Diablo 3 Botter Banned After Streaming Botting

Diablo 3 Botter Banned After Streaming Botting

The issue of botting has been around Diablo 3 for a long time, but has become much bigger in recent months as new and improved bots let players cheat the system more effectively. Unlike in the Diablo 2 days, Diablo 3 botting isn’t really done for legendary items (since those drop so fast during normal play), or even for EXP (since high level multiplayer games earn it 50x faster than solo).

RedX’s inventory.
EXP and Items can be botted, but botters are mostly after commodities such as Death’s Breaths, materials, and Greater Rift Keys, which are tedious to farm. This makes it pretty easy to spot botters, especially when they stream and show off inventories with thousands of Rift Keys, countless 5k stacks of mats, etc. Not to mention all the high ranking players whose entire downtime this season amounts to about how long it takes to log off and back on again.

We’ve talked about the botting issue quite a bit on the last couple of podcasts, and in our current vote lots of you guys vote that it’s a big issue for you. So what’s Blizzard doing about it? Not enough, in the opinion of most legit players, and with so many obvious and/or admitted botters high up on the leaderboards, fans might ask in sarcastic exasperation… “What does it take to get banned for botting? Live video evidence?”

Actually, yeah, that’ll do it. Diablo 3 Botter Banned After Streaming Botting:

The story, which you can see in the above video and hear related in amusing fashion in our latest podcast (coming shortly) is that RedX, a well-known clan leader and streamer, did his usual evening of gaming, and when he went to bed he forgot to shut down his stream before he turned on his bot. Thus his live stream showed a full evening of his Monk playing under the control of a bot. Hundreds of fans watched it live and tweeted/posted about it as time passed, enough that (apparently) even Blizzard couldn’t ignore it.

What’s this mean for botting at large? Nothing, probably. If anything, the RedX incident seems to be serving as an advertisement for botting. After all, thousands more players now know how easy and profitable it is to run an automated tool, and how blatantly a player has to fail in order to be punished for doing so.

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10 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Botter Banned After Streaming Botting

  1. He was not banned ! His account was turn to 0 kills and 0 chars So lets see Blizzard bans players for exploting a game bug and only give rollbacks to BOTS, WTF man

  2. When i realized that i had literally no chance to play competitively without botting in S4, almost got into it as well,but then i realized that i have 7CE’s linked to my account ive abandoned the project. But if i hadnt it,i would use them without thinking

  3. This makes blizzard no money… THEY DONT FUCKING CARE! ALSO…again, think of this like a business. The top streamers, a lot of them bot, most streamers also. So if they bot, when they show the game to people live its more interesting because they have tons of shit and are able to actually play the top tier gr’s with no problem so people will watch them, so what does that do?..PROMOTE DIABLOS PRODUCT! thats why they aren’t hoping on the ban-train because it helps their product people! Its no different then any other government or business. Small exploits that aren’t game changers and are easy to catch people doing, ya they’ll ban to make the company seem to carry a compassion. But this…fuck no, its hard to catch people beyond a unproven doubt and it promotes their product to well. Sad but true…Fuck a botter.

  4. @Russ

    Sorry but I don’t agree with your analysis AT ALL except for the fact that Blizzard don’t care – this is true.

    Blizzard really shot themselves by requiring online connections under the pretense that it would prevent bots/hacks. In the end we have horrific laggy gameplay (fix your f*cking servers Blizz!) and botters everywhere. It’s a huge regression and very sad.

  5. he deserves a ban, what a sad loser that needs boting while he sleeps.. i hope blizzard perm bans all who does this , i have zero tolerance for anyone doing this.

  6. His game license was removed / banned. He then bought a new game / license under the same account, which is why he has the same BattleTag

    I hear his fellow clan members and botters already have his new account into p600.. which makes the punishment a joke, but Blizz got the $$$ for another license and in a week, this guy have his P1200+ back

    Fuck all cheaters.. whether it be a bot, THUD with its map reveal or any other tool. I play solo, at the end of the season I wont even have p800 with the roll-over but hey, at least it’s been earnt fairly. I can be bothered to put time into the \competitive\ side of this game, it’s an unlevel playing field. Even the streamers who don’t bot / THUD, they are boosted / supported by people that do. I play a few hours a week on my own, enjoy myself and ignore what other people get up to, but I imagine for the people who don’t have the same anti-social attitude I have, the level of cheating and the \punishments\ for it would be enough for them to walk away from the game, which is sad.

    • Many has. I think Diablo is an antisocial game. Let Blizzard stop promoting multiplayer play and push social people to Wow 😉

  7. Blizzard didn't shoot themselves when they made the game online-only. The only people to shoot themselves were the morons who bought it.

  8. I must admit Im shocked how is it possible without cheating to reach that Plvl. Im banned for botting and even dont what it was in the beginning, readEurope Softcore Banning suspension even you are innocent ??Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by HFDOH, Oct 22, 2015. | Replies: 64 | Views: 1288

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