Diablo 3 Blue Posts on Game’s Status & Release

As I know you are all itching for some sort of release date news, Zarhym has been back on the case this evening answering numerous queries on the release date and the game’s status. The most interesting one from a development point of view is:

Jay Wilson just wrote up a lot of good new info on the #D3 development status which we’ll be releasing in the near future.

When asked about a lead time to carry out promotions for the game prior to release he responded with:

We use target dates, but obviously have missed some. We won’t announce a date until we’re sure it’s g2g. 😉

We don’t have anything to communicate that’ll make you happy. No set release date yet. Them’s the facts.

And finally, just to remind you about what phase of development we are currently in…

It’s in the polish/test phase. You know that, but you want details we can’t provide. We just want it to be awesome at any cost.

We heard Bashiok’s definition of “polish” last week, and as you can see from these latest pieces of communication, there is no real change in the status as far as release is concerned. It is good to see that Jay is hard at work on getting information ready to release regarding the development status. Jay apparently received his Book of Cain today but has been so busy he’s not even had time to read it. There’s dedication for you.

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  1. Can we at least get another wallpaper?

  2. A bit disappointing, but I guess that’s my fault. I mean, from this information, it just seems the game is in the same state it was before Zarhym’s Twitter brought on the release date hysteria. But hey, we get a development write up from Jay. So I guess that’s something? Patience is the word. 🙁

    • Anyone worried about the big game system changes, if they feel the need to give us this much advance notice?  Other changes, even really big ones like no more skill points, no manual stats, etc, were sprung on us at Blizzcon, or in interviews, and almost never with any warning. Yet this batch of undisclosed modifications are getting more foreplay than a septuagenarian in a whore house waiting for the Viagra to kick in.

      • Maybe it’s because they have nothing else to talk about so they are throwing us a bone to keep the anticipation up… no pun intended… 😉

      • Notice that there is one second of footage in the extended retrospective where the LATEST skill window is shown. It looks largely similar to the old one with 6 slots. The skill system was the only one I wanted to see change in, which looks like its not happening.

      • Well, gramps better stay at the whore house. He ain’t getting none from granny. Hint: announcement is “Accessibilty. No Inferno”.

      • I’m not too worried. After all they did say they were trying to nail down Runestones, so at the worst it could mean they’ve done a major overhaul to how those function. However, if it’s a complete reworking of the skill system, I will be upset because a lot of time was spent arguing over and coming to terms with all of that. That’s a lot of wasted time! D:

  3. Didn’t they say they weren’t even in the polishing phase a couple updates ago?

    Well, great… Hurry up and release that status stuffz.

  4. I have a slap-bet with a mate. I’ve been saying mid-2012 all along, he’s already missed his late-2011 date. 😛

  5. After June 2012.  I hope I am very wrong.

  6. Wow, we might actually be getting these big system updates a lot sooner then I was expecting.  I was expecting end of January for whatever roll out of info they were going to do for the final systems preview.  If it’s written then it just needs PR approval and then translations for all the different regions.  Maybe next week?

    • We may get told what the system updates are but how does that excite you?  It worries me more that they are going to be doing a release on what they are [going to be] changing with the game.

  7. Thinking the same thing. The info definitely needs PR approval. He said “We don’t have anything to communicate that’ll make you happy” … so they have something to communicate that’ll make us happy, they just don’t “have it” yet. 🙂

    • Your over optimism makes my head hurt.  I read “We don’t have anything to communicate that’ll make you happy” as “we don’t have any good news to tell you with all the changes and release push back that we have to church it up really really well to avoid major backlash”.
      “Jay Wilson just wrote up a lot of good new info on the #D3 development status which we’ll be releasing in the near future.”  If you were pushing to release a game by the end of March (Q1) would you still have a lot of development news to break?

  8. OH MY GOD. I have a hate/love relationship with the same crap said over and over on the development phase. The hate is the fact that they cant say anything about whats going on behind the scenes (except polishing phase) and love the amount of sleep I get knocking my self unconscious by running head first into a wall when I think there’s going to be a release date announced but it ends up being teased by the company. I’m ok with waiting for the game but please don’t keep bringing it up unless it’s going to be the actual release date. I’m ok with more video’s, music, or even just some funny jokes on people in the d3 com forums. PLEASE blizzard stop with the OMG BIG NEWZ!!!…. coming later this week threads on FB, twitter and your forums only to find out it’s more new wallpapers (If you like the wallpapers I apologize).

    sorry for the rants but I just had to say it  😥

  9. I have a hate/hate relationship with the ‘faceoff’ ads.

  10. “Diablo 3 Blue Posts on Game’s Status & Release” 
    ! ! YEA ! !  Can’t wait to read !!!

    “We use target dates, but obviously have missed some. We won’t announce a date until we’re sure it’s g2g. We don’t have anything to communicate that’ll make you happy. No set release date yet. Them’s the facts. It’s in the polish/test phase. You know that, but you want details we can’t provide. We just want it to be awesome at any cost.” 

    ??? aw, really ? come on 
    why did I get my hopes up ?
    move along, nothin’ to see here

  11. To me, “in the near future” is even more dreadful than “soon”. Not being cynical, it just is.

  12. Zarhym followed up that tweet about the info write up Jay did by saying it isn’t coming this week:


    That seems odd to me considering that he made it sound like Jay had already finished writing everything he wanted to, so why would it be held up by several days? *sigh*

    • See my post above.  It’s going to need a final PR approval, have a website made and then finally sent off for translation for a simultaneous press release in all regions.

      • I doubt they’ll make a new website page for it… They’ll probably just do a huge quote post on the forums like they did with that relatively lengthy write up by Wyatt Cheng a while back…

        • I believe its possible to have some web pages made for this “info” given that they did mention they will reveal all game systems before release. Also, at one time we had a glimpse at every item in the game with modifiers (later became temp mods, now removed). Anyway, my point is they’re shooting for an Arreat Summit style page that’s nearly complete day one. Of course I’m just speculating, but why not? 😛

          • Um, I think you are confused… They said they would reveal all systems before beta went live and they did. Any big info left to be revealed will be changes to those systems. Also, the Arreat Summit style pages are already up. That’s what the Game Guide section of the site is. I’m sure they’ll be updating the items and the World pages with more current information when the game is closer to release and after release. The info about the state of the game that Jay has written up is something different, and like I said earlier, it will probably just be posted all at once in a thread made by a CM…

  13. Can we get an article discussing this or can someone point me toward an article about this:
    When a Blizzard game gets a release date, usually how far off is the release date? What all needs to be done after they are obviously 100% confident they can release a game by a certain date? I’m guessing compiling/packing the game as well as physically packaging the game.  Advertising, vendor stuff, cleaning up server stuff to be ready for prime time and not the beta, etc.
    So what have release date windows been like in the past in terms of announcement and time until official date? I think this would be an interesting discussion that would alleviate a bit of the release date woes.  Also it would give us an idea of approximately the very least amount of time we’d reasonably expect to see the game.  Ie. the release date can’t reasonably be Feb 1st.  But what is reasonable?

    • In a recent twitter from bashiok or jay, it was said that “traditonally” they announce release dates 2 months in advance.
      However, every time Blizzard used the word “traditionally” they actually mean to say “but this time we are going to do something different”.

      • Right… While they usuallly do them about 2 months before the actual date, they’ve done them 1 month before and I believe even 3 months before in the past… so who knows for sure…

    • They used to blow release dates all the time — D2 for example had dates listed early on, which they missed by more than a year.  Blizzard learned from that and they no longer give a date until they are positive that they can make it.

      Even with that precaution, they’ve whiffed entirely on release windows for their last two games. SC2 was more than 6 months late due to B.net 2.0 not being ready for primetime, and of course D3 has a Q4 2011 window that they had to apologize for missing. Whether they’ll have to do the same for their “early 2012” remains to be seen, but like Native American casinos and the dollar, Blizzard uses every part of the release window. If “early 2012” doesn’t turn out to be like, March 32nd, I’ll be shocked.

      • It’s very interesting to watch how someone’s much-touted “system hype” literally flies around their own ears. 😉

  14. wow that face off comercial sucks ass…

  15. If someone have told me in 2008 that the game sill wont be released in january 2012 id be like “Yeah right, and Blizzard will be renamed Lizzard”. When the development started (around 2006) i was a young boy in highschool, now im a graduated lawyer, moved to another country, changed several gfs, got a huge beard and im thinking about marriage…Jesus its a life time period..and still i cant play diablo 3. The RMAH is whats holding them back, its just to complicated to apply it in so much countrys and jurisdictions because at the and its a global paying system. And the followers? It was just stupid in first place to use them only in normal…now they have to change it and sveral more examples…But now we know that when they show us project Titan, maybe in 2013 we can just put the alarm clock to 2020 and check again the website and if you are very lucky maybe, just maybe you will have the chance to preorder it and star play in 2021. My gf started to make jokes with me “hey, where is your Diablo” and im poker face all the time….this is just insane!

  16. I hope they bring up the stats page . Really want to see some item/mods on the legends 😀
    Btw i refuse to use the forum until that face-off add is gone. After every refresh/page change i got an huge add and im faster than that add so i clicked it 20 times allready… 👿

  17. If, after all this time, they release Diablo 3 and have major server issues with all the people trying to log on, and still have the online-only requirement, I’m gonna laugh while I stroke myself in the mirror to pass the time.

  18. ha ha ha 
    most annoying ad ever 

  19. I guess my question now is. When will Jay Wilson release this information?

  20. Mhm, I can’t help the feeling that bad news are coming. I mean, why another development update and no release date? To me it seems that they can’t hit their early 2012 target and prepare to write up something similar as they did September last year.

    • And that’s exactly what these two much-touted CM’s wanted to achieve with their latest posts/tweets: That everyone thinks that it’s all going down the crapper again. Think about it. 😉

      • Maybe, but I’d not understand the reasoning behind that. The hype cannot get any bigger inside the fanbase, and to reach out to the rest they have to start their marketing campaign, which requires a set release date. People are allready heated up, so no need to tease them with vague twitter comments to fuel up the hype bomb when they announce the release date.

        • Bashiok and Zarhym are currently contradicting each other: Bashiok said 5 days ago that the game is not in the polishing phase, and Zarhym tweeted yesterday that the game is in the polishing phase. This leads me to believe that the two CM’s have acutally just a vague idea what is being worked on when it’s indeed just the final touches. We are at day 11 of 91 days in Q1/2012, so don’t despair. It’s all just blah blah. 😉

          • Yeah I don’t agree with you nobbie. I wouldn’t count on it. Zarhym said no release date, they’ve been saying massive changes to game systems, and Bashiok shaved his Diableard! That’s more than enough proof to me that they have no clue when they game will be ready, and they will be announcing their Q2 2012 target within the next week or so.  😥

          • They talked about “fairly significant”, not “massive” changes. Also, there are no NEW systems incoming, and the skill system itself has obviously not been touched either. It’s all just huge words for normal development cycles (which would have taken place anyway if they had launched the game in Nov/Dec 2011).

          • I agree with Supernova, but I think Q2 is being optimistic.

      • Y’know, Bliz PR has always, always believed in massive amount so hype followed by massive amounts of disappointment. This little episode shall be no different. Game systems shall be fucked up yet again.

        • Yeah, I agree. Proof: all games by Blizzard failed horribly even though they had tremendous amounts of hype. Oh wait…

  21. I’ve been thinking Bashiok has been setting up delay announcement for a while now. He redid the follower page, said Q1 then changed to early, said they’re not in polishing, shaved beard ect. Seems that he’s been setting up the delay announcement behind the scenes. Blizzard has to be full of crap – I refuse to believe that Blizzard couldn’t have finished Diablo 3 by now. They have exceptional talent and if they wanted the game out by now it could be out by now with all these changes implemented. Something funny is going on. 

    *The ONLY thing that makes me think they’ll have to release Diablo 3 sometime in the next 6 months is they don’t want more than 1 BETA going on at the same time. Panda’s will certainly be next and who knows when HoTS will come. 2017?
    The CM’s should have their twitter accounts removed.

  22. Just FYI: Yesterday, the Korean GRB delayed the RMAH decision for the 5th time. Coincidence? Oh wait .. it has nothing to do with the release/release date as Jay Wilson recently reassured us.
    Source: http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=41509

  23. Maybe the big change is they’re getting rid of RMAH to satisfy Korea but making it pay-to-play instead.  😛

  24. I find these points interesting: 1.  Jay is writing this \system change\ article and not Bashiok or one of the lower rung developers. 2.  They aren’t posting it until late next week but they are talking publicly about it.  Dropping hints through Twitter and the official forums. 3.  A beta patch is going to coincide with it. I am assuming we aren’t getting more content added to the beta.  So, it leads me to believe that the skill system is being reworked.  Why would they say anything about a beta patch this far in advance if Jay is only going to be talking about Runes in his letter to us?  Something in the back of my mind is saying we are getting the Talisman back and charms will drop from the start.  We would be able to test that in the beta.  I also think we are going to get a delay announcement straight from Jay. BTW, Korean GRB delayed their decision again.

  25. It’s going to be funny seeing the next news update about this.

    • We told you at the end of last year we wouldn’t be shipping the game until 2012. That didn’t mean we’d have the final details ready to announce by January of this year. We’ll share with you whatever information we can whenever we can.

      From one of the last posts from Z.  Notice anything?  There isn’t an early in front of 2012.

    • ok I’ll do the conspiracy now: he went to far to announce an important diii meeting without his superiors allowing it. Now he has to make up a story of trying to fool everyone on slow monday (or whatever day that tweet was).
      Or not. Who knows.

  26. “.. whether or not what we’re saying pertains to our jobs.” 
    lol, you think blizzard doesn’t tell their CM’s what they can and cannot post via Twitter? Please. Its part of their job twitter and all now, hype hype, PR.. yah 😉

  27. Here’s the part of Zarhym’s blue posts today that I find the most amusing:

    “We told you at the end of last year we wouldn’t be shipping the game until 2012. That didn’t mean we’d have the final details ready to announce by January of this year.”

    1) Another Blizzard employee conveniently omitting the adjective “early” from the “early 2012” release timetable.  Are we all supposed to believe that this was an accident?
    2) If the game is releasing “early 2012” and Blizzard games typically allows 8 weeks from the release date announcement to the release date, then shouldn’t Blizzard have the final details ready to announce by January (or at least by the end of January)?

    The entirety of Zarhym’s posts seems to sugest that we shouldn’t take almost anything Blizzard says seriously unless they are officially announcing something.  The bottom line is when your community doesn’t get the communication from Blizzard that it finds reasonable to expect, it starts trying to read between the lines.  If they don’t like it, communicate more often as to where things are and have that communication be consistent, specific, and honest.  Every time I read a Blizzard employee say “2012” instead of “early 2012” when they KNOW exactly how much their comments are being dissected, it makes me want to pull my hair out.  Zarhym whines on and on about the way people seem to be hanging on every word and then loses the “early” from “early 2012”.  You’ve just lost your credibility, Zarhym.

    All I know is next week is mid-January which puts the release date probably early to mid March if it were to be announced then with the letter from Jay Wilson and it sure seems like it won’t be announce in tandem with it.    Sooner or later, all of this talk about making sure the game is ready starts to read more like they can’t make up their minds on important decisions.  You said “early 2012”. Well, Blizzard – it’s early 2012.  Let’s see if Jay’s got the sack to either be more specific with the time frame for release than “early 2012” or announce a delay.  It certainly seems like it is time for one or the other.

    • @napobm:
      “If the game is releasing “early 2012? and Blizzard games typically allows 8 weeks from the release date announcement to the release date, then shouldn’t Blizzard have the final details ready to announce by January (or at least by the end of January)?”
      “Traditionally”, yes. My money is now on early February during the ICC (should be Wednesday, 8th), or shortly beforehand. If we don’t have a release date at this point, we can safely forget Q1/2012.

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