We all knew it was coming, and it will be here soon. The Diablo version of the DiabloWikiArmory, previously seen in WoW, will be coming to a battle.net site near you! The profiles are rather extensive, so people can peek at all of your goodies while you’re not looking. The interface is actually quite handsome, and it’s well organized so you can see a snapshot of each of your characters and flaunt your ethereal prowess on the internets.

    Shortly after the launch of Diablo III, we’ll be adding a new feature to our official site. Profiles will let you review all of your character information at a glance, share it with others, and check out the accomplishments of the other heroes out there.

    You’ll be able to look at your heroes (or your friends’ heroes) from any page on the Diablo III site through our personalized menu. If you’re curious about the exploits of your fellow forum posters, it’ll be a simple matter to click over to their profiles and feel envious of their gear or how long they’ve managed to keep their Hardcore characters alive.

    Our first profiles release will include these two elements:

    • A career tab that displays all of your heroes, how far you’ve progressed in the Diablo III campaign, how many foes you’ve slain, the names and playtimes of your fallen Hardcore heroes, and more.
    • A heroes tab that shows off your equipment (including dyes, socketed gems, all equipment bonuses, etc.), your attributes and skills, the skills and equipment of your Followers, and more.

    We’re planning to add tabs that’ll show off your artisans and achievements as well. Profiles will be available on the site sooner rather than later, but you should feel free to share your suggestions and thoughts in the comments section below or in the
    Website Features forum.

    We’ve also been hard at work on a ton of other website content, available to help you sharpen your knowledge and prepare to face the forthcoming onslaught. On Monday, May 14, you’ll be able to browse an updated Items section, which will include Legendary and Set items, as well as some specific hand-crafted items.

    See you in Sanctuary!
    – Blizzard Web Team

    Update by Flux: If you’re wondering about privacy, because you don’t want other people to be able to see all of your hours played, characters, achievements, equipment, skills, etc… don’t play, don’t Friend anyone, or don’t tell anyone your DiabloWikiBattleTag. Those are your 3 options, since Blizzard refused to offer opt-out or privacy options of any kind when the Armory was introduced to WoW back in 2006, and made their attitude doubly-clear by ridiculing privacy advocates with an April Fool’s Joke in 2007.

    In 2010 WoW added a “Recent Activity” log that shows exactly what a WoW player has done in game; quests completed, monsters killed, items found, etc — these can not be blocked or restricted to Friends Only, and they’re even available on RSS feeds, so anyone who knows your character name can watch everything you do in-game.

    Numerous gaming journalists have written about the privacy concerns of this issue, and there have been numerous fan forum protests, all to zero avail. Blizzard hasn’t budged an inch on the “mandatory benefits” aspect of this feature, and there’s no reason to think they’ll change their behavior when it comes to Diablo III’s Armory.

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