Interesting video by Jack112J, in which he compiles five battles against the Skeleton King, all of them featuring level 1 characters. In all of them the characters are triumphant, though the Wizard and Witch Doctor take a long time to win and have a few close calls.

    The trick of it, as has been much discussed in the forum thread, is that he used another character kill things on the way down, to avoid leveling up his new characters. More importantly, he twinked them with all the best equipment their levels would allow, getting all of them up well over 80 Attack. There are Clvls on a lot of the lower level gear in Diablo III, but the game is very inconsistent about the requirements, with some mediocre mods requiring lvl 6 or 8, while others that are much more useful have no level req at all.

    Watch the action below, though you’ll probably want to mute the bad 80s style rock sound track.

    As you saw, the Demon Hunter had by far the easiest time, in part since her level skill Hungering Arrow is just about her best skill in the entire demo. I played a new Demon Hunter last night and with nothing twinked or crafted my battle with the Skeleton King at lvl 9 was a great deal more time-consuming than this one. I was using Elemental Arrow, Caltrops, and Entangling Shot (for testing purposes, not because they’re great skills), and was lucky to do 25 or 30 per shot, while this Clvl 1 DH is doing 50+ with Hungering Arrow, and frequently getting two hits per shot thanks to the piercing and guided behavior of the skill.

    Click through for another video by the same guy in which he’s refined his techniques (and twinks) and makes even shorter work of the Skeleton King, this time doing him with each gender and each class.

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