The Warden is large and in charge.

    The Warden is large and in charge.

    Amusing video showing off the Diablo 3 Bighead Mode, where all the characters and monsters are about 3x their normal size from the waist up.

    It’s not clear if this is an April Fools joke by Blizzard that leaked early or some clever fan-made Machinima thing, but it’s pretty funny. Everything walks with fast, tiny little steps like people beneath a parade float, and the monsters that are basically all upper body or have big horns are great. The Butcher’s head fills the entire screen, Goatmen look like trophy bucks, and Diablo’s body can’t even really be seen. My favorite are monsters that are all upper body; the Scavengers look like furry sausages with legs invisible beneath their plump little bodies. A few sample screens:

    The six-minute video shows off highlights of all five acts. Click through to view it.

    Would anyone play this? I’d like to see it with an end game character; moving really fast, killing 50 things a second, casting big spells, etc. Or maybe that wouldn’t even work visually, with so much fast action and just giant heads filling the screen…

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