted this in like 30 seconds while itching to get back on and do some actual testing, so didn’t check that the joke part was showing. I edited the code so it now displays with a [ instead of the < .

      Actually, I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory. I don’t know who the conspirators would be, for one thing. But think about it; what’s more likely: that Bashiok was totally unaware of a major b.net system that they’ve been testing for months, when it’s a part of the community relations stuff he specializes in? Read the link in the post, he didn’t just say, “I don’t think we’ll do that.” he posted a multi paragraph argument about why public chat channels aren’t a good feature and won’t be in D3, and it’s not like he made that up on the spot. He and the other CMs get their talking points from the devs, so they can stay on the same page in arguing for or defending game features.

      And then suddenly a few days later, after a massive fan protest (just as there was about SC2 not having chat channels, which forced Bliz to grudgingly agree to include them), there  are hastily-installed public D3 chat channels after all, and somehow Bashiok just didn’t know about it?

      I don’t care personally since I won’t be using them (especially after seeing how crappy is their implementation), and it’s obvious that Bliz didn’t want to include them, so it’s a largely academic issue. Did they half-heartedly include them months ago? Or were they debating it and hoping fans wouldn’t really care, and when they saw the thousands of posts raging for them, figured they’d better add them in after all? Half one one vs. 6 of the other, really.

      I will add a pic of the full char list though, since I don’t want to leave an error in the post. I spent like 60 seconds looking in dismay at the terrible tiny chat window, but didn’t see a way to open that full user listing.

      • To be honest, Bashiok’s version of the public chat affair is more believable than your “computerz thought i was typin codez lol” story.

      • Thank you for editing the post.
        Although, it doesn’t really matter how credible the theory might seem, as the general problem with conspiracy theories is that they ignore most proof to the contrary, like the post (blue? Jay Wilson? can’t remember) from months ago that said that the chat channels were already implemented.
        Owing to the fact that Blizzard seems to care very little for chat channels it is possible that they were implemented months ago, but because they don’t care they just did the minimal level of testing possible and moved on. I doubt that Blizzard employees spend most of the time using the D3 chat channels for actual communication when they’re in the same building (and most likely use a dedicated chat program for inter-office communication).
        Also, that you consider chat channels “a major b.net system” doesn’t mean that Blizzard does as well. And the chat system seems to be the same as the SC2 chat, which apparently works without any issue, so how much testing do you actually need to check a simple port? Probably just bug testing.
        Of course, the conspiracy theory might be true, but until proven conclusively it cannot be stated as more than that.
        Blizzard is actually in a position where they cannot disprove the rumor unless they release some proof that the chat channels were already in. The question is, what kind of proof can or would persuade someone like you? Internal design documents? Actual client code from months back? Bags of money (lol jk)?
        See, the problem is they could probably go into full transparency mode, give us everything, heck even invite people to Blizzard HQ and show them all this stuff in person, and it won’t do any good because you seem to have already decided that there’s a coverup base on some immaterial evidence and what seems like your personal opinion of Blizzard HQ and their PR department.

  17. Wow seriously, and then you wonder why Blizzard hates this site.  First, the OP is stating his very personal hate theories as facts.  That’s not professional.  Second, at least try to do a good research before posting: “there’s no list of the people in the chat” sorry but that’s not true.  I’ll link a screenshot from the other site as proof: http://media.diablofans.com/images/news/2012/feb/publicchat_members.jpg
    And to the guy who said that SC2 has only 3 members worldwide… are you for real? Someone remind me why should I come to this whiners/haters site again?

    • Thanks for that image.
      Can you click on their names and get more info about them? I assume the symbol is meant for inviting them to a group.

      P.S. Nothing wrong at all with Flux stating his own opinions and guesses. This isn’t a copy/paste news-site.
      I very much agree about doing your research first though.

      • Yes, there’s nothing wrong with opinions and guesses, when they’re presented as such.
        I suggest you reread the second paragraph Flux has written. Maybe my English skills are lacking, but I read that as a simple statement of fact by Flux, and not conjecture or speculation.
        As I said before, I don’t mind conspiracy theories and speculation when it’s presented as much. But presenting such stuff as cold hard facts seems like a line that shouldn’t be crossed by a website that presumes to give the whole truth as opposed to the so called “fawnsites” they enjoy ridiculing so much. Because by doing this sort of thing they become no better than what they deride.

        • Another nice screenshot. Maybe I should stop being lazy and check them myself 😀

          The only thing I miss from the implemented chat is custom channels then. Unless that is possible too?
          About Flux’ post, the last part seems like his opinion. The part about no chat list etc. is apparently bad research yes.

  18. The chat itself seems fine by me (I wouldnt use it though, so not the right person to judge).
    However it should certainly be possible to check out a person/character by clicking on their name in the chat.(Edit: apparently it is!)
    It should be possible to make custom channels.

  19. Seems like the exact same type of chat than SC2. I think it was to be expected, since they are trying to merge all games in the same battle.net system, right? Isn´t one of the patch notes that you can now see your friends cross-game? I can´t really judge, since I don´t think I´ll use chat channels, but they seem fine to me, and they also seem to work in SC2.

  20. Gogo Flux.

    The only conspiracy I see here is that  someone that doesn’t seem to like D3 just “”” Accidently“”” FAILED to test the chat properly and instead posted wrong information.

    Shameful display.  Your hatred blinds you.

  21. The funny thing is that this guy Flux has been mocking Blizzard for this “retardedly easy game” and saying it’s suited for devs grandmas and little children but it seems its hard enough for him to understand the chat system.
    I guess Bashiok is right, people are dumb.

  22. Wow, B.Net 2.0 continues to suck.

    Blizzard is so against doing things that made them famous in the first place.  Although chat channels are a small part of that overall, it can’t be argued that they were a major feature when the original Battle.net was released with D1.  I seriously cannot figure why Blizzard has such a vendetta against its former self.

  23. I’m sorry, but this “new” lack-luster Chat Function is absolutely embarrassing.

    How is something this basic a “community builder”? Before logging in, I was expecting the entire screen to be filled with a variety of social tools and graphics, e.g., player avatars, ability to link weapons, ability to “inspect” other players, ability to “clan tag”, ability to form parties, and a superb graphical user interface etc.

    Instead, we get this primitive Chat Box that even I could probably code in 10 minutes.

    When I heard that this Blizzard dipshit decided to add in a Community Chat, I was thrilled. It was like anticipating a moist chocolate cake for my birthday. However, as I sit and wait for my mom to walk out with my candle-lit bliss, this guy stomps out holding a gigantic c0ckmeat sandwich.

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