Diablo 3 Blizzcon Screenshots: D1-Style Dungeons

The second batch of screenshots from the Blizzcon Press Kit. Here are a bunch of screens showing off the D1-style dungeons, plus creepy views of the pixel-style Butcher. Plus… a cow. Of course… a cow.

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11 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Blizzcon Screenshots: D1-Style Dungeons

  1. I thought he was joking about the pixelated filter. That looks really dumb.

    Some nice new environmental art, though.

  2. it looks like first mod of some teenager put in 3 days work, and butcher ?does designer of this model even looked how he was done in original game ? it all seams to me that something gone wrong on diablo dev team and they working in panic mode ( i hope I’m wrong ).

  3. not to me, to me it looks kind silly – in original he is dressed in apron and in these screens he looks like he is in diaper, but i mostly disappointed in fact that they reused old assets instead of making new faithful to old game

  4. As long as I can disable the stupid retro look, I’m fine. If I wanted the original look, I would play the original.

    • how about we disable the retro 8-way movement while we are at it? right ‘coz fuck going retro.
      Its a bonus zone, you don’t like it, you don’t have to go into it.

  5. excuse me sirs …. some one know if “pixel-style” will be an option that it can disable or what? … do we really want it? i’m quite old …. and i’ve played diablo 1 in 1997 …. but i don’t want to see any more “pixel-style” !!!

      • Man, have you saw it on the PTR? …. 4 different locations with each 4 levels ( total 16) with a diablo 3 level design and monsters and NOT a Diablo 1 original level and monsters … only added this ridicolous and no sense pixel effect, only the 4 original bosses … it’s a kidding for a Diablo’s lore fans … it’s a pathetic improvised thing not an event worthy of name “Diablo”!

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