FludDaStud was one of the very first Diablo 3 Beta testers, and he contributed a bunch of the better early beta test movies, as well as joining me for an episode of the Diablo Podcast. After some time off, he’s getting back into cutting beta gameplay movies, with a better connection for better play speed and much faster video uploads.

    To honor his effort, today’s Diablo 3 Beta gameplay movie is a two-parter he recorded during a juicy multiplayer game. The video starts just before the first crypt, when all the characters are Clvl 6, and stars Flud’s DiabloWikiWizard, who is joined by a DiabloWikiBarbarian, a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter, and a DiabloWikiWitch Doctor. They battle through all three crypts, then down through Cathedral 2-4 and the Skeleton King levels.

    Everyone in the game knows what they’re doing, and you can pretty clearly see the power of the new-designed Demon Hunter, who often leads the charge and deals the most damage with her DiabloWikiChakrams dicing everything in sight. The Wizard is right there with her in killing speed, thanks to DiabloWikiElectocute and DiabloWikiArcane Orb, while the poor Witch Doctor and Barbarian chug along behind, largely contenting themselves with the table scraps.

    The power distribution is largely a factor of them all being Clvl 7 and 8, for most of the action. Witch Doctors get much stronger at Clvl 9 when DiabloWikiFirebats comes online, while the Barb mostly just needs better gear to deal enough damage with his melee hits to keep up with the AoE spell-users. (The same would have been true of a Monk, had one been present in this party.)

    Here’s video one; click through for the conclusion in part two.

    Part Two continues the semi-teamwork as our heroes rush down to their date with the DiabloWikiSkeleton King.

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