Diablo 3 Breaks 2 Million “Likes”

Diablo 3’s facebook page had been teetering on the verge of surpassing 2 million fans – a feat they finally accomplished today. And that’s not all! In thanks to everybody’s dedication, 4 images have been created… for your facebook banner! Assuming that you already have a plethora of desktop wallpapers to choose from, you can now adorn your personal page with either DiabloWikiAzmodan or the DiabloWikiTristram Cathedral.

Over two million people are now following Diablo’s Facebook page! In appreciation of your commitment to Diablo, and to commemorate hitting the two-million-minion milestone for the Lord of Terror, we’ve released two variations of two exclusive banners for you to showcase on your own Facebook timeline or share with friends.

Head on over to Facebook now to download your favorite(s):

Tristram Cathedral

Don’t miss out on any Blizzard news or events! If you aren’t already following us on Facebook, be sure to visit the official Diablo, StarCraft, Warcraft, and Blizzard pages.

If you follow the source, you’ll find 2 other versions of each of these images with the promotional “evil is back” announcement for Diablo 3’s release.

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13 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Breaks 2 Million “Likes”

    • We’re a Diablo 3 news site. That makes all Diablo 3 information news worthy, does it not?

      I mean, come on, it’s facebook banners! Isn’t that the epitome of excitement? Sweat and blood went into the cropping of those images.

      • i just think its a terrible way to gauge things… so often all this facebook madness puts it in your face that if you dont like it on facebook, you must not like it…. whatever happened to logging unique visitors to your website? or i don’t know, gauging things by sales, or active accounts… not how many people click the ‘like’ button on a social networking site… shit’s not even related to the game other than having a profile on facebook.

        • Yeah, I don’t like facebook either. But look at it this way: all the facebook BS is part of the company’s PR plan, and it brings in people who, unlike us, haven’t been following the news. Which means more units sold, more money for Bobby Kotick – er, I mean for Blizzard, which is always good for us fans. 🙂

    • yeah, remember when they said : give us x likes on FB and a surprise will follow.
      can I has sign of relis? lol, nope here’s a wallpaper.

      boy I hated blizz back then.  😀

  1. Quick question : What do you get when you “like” a Facebook page ? Do you get updates from that “person” / “company” or special treats ?

    • I get their updates/news on my status feed. The Wild Key Hunt ™, where every fansite made you like their facebook-page, created a ridiculous amount of news on my page.

  2. WTB high-res desktop-worthy version of the Tristram Cathedral for a wallpaper.  Some of us don’t really give a damn to advertise FOR Blizzard as a reward for…  advertising FOR Blizzard.

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