Diablo 3 Beta Video Gameplay #23: Leoric’s One-Shot Fate

A few weeks back, the night before the long-awaited v5 Beta patch, we saw the Skeleton King get one shot killed by a Barbarian using the Weapon Throw skill. It was a very near thing, with the crit dealing 1362 damage to the 1351 hit point Leoric, and I didn’t think we’d see that again in the beta. Not with Leoric’s hit points now increased to 1718, and Weapon Throw’s damage lowered from 210% to 180% weapon damage.

There are other IMBA classes and skills in the beta, as today’s video demonstrates, with the DiabloWikiSkeleton King going down to a single use of a single skill. The culprit this time is the Monk’s DiabloWikiLethal Decoy, which was modified reworked in the last patch.

Lethal Decoy Damage increased from 110% to 330%.

  • Duration reduced from 5 seconds to 1 second
  • Decoy is now summoned directly on top of the Monk
  • Ability now plays a casting animation

This greatly upped the “lethal” while largely removing the “decoy” from the skill, turning it into a smart bomb with a very short fuse, and when you take a Monk with 300+ damage (from all gear), multiply that by 330% weapon damage, double that with a crit, and add more damage from the Frenzied Shrine effect… and the results are gruesome. Well over 2000 damage — easily enough to finish off Leoric before he could even lift the maul from his shoulder.

The video shows the final level, plus you get a chance to eyeball all of the Monk’s gear (which is good, but not amazing) after the battle. Thanks to KuangTu for the tip and Diablo3.cc for creating the movie.

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17 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Video Gameplay #23: Leoric’s One-Shot Fate

  1. HAHA, wow – 2091 damage just like that.  I haven’t seen many vids lately because it just makes me yearn for the game to be released, so I didn’t even know this kind of stuff was going on.  Very nice!

  2. Can no longer edit my comment, did the timer change for editing?
    But I ment to say “In the video you can see the skill lists 379% wpn damage.”

    • That’s the same thread I linked, it seems whoever was approving the comments approved my reply but not my original comment, which is probably where the confusion came from.

      Edit: My original comment is finally viewable…

      • Your original comment was caught in the spam filter but your update wasn’t.  I autho’d your so-called ‘spam’ comment earlier.  I keep an eye on those all day so they’re autho’d fairly quickly.  I don’t believe there is anything that can ignore the incgamers’ domain, deeming it all non-spam which of course it always is 🙂

    • Well, I’m the author of the video, Trainman (Yeah, again me 🙂

      The actual Lethal Decoy at that time was 462% weapon damage,
      because of the Frenzied Shrine.

      275% * 1.2 * (1.15+0.25) = 462%

  3. Interesting… I never would have thought of that as a boss killer… but that much damage in an AOE no less can no longer be ignored…

  4. I’d like to see someone revisit DII and do this with Blood Raven (she’d be the equivalent of the Skeleton King, right?).  It would be neat to contrast these DIII videos with a level 13 character from DII doing the same thing.

    • I remember my low level hc duel (lv14) assassin 1 shotting a 78 paladin. So what did we accomplish? stacking dmg gear, hurray! 😐

    • Easily; just find a ton of <level 13 +max dmg jewels, put them in <level 13 superior weapon and armors found in hell with max possible sockets, plus a full inventory of <level 13 damage jewels, voila you can deal thousands of damage at level 13.

  5. Pretty much sums up the state of the beta at the moment. Non-bosses get 1 shot as soon as you get an item with attack on it, and even SK is able to be one shot at level 13. Kind of sad.

  6. Might as well rename the skill to something like “exploding image” or something like that. Since decoy hardly fits anymore. Well maybe it does for some runes, but those could then rename the skill back to decoy.

  7. Hey, my level 13 DH with two of those rare level 13 1h-xbows from the blacksmith (34 dps each) killed the level 8 Skeleton King in 2-3 seconds using Rapid Fire & Shadow Power. Am I good, or what? 😉

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