Diablo 3 Book of Tyrael Now (?) Available

The DiabloWikiBook of Tyrael, a work of Diablo 3 merchandise that uses a great deal of original artwork, plus story and lore about the world of Sanctuary to set up and flesh out events between the end of D3V and the start of D3X. It’s a sort of sequel to the Book of Cain, and it’s available now (or soon™), from online sources and probably in brick and mortal bookstores near you.

The official product description:

In this beautifully-illustrated and comprehensive tome, the Archangel of Wisdom reveals never-before-known secrets about the history of the world, the dark threats that yet face mankind, and his decision to join the ranks of humanity as a mortal. It also includes letters from Leah and additional fragments of Cain’s writings, all curated by Tyrael as he weaves together a series of complex and fascinating stories for future generations.

Photo by Holyknight.
Photo by Holyknight.
The release date has shifted for this product, and while it was originally set for October 22nd, a number of readers recently reported Amazon.com emails telling them it was going to ship sooner than expected. If you view the Amazon.com page now, it still says October 22n for the release, but also promises you’ll have it by October 15th if you order one-day shipping. In any event, if you pre-ordered you should have it soon, if you don’t already.

A few fans have reported copies in their hands already, and since I’m not Vaeflare I’m saying spoil away. Put full details about anything and everything interesting in comments of this post, and if you don’t want to read them, don’t click through.

If you want to catch up without risk of spoilers, check out the DiabloWiki.net Book of Tyrael article. It’s got more product details and a selection of sample pages from the book.

Update: HolyKnight picked up a copy at his local Barnes and Noble, says the book is gorgeous and took some pics that you can see in the Merchandise gallery. The big one is a fold-out, map-sized Leoric family tree, suitable for wall decoration.

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15 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Book of Tyrael Now (?) Available

      • They changed the origin/story of Blood Raven from D2. I think there was one or two other bits that stood out but I can’t recall what they are.

        Why they felt the need to mess with such a minor character is beyond me.

        • Haven’t gotten that far, but they retcon minor characters to make them relevant again usually. Like I said I haven’t gotten that far so idk how they retconned her but it was probably to make her more interesting or relevant in the current game.

        • Finally got my copy. There’s no retcon for Blood Raven that I can see. They’ve given her a “proper” name in addition to Blood Raven, but that’s just new information, not a change. They’ve done the same with The Summoner.

          I didn’t pick up on any obvious retcons that weren’t already in Book of Cain.

  1. Blood Raven isn’t a minor character. For me, she’s responsible for a few of character deaths in normal mode :). She just isn’t worth MFing and the quest is a “go there, kill her” case which takes five minutes in total.

  2. Got mine last friday. I’m only about halfway through at this point, but one of things I have noticed is that it seems by writings these as the writings of another scholar and writing with phrases like “some accounts say blah blah blah about X event” or “account differ as to whether ___ or ____ happened” it seems like Blizzard is being noncommittal about their own lore. It’s like they are saying this is the story as it currently is, but we’re writing it in such a way that we can easily retcon it later if we need to. All they would have to say is Well Cain didn’t know what the full picture was but Tyrael found more books that prove that Cain had heard false reports. I find it a little frustrating. Maybe it’s seeing with rose tinted glasses, but I miss the authority with which the “books” of the Diablo 1 Manual were written.

    But all that said, it’s still a gorgeous book and worth getting for anyone who loves the lore. Without giving away any spoilers, I will say there’s a lot of new information on the history of westmarch, the zakarum chuch, and the crusaders.

    • It’s partially a result of trying to write the book from someone’s perspective. Clearly the D1 books had no discernible author.

  3. Got mine early last week, haven’t read too much of it yet, but am excited. I really liked the Book of Cain so I’m hoping there is more like that.

  4. who needs a good game when one can have shiny artwork, right?

    i bet this was the slogan for the overall diablo 3 development

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