Diablo 3 Character and Profile API Coming Later This Year

It looks like we will get an API from Blizzard later this year which will enable fans to extract Character and Profile information from Diablo III.

As the Diablo series has always been about showing off your gear it’s only a matter of time before we will see Diablo III Armory pages. What we can do with this API exactly is unknown but Straton from the Web & Mobile team at Blizzard said we will get more info on this API when it gets released later this year.

I can confirm that there will be a d3 API, but can’t confirm what it will contain or when it will be released. Without going into too much detail, we plan on making hero profile data available later this year.

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17 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Character and Profile API Coming Later This Year

        • It is elegant.  The group to blame is MS for bringing such a nice platform to the party 4 years late.  I bet they would have substantial market share (at least more than the current 1.8%) if they had handsets out in 2010.  Doubly so if they grouped with Nokia back then.

    • Application 

      So even though all the character information is stored on the Blizzard servers, you can “ask” the server for that information, and you do it from OUTSIDE the game.
      So maybe from a web page, or a mobile phone app, or an iPad.

      An API is basically a set of questions they give you. Blizzard tells you the grammar and spelling of the questions (you must ask them exactly that way or the server won’t understand) and they tell you the grammar and “sentence structure” the server will use to answer.  

      so you might ask the server

      SkillList = GetSkillList (myCharName, myAccountID) 

      and then the server will give back you a comma separated list of skill names  

      and I absolutely guarantee this is going to be a facebook API so you can post your char’s name, image and status on facebook 

      you won’t even have to do anything, it will automatically update your status every time you level up or get an achievement 

  1. Awesome ! I hope there will be a way to get the stash content, it would be very useful for guilds.

  2. You can also troll people by always logging out naked without any gear and crap runes/skills on as a PvPeR who doesnt want other ppl to know too much about your build.

  3. Call this a crazy idea but I really want for the Armory system to show a tooltip on the items that say if they are bought from the AH or if they are the original looter. I dunno, I am kind of an “elitist” guy and I take prestige in the fact that I hunted (or just got lucky) the super awesome gears that I am wearing, rather than buying it.

    Then again, Blizzard wouldn’t want that at all, because players won’t support the AH if they can’y get the anonymity of buying and selling. But still….

    • should the tooltip also show if you found the item or if you traded for it (item per item with another player)

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