A few Diablo 3 Booth Shots from BlizzCon 2016

A few Diablo 3 Booth Shots from BlizzCon 2016

Flux was wandering around BlizzCon 2016 yesterday and snapped off some pics of the Diablo area. He says that Diablo’s presence around BlizzCon appears to be quite minimal.

“The arena this year reminds me a little bit of 2005. Where I walk around and try to spot Diablo anything on display…  no luck so far. No banners and no statue just a little play area. Lots of OverWatch, WoW and Starcraft statues though…”

There’s plenty of folk getting in line to try out the new Diablo content though as you can see in the shots.

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    2 thoughts on “A few Diablo 3 Booth Shots from BlizzCon 2016

    1. That’s cool! I’m surprised by the “loud voice” of “fans” being disappointed… But look at these lines and fans. There are people playing Diablo 1 and 2 intensely… And to battle the disappointed even more, during today’s Q&A they strongly hinted at more lore content. Personally I took that as the Necromancer pack being more than a character class. Maybe some expansion-like content?

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