Diablo 3 Bug Report Forum Wiped – Beta Soon?

Vigilant site visitor Eric spotted that Blizzard has this evening wiped posts off the official Bug report forum and left a maintenance message which simply reads:

Hey guys, We need to do some maintenance on this forum. Please don’t be upset if your posts are deleted.

Could we be getting incredibly close to the Beta going live as the Blizzard admin team get things prepared for your bugs and puts further systems in place to track bugs? It’s certainly starting to look that way. If you try to post in that forum now it asks you for a Beta License. Intriguing.

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  1. In the ‘blues’ section there is also a post on “How to make a good bug report” as well. fyi… 🙂

  2. September now, beta within reach.. Must not die must not die….

  3. Oh Blizzard, naughty girl, how you tease!

  4. More groundwork for the start of the test is good to see.

  5. Yes, beta is soon since january 2011 (or even before)

  6. just when i think i can handle the waiting….

  7. Like someone already sayd “beta soon from 1 january or b4”, I think blizzard it’s a bunch of lazy’s £&@(;….

  8. None of you fire until you see the white’s of the dev’s eyes!!!!

  9. ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!

  10. Yes September! This will be the month! it must be! come on! do it! giev us beta!

  11. why were there ANY posts on the D3 bug report forum ?

  12. Who do we need to contact in order to shorten September to 28 days?

  13. Take a long sleep….

  14. Hahaha, my anticipation has reached comical levels. FORUM WIPE! ZOMG!!!! *hyperventilates*

  15. Beta starts either this or next week (in the US). Mark my words. ^^

  16. I’ve noticed also all the sites such as amazon and play have just literally started up their pre order for d3 too! <3

  17. I preorder my D3 over 2 months ago:)

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