HeRorik’s Gaming produced a hilarious video that compiles dozens of short bits of dialogue from the Diablo 3 Beta, and adds censoring *bleeps* over key words. There’s no actual profanity, but the illusion of it is created by the beeps, and it’s a damn funny result.

    The more dirty your mind and the more infantile your sense of humor, the more you’ll enjoy it. Naturally, I laughed my ass off. Favorite quote? When the Barbarian tells Leah, “Together we will ***** your uncle.” Enjoy.

    If you’ve not seen it before, this sort of “unnecessary censorship” video is something of a meme, with hundreds of samples on YouTube. A few others embedded below the fold, including Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed, if you want moar.

    Best of unnecessary censorship from the Jimmy Kimmel show.

    Skyrim unnecessary censorship.

    Assassin’s Creed 2. The multi-multi-bleeps in sequence are a nice touch. Man then Italians can curse.

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