A few weeks back, the night before the long-awaited v5 Beta patch, we saw the Skeleton King get one shot killed by a Barbarian using the Weapon Throw skill. It was a very near thing, with the crit dealing 1362 damage to the 1351 hit point Leoric, and I didn’t think we’d see that again in the beta. Not with Leoric’s hit points now increased to 1718, and Weapon Throw’s damage lowered from 210% to 180% weapon damage.

    There are other IMBA classes and skills in the beta, as today’s video demonstrates, with the DiabloWikiSkeleton King going down to a single use of a single skill. The culprit this time is the Monk’s DiabloWikiLethal Decoy, which was modified reworked in the last patch.

    Lethal Decoy Damage increased from 110% to 330%.

    • Duration reduced from 5 seconds to 1 second
    • Decoy is now summoned directly on top of the Monk
    • Ability now plays a casting animation

    This greatly upped the “lethal” while largely removing the “decoy” from the skill, turning it into a smart bomb with a very short fuse, and when you take a Monk with 300+ damage (from all gear), multiply that by 330% weapon damage, double that with a crit, and add more damage from the Frenzied Shrine effect… and the results are gruesome. Well over 2000 damage — easily enough to finish off Leoric before he could even lift the maul from his shoulder.

    The video shows the final level, plus you get a chance to eyeball all of the Monk’s gear (which is good, but not amazing) after the battle. Thanks to KuangTu for the tip and Diablo3.cc for creating the movie.

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