Diablo 3 Book of Cain Sketches

DemonTyraelJean Baptiste Monge has posted a a couple dozen sketches he created for the DiabloWikiBook of Cain on his blog. The sketches are all very detailed and expertly drawn, ranging from DiabloWikiTristram to the DiabloWikiHellforge. There are a LOT, and I’d recommend checking them out.

The post has some commentary on the things that Jean Baptiste liked about some of the sketches. Some of the interesting comments are that he “enjoys the babies in the jars” frame and DiabloWikiCharsi‘s tattoo.

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  1. So, back to the release date question.  Is there some consensus (for what it’s worth), among readers on here, as to what is actually holding things up at this point?  I assume it could be anything from persistent bugs, RMAH issues, release timing strategy, or, just perhaps, they realize how crappy the new UI actually is, and are taking the time to change it (STOP LAUGHING AT ME!).  Just wondering what the community thinks.

    • At this point it’s polish and debugging. If we’re this close to release and we’re certain of a Q2 release, it’s fair to assume that legality have been solved. The one thing that provides solace for a Q2 release is that Bobby made the announcement, and Jay Wilson confirmed it. Take that for what it’s worth.

      Blizzard is known to eke out the full amount of a target window of release, so you can expect any release date announcement to happen at the end of March or early-mid April for their 2-month buffer for a late May or early June release.

      I’m sure the final touches are what is being worked on. Polish, polish, polish and making sure RMAH is in prime condition for bugless use.

      • Issues with B.net held up SC2 for 6 months once the game was essentially ready to ship. I  don’t think we’ll see the same sort of delay with D3, but short term hold ups from B.net IT type stuff are likely culprits yet.

  2. Those were pretty friggen sick. I always love artwork 🙂

    Definitely should have went with the babies in the jar idea. Completely brutal. 

  3. Charsi is lookin’ mighty fine in those sketches. Perhaps this artist should have had some input on the female barbarian’s appearance…

  4. i was going to buy this book but then i got a “delay” from the bank. Hope to get my chance somewhere in the near future

  5. I love these Book of Cain sketches – bought 3 of Brom’s and have them framed in my office 🙂

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