Diablo 3 Beta Video Gameplay #33: Bonus Beta Areas

Update: The realms are back up and the bonus areas are gone. I just checked with 3 chars that had access last night, and the DiabloWikiFestering Woods waypoint was no longer accessible to any of them. Pity Blizzard had to remove our fun, but at least these areas gave fans a hint of how much better the full game is than the limited content we have in the Beta test.

The Diablo 3 Battle.net servers have been down all morning, with an error message that says “temporary outage in service.” In light of the mad goldrush of players trying to illicitly enjoy the bonus beta areas, there are rumors and fears that Bliz has taken down the servers in order to disable the access to that content. (I knew I should have taken a caffeine pill and stayed up to play all night!)

Fans who did get to try out the new stuff had unanimously positive reactions, even though the levels were not fully-enabled in this hacked beta form. The gameplay is much more open and fast-paced than the early Beta content, with more varied, more interesting, and more challenging monsters. Here are a couple of quotes from comments on our previous confirmation post.

I got my chance to play and I have to say that I’m completely blown away. The new content is just awesome. I did not expect Blizzard to throw so many different kinds of monsters my way only a couple hours into the game. –Gosukusan

I spent the last two hours playing through the new areas. A metric TON more atmosphere than what is in the ‘vanilla’ beta — I’m super impressed! The farm and sunken temple, in particular, gave me ‘wow!’ moments. My energy for this game has definitely been re-kindled, because I wasn’t overly impressed with the beta content’s monsters or environments.

The later areas almost have a Kurast feel to them, though I reckon they’re going more for a “cursed southern bayou” kinda feel with the hanging moss and marshy-ness. Regardless, it works super well.

Watching the big beasts explode into a large skeleton is super satisfying, and the walking trees look 1000x better in person that I ever thought they did on gameplay videos.

10/10 from me! –Kaeros

While the lucky beta testers wait and hope we’ll get to continue *testing* the new areas, everyone can enjoy some videos recorded by players last night. We’ve got two so far with good video quality (though both have lame sound).

This one is 23 minutes featuring a pair of Witch Doctors roaming the bonus areas and killing things.

Click through for a larger video, over an hour in length, with more varied action.

A full play through, 1:15 in length with a Barbarian and up to three other players as people join in and out. Shows all of the new areas and includes numerous monsters and boss types not seen in the normal beta content, including the deadly tree poison, and bosses with properties including Vortex, Wall, and Jailer. Approximate times for cool stuff can be seen in his forum thread.

Watch live video from vggaming on TwitchTVThose who played through the new areas have added more movies to Diablo3.TV.

Screenshots and other general information on these areas can be found in an earlier news item.


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  1. Kudos too zegodlord

  2. I can guarantee that blizzard ‘left the lock open’ on purpose, to generate hype (like changing the skills around)

  3. I’m curious how people got from the Fields of Misery to Drowned Temple or Festering Woods.

    Because as far as I checked you can’t go to any of those places without the Waypoint.
    So basicly the person that did something to the beta to exploit to get past the gate also exploited way further wich got me thinking it never was about the Locked gate at Cemetery in the first place, It was about unlocking Waypoints by something…?

    • Fields of Misery connects (via land) to DT, which then connects to FW.

      • 2 gates to get to Sunken and a River to get to FW, so its more then “skip one gate” bug.

      • And how exactly did they pass from Fields of Misery to Drowned Temple? there’s 2 gates blocking.
        Also there’s a river blocking from Drowned Temple to Festering Woods. Care to explain how they got those WP’s?

        I’m just curious…

  4. New area looks awesome… I will be so pissed if they patch this before i get off work!

  5. Oh, Flux, you’re such a fanboy  😛 😛 😛

  6. It looks like I might need to load up beta for the first time in months.

  7. I’m still getting into these area’s flux, restarted the game a few times and it still holds true.

    I think they’re patching it now though. Edit- Yeah, they’re gone now.

  8. Its back up. I still have my Wp’s. Tine to buy a rock star punch

  9. wrong!!! IM in fields of misery right now, still accesible. 😈

  10. i still have access !

  11. I’m concerned about seeing too much of the content before the game launches.  I have a urge to watch this video, but I’m trying to resist.  I don’t want to spoil the fun of discovering these areas for the first time in the real game when they’ll be populated with NPCs, quests, etc.

  12. I intend to wait until the game releases to see what is beyond what we were intended to see in beta.

  13. Yeah, still hanging around there. 😀

  14. all 3 waypoints are still accessible…

  15. I can’t get into a game now, I keep getting an error that the servers are to busy. 

  16. Guess what? i still have access 🙂
    just don’t start a new quest, hit resume

  17. They just fixed it right this moment. I was only able to play for 10 mins. BOOOOOO. 

  18. Just lost the 3 waypoints as we speak. Too bad, but fun while it lasted 🙂

    • Apparently it took them a while to push the change across all the beta characters, since some of you guys were still getting in 30 or 40m after my chars had no more access.  Perhaps this teaches us something about how B.net stores char data…


      • Yes, in a database.

        I imagine they added a patch to prevent the waypoints from being earned (so even if someone manages to glitch over the wall again, they won’t be able to save the waypoints and therefore ‘infect’ other players) and then they just would have run a SQL query to delete the waypoints from all characters. Evidently they can modify characters on the fly without having to take all the servers down.

      • I’m betting this means that the fix hadn’t gone through all of their app servers yet. Ive ran into this issue before at my company with DB only changes that are cached in weird places. We have to reset each of the app servers one at a time so they pick up the changes as to not take down the services completely. During this time, depending on what app server our customers are sent through when they connect, they may see the un-changed version, a 405 time out error(if they hit the current down server), or the new fixed version. Something tells me blizzard does the same thing with Hot fixes since they don’t have to take down the service to do it. 

        • To me it just looks like they just wiped the checkpoint, because after the “reset”, I had the waypoints from SK, wich I didn’t had before.

  19. There are screens with wizard unlocked wp’s. Seems that he somehow unlocked all(or almost all) waypoints in Act 1.
    Leoric’s Hunting Grounds
    Leoric’s Manor Courtyard
    Halls of Agony..

    holy crap…

    • Now that’s the Mooege server emulator. Notice the mystic on the minimap.

      • Oh yes, you are right. Good eye 😛
        I didnt notice.

      • I was going to say that’s clearly fake.  You can see artwork for every waypoint in act one in the datamined gallery, and the game doesn’t show a huge list of waypoints; it only shows the key one for each area, and then the sub waypoints display only if you’re actively on that quest. This allows then to not clutter up the waypoint menu even though there are dozens of waypoints per act.


  21. Buzz Killington 🙁

  22. Rust storm eats all waypoints. Evil.

  23. What can I say?? the unanimously positive reactions speak for themselves, I just knew when Beta first came out (Even though I was super impressed with that), that all the people crying and crying and crying about various “issues” with Diablo 3 being to easy, dull, no atmosphere, boring fights, etc, etc, the list goes on, were completely stupid for even raising these topics (more so when they actually made news posts). I just knew the game was going to take a turn like what we have seen in the 3 new Zones / Area’s, I didn’t expect them to come so strongly, so immense this fast after beta, the very next zone, wow, awesome, now we have 85% of Diablo 3 to crush and destroy, and the game can only get better 🙂
    Anyone who isnt blown away by these new zones just clarify just how anti-blizzard / hater the troll community is, and just shows that no matter what Blizzard presents (Perfection or Bad) you will just QQ about something, I mean I knew that for awhile, but hopefully people will stop feeding the trolls
    Bring on the Release Date

  24. The next area look similar to the first areas except different colors. A cut and paste job.

  25. Who was controlling this barb… when they said that “chat is lagging” after scrolling up in chat to look at the rare WD mask without scrolling back down I wanted to smack them upside the head…

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