Diablo 3 Beta Video Gameplay #25: Unnecessary Censorship

HeRorik’s Gaming produced a hilarious video that compiles dozens of short bits of dialogue from the Diablo 3 Beta, and adds censoring *bleeps* over key words. There’s no actual profanity, but the illusion of it is created by the beeps, and it’s a damn funny result.

The more dirty your mind and the more infantile your sense of humor, the more you’ll enjoy it. Naturally, I laughed my ass off. Favorite quote? When the Barbarian tells Leah, “Together we will ***** your uncle.” Enjoy.

If you’ve not seen it before, this sort of “unnecessary censorship” video is something of a meme, with hundreds of samples on YouTube. A few others embedded below the fold, including Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed, if you want moar.

Best of unnecessary censorship from the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Skyrim unnecessary censorship.

Assassin’s Creed 2. The multi-multi-bleeps in sequence are a nice touch. Man then Italians can curse.

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  1. Thanks for making me spill tea all over my keyboard on the 1st line… “This place reeks of d***” ;]

  2. This is hilarious!!

  3. I think the skyrim ones are the best.

  4. “Come, let us f*** your uncle.” 😯

  5. As a long time reader, I did not find this funny and will no longer be checking this site again.  This makes a mockery out of the art work that is Diablo 3.  It is such a masterpiece that Blizzard can use the phrase, “it’s done when it’s done”.  I do not want humor anymore regarding this game. 

    I want frame data and then frame data some more.  You all think it is funny to laugh or criticize flaws in the game? This just shows how mature you all are and I am greatly offended by this stuff you call… humor? I will be looking elsewhere for a site with nothing but praise and frame data.

    Also because of this I’m now moving to live with Cain who is my uncle in Bel-Air.

      In Tristram Cathedral born and raised,
      Down in the Catacombs i spent most of my days,
      Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
      Reading up scrolls in the courtyard all day,
      Until a couple of demons, they where up to no good,
      Started making trouble in the cloisterhood,
      I befriended one little fighter and my mom got scared
      She said you’re moving in with Griswold, near the town well…

    • Satire of troll sarcasm is like, 3rd level humor. I approve. You should have left off the last line, though. Don’t give away the joke like that. I was laughing from your first sentence, as it beautifully mimicked the /ragequit rant in the tooltips parody post comments.

    • What else do have to do while we wait? I thought it was absolutly hilarious i actually laughed out loud haha…..yes i “lol’d” i didnt think it was possible but it happened O_O

      But on a more serious note….just take a chill pill nobody says you have to like or agree with everything thats posted on this site…..thats like going to the forums and saying “this is stupid i hate you guys for posting your opinions”

      Nothings stopping from not reading certain articles, just saying…..

    • @ Not Funny – I like the cut of your jib. 😀

  6. “He lost both of his *****”
    No wonder he’s so angry!

  7. 50 seconds in, favorite line “..and i came back to **** the militia.” HAH! plowin them all. :mrgreen:
    2nd video – “father says im too young to train with a sword, so i train with my di** ^Skyrim video wins.. not wasting anymore time to was assasins cus i never playd or liked it idk.

  8. how bad there wont be nude/sex mods ^^
    but i am sure there will be great hentai doshinshi

  9. Ah, I was actually working on one of those.
    At least it was done very well.

    • well there’s plenty of room for more. This one was almost all Barbarian, and didn’t use any of the lore dialogues. Plus you could get some of those Mystic and Jeweler and other datamined narratives.  People wouldn’t have heard them all in the game or videos, so for all we know, they might actually be saying ****.

      At any rate, this is just the beta dialogues, which are what, 1/50th of the full game? I’m sure we’ll see tons more of these come the final game.

      • Well elly already put up the stuff I have access to (mostly the NPCs and Miriam).
        I mean, I have access to a LOT of sound files but they aren’t represented in the game in the beta, and they’re difficult to work in without doing quests entirely.

        • Plus, this one is all male dialogues, from the male barb.  I’m sure a whole different tone could be found from other dialogues by having a woman char speaking them.

          Plus part two; check out the Assassin’s Creed one; they do lots of multi-bleeps, with 4 or 5 words in a row. which sounds extra dirty, and can make any phrase obscene, instead of just waiting for someone to say a verb with the letter “F” at the start.

  10. These are all so great. Besides the first video, the others are so unrelated to Diablo but SO worth a watch. The best of unnecessary censorship had me literally ROFL’ing. I couldn’t breathe. I never knew Mr. Rogers was such a potty mouth.

  11. oh jesus …… i can’t remember last time i laughed so hard ……

  12. I’ll never think of Leah the same again, what a slut! Literally made me “lol”

  13. As awesome as D3 and other games are for this, I don’t think anything can beat the Jimmy Kimmel ones just because it’s real life personalities and the opportunistic blurring parts… 😆

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