As I know you are all itching for some sort of release date news, Zarhym has been back on the case this evening answering numerous queries on the release date and the game’s status. The most interesting one from a development point of view is:

    Jay Wilson just wrote up a lot of good new info on the #D3 development status which we’ll be releasing in the near future.

    When asked about a lead time to carry out promotions for the game prior to release he responded with:

    We use target dates, but obviously have missed some. We won’t announce a date until we’re sure it’s g2g. 😉

    We don’t have anything to communicate that’ll make you happy. No set release date yet. Them’s the facts.

    And finally, just to remind you about what phase of development we are currently in…

    It’s in the polish/test phase. You know that, but you want details we can’t provide. We just want it to be awesome at any cost.

    We heard Bashiok’s definition of “polish” last week, and as you can see from these latest pieces of communication, there is no real change in the status as far as release is concerned. It is good to see that Jay is hard at work on getting information ready to release regarding the development status. Jay apparently received his Book of Cain today but has been so busy he’s not even had time to read it. There’s dedication for you.

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