Diablo 3 Beta Test Extended with More Testers

Hot on the heels of the release date news there is some good news for potential Beta testers as Blizzard are to extend the Beta test and more testers look like they will be added to the test than originally planned.

“Blizzard will use the additional time to extend the Diablo III closed beta test, which began September 20, potentially adding more testers than initially projected.”

Mike Morhaime also added:

“The beta test is going very well, and we look forward to making the most of the extra time we’re taking to deliver an experience that lives up to our vision for the game and the expectations of our players. Next year is going to be an incredibly busy one for Blizzard, and we hope an incredibly fun one for Blizzard gamers.”


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  1. Hoping for that invite….sad for the wait…oh well.

  2. in a away this means that we’ll get also a muuuch more polished D3 , and hopefully they would raise the lvl cap and possibly add runes to the beta! how exciting would that be!

  3. do they extend the test or extend the beta. i dont want to watch lvl1 to skel.king until 2012! I demand full act 1, runes and ~maxlvl 20.

  4. I dislike that Mike saying that next year is going to be a fun year for fans… Does that conclusively mean no d3 in 2011 :(?

  5. what did they mean by “next year will be busy for blizzard”? Are they saying that D3 won´t be relased untill next year? Or did they just randomly throw in that to point out that there several Blizz games in development (D3, SC2:HofT, WoW:4Xpac, Titan and unnounced one.)

  6. Blizzard will use the additional time to extend the Diablo III closed beta test, which began September 20, potentially adding more testers than initially projected.”
    Hm, yeah.  Potentially.  But I guess if we can’t have the game before the new year, then opportunity to play the beta is better than nothing!  It’s not like a release projection establishes an entitlement.

  7. that sucks i was hoping for a late 2011 rls 🙁

  8. “Course–I didn’t like seein’ Donny go. But then, happen to know that there’s a little Lebowski on the way.  I guess that’s the way the whole durned human comedy keeps perpetuatin’ it-self, down through the generations, westward the wagons, across the sands a time until– aw, look at me, I’m ramblin’ again.”
    -The Stranger
    (Sub in ‘D3 2011 release date’ for ‘Donny’ and ‘Expanded closed Beta for ‘a little Lebowski on the way’ and then it all comes together) 🙂

  9. Wait, the beta test is going well?
    I wonder if they have their own definition of “well” like they do for “soon”.

    • If the beta testers are responsible for “fixing” the Demon Hunter, and making sure the AH bugs and whatnot gets sorted out I’d say it’s going very well. Isn’t this the whole point of beta though? It’s just going very well in a different direction than we would like it to.  😉

  10. Well looks like three blizzard games in 2012… my life will be consumed…

  11. Continuing the Beta and adding more people will be useless if the beta client is not altered in any way. Even if they dont want the spoilers to spread past the Skeleking, they could allow access to PvP, runes, and up to level 20, besides all the changes on the DH or others being implemented. If not, when we get tired of the beta they’ll release a game that feels significantly different, and may yet face problems similar to those found on this beta so far.

  12. The entire subject is just depressing.  You don’t release “tiny beta” and build maximum hype before Blizzcon and then kick the wind out of all your fans unless there are some serious problems.  They are making way more game play changes based on “tiny beta” than they expected to make, which does not give me a warm and fuzzy about the state of the rest of the game.  Early 2012 can just as easily be pushed back to late 2012, just like we are still on target for 2011 release was pushed back to early 2012.  Words fail to express how disappointed I am and how badly I think Blizzard just kicked their fans in the face!

    • Given the release date fall back, I think it would be good PR for Blizzard to expand the Beta to public and increase the amount of content to all of act 1.  Back in the early days of PC gaming it was not unusual to have an entire 1/3 of a game for Shareware (DukeNukem 3D).

  13. Blizzard should give beta keys to everyone who has been waiting for this #$%^ game for such a long time…

  14. I don’t believe for a second that they will be giving out more beta keys……this from the same ppl who proclaimed CLOSED BETA STARTS NOW!!  Wait I take it back..maybe 1 more key than otherwise would have been given out

  15. It is pretty obvious that the real money auction house must be perfected before being released because real money is on the line.  The game looks polished.
    The real money auction house I strongly believe is what is delaying our Diablo 3.

    • Buy an item with ‘real ‘money and become more powerful. Really? kind of silly.
      I could care less about the stupid ‘real money’ auction house. It doesn’t make sense to pay ‘real’ money for an in-game item. Even the F2p models of most mmos these days is quite silly. I know players don’t have the time to get items they want but to go to and auction house and pay and exaggerated $200 for a rare item is ridiculous.


  16. If they pop PvP into the Beta, a lot of people would just play that for years before the real game had to ship.

  17. I hope for an invite that should at least do some preorder deal like they did with sc2

  18. Hooray… the delayed release has allowed them to extend the time on their demo, I mean beta testing, which *potentially* may have more people playing it!

    Wait… that sucks!  I didn’t mind the short demo beta when it was going to be a short beta window… now that I know there will be no D3 in 2011, the beta feels so much smaller.

  19. I know they said runes don’t drop until act 2, but I hope they decide to drop those in the beta at some point. Might as well test those out since their infallible internal testing team can apparently use some help.

  20. I know they didn’t give an actual release window but I thought this was going to be a short beta stress test or something Apparently because of the DH changes and the fact that I think they will change how skills can be changed through combat or restricting them they are going to delay it a bit more.
    I can understand but at least give the D3 community to play it sort of an ‘open beta’. it’s only to the skeleton king.  at least consider it.
    On a serious not I doubt they will do something like that 4- 5 months for a Open beta would get players wanting more.
    I still think they are waiting to see what Bioware does with SWTOR as there is a rumor it could be delayed to 2012 as well as some websites have speculated.

  21. Diablo 3, now with more testers but NOT YOU!

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