Diablo 3 Beta Video Gameplay #24: Four Player Party Run

FludDaStud was one of the very first Diablo 3 Beta testers, and he contributed a bunch of the better early beta test movies, as well as joining me for an episode of the Diablo Podcast. After some time off, he’s getting back into cutting beta gameplay movies, with a better connection for better play speed and much faster video uploads.

To honor his effort, today’s Diablo 3 Beta gameplay movie is a two-parter he recorded during a juicy multiplayer game. The video starts just before the first crypt, when all the characters are Clvl 6, and stars Flud’s DiabloWikiWizard, who is joined by a DiabloWikiBarbarian, a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter, and a DiabloWikiWitch Doctor. They battle through all three crypts, then down through Cathedral 2-4 and the Skeleton King levels.

Everyone in the game knows what they’re doing, and you can pretty clearly see the power of the new-designed Demon Hunter, who often leads the charge and deals the most damage with her DiabloWikiChakrams dicing everything in sight. The Wizard is right there with her in killing speed, thanks to DiabloWikiElectocute and DiabloWikiArcane Orb, while the poor Witch Doctor and Barbarian chug along behind, largely contenting themselves with the table scraps.

The power distribution is largely a factor of them all being Clvl 7 and 8, for most of the action. Witch Doctors get much stronger at Clvl 9 when DiabloWikiFirebats comes online, while the Barb mostly just needs better gear to deal enough damage with his melee hits to keep up with the AoE spell-users. (The same would have been true of a Monk, had one been present in this party.)

Here’s video one; click through for the conclusion in part two.

Part Two continues the semi-teamwork as our heroes rush down to their date with the DiabloWikiSkeleton King.

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  1. mm arcane enchanted is still dangerous. Much more than electro(disco!)

  2. I think blizzard need to make Act1 bigger becase this feel little bit to small act, smaller then Act1 in dialo2

    • either troll or retarded, I won´t even bother with properly explaining. I am really getting sick of these “I´ll post dumb comment and get bunch of answers” type attention whores like that blog post couple of days ago. And, yes, I am aware I am enabling him.

  3. i’m boring diablo 3 from watching gameplay video

  4. Am I crazy, or did they “noobify” Bola Shot? Before, if you kept spamming before the bomb went off, you’d do pretty much do no damage (you’d overwrite the old bola). Now it seems like you can spam and every time you overwrite, the bomb goes off.

    • It’s hard to say, since Bola is fairly useless for dmg in the beta. It’s not a good skill to use, except that you get Hatred for every shot you fire (Which is kind of silly, really.)

      The theory on Bola is that you’d use it with a big damage, slow bow, since the explosion takes 3s to trigger, but it does good AoE damage which is based on weapon damage. There are ZERO big dmg/slow firing rate bows now available in the beta. Plus against the low hps monsters you’re better off with a fast firing, lower dmg skill, since that’s good enough. In the beta, you can beat the BS dmg easily with just dual xbows and normal attack, much less using a skill.

      • Yeah, but I remember earlier videos, people spamming Bola, and nothing blows up b/c they kept overwriting the 1 second timer. This video, you can clearly see the Hunter continuously spamming Bola, and yet it seems to be exploding more frequently than the 1 second it takes for the fuse to go.

        • I commented about this on one of the podcasts a few weeks ago.  I had joked that it was my talk with Leonard Boyarsky that he went back and changed Bola shot so that it would not negate the old timer each time.

  5. Nice video man !
    I want more !!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think it looks like a lot of fun…..but I think I’d prefer playing solo or with just one other person in the beginning simply because people like the video maker irritate me when they just run off in whichever direction they choose.  stick together, clear the map, more drops for everyone.

    • Yeah the part where every party member is off on their own really annoyed me… Also how people kept leaving eachother behind in seperate dungeon floors… I wish people would get more patience and allow others to clear what they want instead of abandoning them and I really hope that Blizzard comes through on their idea that people will die very quickly if they leave the group in Hell and Inferno… Actually, I hope they make that happen in Nightmare and maybe even the later levels of Normal just so people learn early on that being in a party and then running off on their own is a dumb way to play the game…

  7. I used to be discontent with quite a few of Blizz decisions re D3 but I got to admit I am really found of what I am seeing in these vids.
    1)The sound effects are awesome.
    2) Music and ambient is perfect, very moody and dark. 
    3)Previous arcane enchanted graphic was awesome, this is not awesome for my taste.
    4) Still a bit too much FX (I feel you will really need a powerful rig to play 4 co-op in very high settings – btw do we have a clue as the tester’s rig?)
    5) I dont feel as if barb is lacking in killing power, its just that Wizz and DH or whoever wanna be at the forefront of the fight.
    6) It seems that a solo chara can still beat the game in 4 co-op game, with the other 3 charas being elsewhere.

    Cant wait to play this game.

  8. Couple of things I noted from wacthing, 
    1) 4 player co-op probably isn´t for me. There are simply too many effects going on at the same time, if I were to play malee class, I personally would (probably) wouldn´t be able to see anything and even as spellcaster it would still be troublesome to play with all that flashing light
    2) The new version of Jar of Souls event and events in general are going to be awesome to play through. This was just the Normal difficulty 1/3 of Act I and yet that event still seemed somewhat challenging, I can only imagine what playing through that in Hell or Inferno will feel like.
    3) AE isn´t as pointless and weak as we thought it would be, Wizard takes quite a bit of damage from those rays, and especially if there are more rays, they seem quite dangereus.

  9. Fun video, although I hope the level designs change further into the game. The levels are so skinny and the enemies so slow it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s impossible for the players to get flanked/surrounded in the endless corridors (aside from the jar event, where the monsters literally spawn under you).

  10. and the individual drops is the best thing they could have done to this franchise.

  11. Unimpressed with th skill animations. There is no life to them at all, they look pretty bland.

  12. if anyone was asking about my rig check out this video


    i found out that forcing the anti-aliasing from my graphics card ran the game really hard…i still have issues when there are 4 players and lots of breakables…..i will be upgrading my ram shortly because i plan on continuing videos when release hits

  13. Apologies if this question seems noobish. Yes, I’ve been living in a vacuum the last year and this is pretty much the first lengthy D3 gameplay footage I’ve watched. Do the corpses (what’s leftover of them anyway) of slain monsters disappear after a while?

    I can’t really tell since most of them gib and then the players move on to the next area very quickly. If so, I find that rather disappointing. I see corpses as the proverbial ‘bread crumbs’ to indicate where I have been before on the current level(rather useful to me, since I am quite directionally challenged 🙂 This was mega useful in the caves in D1 I recall.

    • Yes, monster corpses vanish after a bit. In the earliest demos they vanished very quickly, RTS style, but fans complained and Bliz extended the time before vanishing.

      Unlike D2, there are no corpse skills, so bodies on the ground are purely decoration.

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