Blizzard made a big announcement about a bug fix and buff to the effect of Rubies in weapons, and it’s valuable info about Diablo 3 bugs.

    We recently made some posts pertaining to “black weapons” (i.e. weapons with the MinMaxDamage affix), and mentioned that if we considered making adjustments to how black weapon damage was calculated, we would let you know.

    First Things First

    We’re not going to be changing how the MinMaxDamage affix calculates bonus damage on weapons in 1.0.7, nor do we have any immediate plans to do so. We’re okay with the way black weapons are now and we don’t feel the bug, as it exists currently, is severe enough to warrant an urgent fix. It’s still a bug we want to fix at some point in the future, but we have no intention of making any changes to items that currently have or might drop with the MinMaxDamage affix between now and then (i.e. once we do fix the bug, only new items that drop from that point on would roll with the revised calculation).

    So, now that we’ve cleared that up…

    Changes to Rubies in 1.0.7

    In patch 1.0.7, Radiant Square Rubies, Star Rubies, Flawless Star Rubies, Perfect Star Rubies, Radiant Star Rubies, and Marquise Rubies are all receiving a buff to their damage ranges. This change should already be live on the PTR.

    Due to the bug with how bonus damage is calculated on black weapons, however, the bonuses received from the new Ruby values are currently much larger than intended. So, to help with this issue, all the Rubies which received a damage buff will also be switching to a new calculation, one that better matches what you would intuitively expect. (As KirusAlufras pointed out, Rubies don’t work consistently between physical damage weapons and non-physical damage weapons, and we’d like to correct that.)

    The new buffed Rubies will do exactly what the tooltip claims. If a tooltip says +80 to Minimum Damage and +80 to Maximum Damage, then the damage on the weapon will go up by those amounts when the Ruby is socketed.

    So, for example, if you have a weapon with 150 – 200 damage and your Ruby adds +80 Min/+80 Max then your weapon will do 230 – 280 after inserting the Ruby.

    As another example, you have a “black” physical damage weapon that does 300-450 damage. If you insert a Ruby with +80 Min / +80 Max then your weapon will do 380 – 530 damage.

    One more example: You have a Fire damage weapon that does 150 – 200 damage and an extra 50-100 Fire damage. If you insert a Ruby with +80 Min / + 80 Max then your weapon will do 230-280 damage with an extra 50-100 Fire damage.

    Note: Emeralds, Amethysts, and Topaz will remain unaffected. Chipped quality Rubies through Perfect Square Rubies will also be unaffected and will continue to use the current (bugged) calculation.

    Click through for the rest of his post, and a follow up that reverses much of it. They’re now going to extend the fix to all grades of rubies, going forward.

    Why We’re Making This Change

    Philosophically, this change is important because the MinMaxDamage affix doesn’t work the way that you’d expect when it comes to bonus damage. It’s not intuitive. If you see one thing on the tooltip, socket a ruby, and then get an unexpected result, that’s confusing. Additionally, physical damage weapons already have some mechanical advantages, such as interacting directly with “Adds X% elemental damage” affixes. In small amounts these advantages can be cool, but we feel that letting the black damage bug be compounded by powerful gems would take it to an extreme we aren’t comfortable with.

    For those who have already been playing around with the Rubies on the PTR, thank you for your feedback so far. In light of our decision to change how damage bonuses of the new and improved Rubies are calculated, combined with your feedback, we’ll be re-evaluating the numbers on the Rubies before 1.0.7 ships. Ultimately, we want to ensure that some (but not all) builds and play styles will still favor using the new and improved Rubies.

    This change will be implemented in a future patch 1.0.7 PTR build, so you’ll get a chance to test it out and theorycraft before patch 1.0.7 goes live.

    We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we agree it’s weird for different rubies to function differently, especially if it’s hard to tell the difference. Based on this, we’ve decided that going forward, all rubies will use the new calculation, and we’ll be buffing all rubies to account for the difference in calculation. We’re still in the process of evaluating what we want the final numbers to be for patch 1.0.7 once it goes live, but our design philosophy remains that some but not all builds should prefer using rubies in the weapon slot.

    The whole point of a PTR is to test things out, and we appreciate all the feedback so many of you have taken the time to write up. At the start of the PTR, Marquise Rubies were definitely looking stronger than we wanted initially, and as a result of the new calculation, we’ll likely have to further refine them so that we can get them to where we’d like Marquise Rubies to be.

    If I’m reading this right, it seems like all current Rubies will continue to offer bugged bonus max damage in black weapons, but new Rubies will not. (And at some point, but not in v1.07, newly-created Black weapons won’t have the bug either, though it will never be retrofixed to existing black weapons.) Since there are no Marquise Rubies in v1.06, no Marquise Rubies will ever have this bug, and thus long term, at least at the high end, the bug will cease to exist.

    Do you suppose they’ll designate old, bugged Rubies and black weapons with a “Legacy” tag in the GAH? *heh*

    The post by KirusAlufras that Vaeflare cites explains the buggy Ruby damage quite well, so here’s a quote to archive it.

    When we add Ruby (+min/max) to a weapon we get

    +150min +150max to enchanted weapon (non-physical)
    potential damage increase by 150
    +150min +300max to physical weapon
    potential damage increase by 225

    The Gem bonus effect adding to a weapon should be the same regardless of its type. Emerald adds +100% CHD without any lose on any type of weapon. Ruby should do the same. I would like to see +150/150 or +150/300 on all weapon type. The dev team need to make this happen.

    adding +150/150 with ruby to any weapon does not make them equal or better than emerald. If the Marquise Ruby was designed for physical weapon only then I have nothing to say. If it is not for physical weapon only then I must ask for a change in number, either increase the +min/max off ruby to +150/300 always or +225/225 on all weapon regardless of its type.

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