Diablo 3 Bug: Dead, but Not

I’ve seen remarkably few bugs in Diablo 3, at least since the beta, but I got an odd one a couple of days ago. It’s best seen in the screens below, but some explanation. I was doing a key run and dashed out through Leoric’s Manor to get the boss pack that’s always in the courtyard. They were Cultist mages with Reflects Damage and some other mods that made them nastier than usual, and I was on MP6 so the impacts were impactful.

I was pounding them effectively and on track to kill them just as the RD killed me, but helpfully there was a health shrine right there, so at the last second I clicked it just as the Champions died. And I did… but apparently I was an instant too late.

That’s when it got weird though, since as you can see in the screens, I died, leaving the gravemarker on the ground. But the screen never went to the death/respawn option, and I still had a full health orb… plus as the seconds passed my Spirit was actually refilling, which you can see in the sequence of shots. But I did die, since my Mantra and Breath of Heaven buff icons went away. The best part? DiabloWikiEirena revived after a few seconds and stood there, looking fresh and hearty. (You can see her in shots 2 and 3.) Pity I didn’t have DiabloWikiKormac or perhaps his Templar training would have kicked in and he’d have resurrected me? (While DiabloWikiLyndon would have surreptitiously pocked the gold stacks.)

The most annoying part? I was stuck. Not dead so I couldn’t respawn, but I couldn’t cast a Town Portal or move or do anything. My only escape was to exit the game, (or make it public and hope someone joined and came to res me?) which was doubly-annoying as that Champion had given me my 5th stack and it was keywarden time. (Glad I wasn’t playing a hardcore character, since when they die you want it to be for real. Like last night.)

Has this ever happened to any of you guys? Or have you seen other bugs in the game post-release? For all that we complain about D3’s features and balance, you do see the polish in a lack of bugs or technical glitches, as the few that remain get eradicated in patches and hotfixes.

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16 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Bug: Dead, but Not

  1. I had this happen to me in act 3, maybe a month ago. I died and the grave marker appeared but not resurrect buttons. I believe that I was even playing with a friend at the time and he said that he revived me, but it did not help me in anyway. So I had to exit the game as well, very strange.

  2. I had this happen once as well… but it was several months ago. I hit a health globe as I “died” and had to exit as well.

  3. I tend to die a lot so have had it happen to me several times. Sometimes it looks like I didn’t die and other times I’m walking around like I just respawned. Never got stuck though.

  4. Actually experienced two distinct bugs today. I think something weird may have been going on with my connection or the client, but either way, bugs!

    1) Preparation with the Battle Scars rune — Preparation fired (triggered cooldown, restored Disc) but Battle Scars didn’t — I didn’t regain any health.

    2) This seems like a lag issue, but I wasn’t actually lagging at all — no high latency readings, or anything: fighting a champion pack of dervishes with desecrator and plagued, I ran out of a bunch of nasty pools. However, my life kept going down even as I kept running. I never rubberbanded back to being over any pool, and I didn’t get any debuff icons informing me I was standing in the proverbial fire, but my health rolled down really quickly anyway, until I died.

  5. I’ve had a similar one with dashing strike. If something “killed me” while mid-dash my health would go to 0 but I wouldn’t get the rez option. Everything kept swatting my nonexistant monk, TP wouldn’t work, had to leave game and forfeit NV stacks. I think I saw that particular one mentioned as fixed in patch notes, which is probably just a blatant a lie as “wallers don’t spawn walls on characters anymore.”

    Solution: switch to a wizard. I never regretted it.

  6. this is good post i,ve had simlir with dashnig strike if something liked me.

  7. One bug in particular is the waller spawning on you, ie; you are wedged within a single wall. This was supposed to be fixed in patch notes a while ago but still happens every now and then.

    Also another incredibly annoying bug … I can’t play my monk with a tempest rush build. Straight disconnect after a few mins, sometimes quicker.
    I don’t disconnect from the net or diablo it self, I just get kicked from my game. So frustrating, and I cannot do a single complete run without a dc.. not fun.

    • I’ve had that happen a number of times, but I can always move in some direction. It might not be the one that looks like it’s clear, like I’m closer to the front of the wall, but I can go backwards or left or something.

      I’ve only actually been trapped in place a few times by multiple walls, such as from Champions or once recently when I got a boss and champs at the same time, both with Waller. That was actually quite fun, visually.

  8. Happened last night in a Uber run (Maghda & Leoric). I had to stop freezing the Uber’s so they could kill him and let us ress him. It also happened during gaining stacks for the Ubers but at least there were 4 of us so we could fix it.

    I have only seen it in 1.07+ though so if it was introduced earlier then I must be very lucky to not have seen it until last night.

  9. I have not experienced that particular bug, but I do get the remaining Illusionist standing there after the real monster dies.

  10. I had this one as well, although long ago enough that I don’t remember the particulars. I do remember that I had to exit the game to fix it.

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