Diablo 3 Beta Speed Hack?

A video has popped up on Youtube which apparently shows a Diablo 3 Beta speed hack in action. There has been a lot of debate about the legitimacy of the video and after a lot of scrutiny and watching the video over in key places it appears this could be legit. If you watch the video and look at the door animations and the attack speed it doesn’t look like video editing trickery. This of course raises the question of what should be handled client or server side. Anyway, watch the video and see what you think.

The good thing about this appearing now is that if this is legit, which we think this is, it shows Blizzard where there could be problems while we are in the testing process and not on a retail release. If there is a hole let’s hope it’s plugged quickly.

Thanks to the forum community and Noru381 for sending that down the news wire.

Update: A fan posted news of this on the Battle.net forums, and got a short blue reply:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

If you would like to report information regarding cheats or hacks, send it to [email protected] Please don’t assist with disseminating the information by posting it here on the forums.

Ironic advice, given the allegations in the recent D2 hacks news.

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70 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Speed Hack?

  1. Why would someone post up a gameplay video of their character using speedhack.. when they’re in the beta..? Wouldn’t blizz just find out who that player is and ban them?

      • Agreed. (+1’d the guy above me). If this was official game, and he didn’t report it, then maybe the guy would be banned. But this person did exactly what they were supposed to do, find ways to break the game. And while some disagree with me on this one, the hackers who are reverse engineering the beta are doing a good thing too (as blizz silently watches).

  2. That’s what happens when we have client-side combat and actions, rather than requiring the server to handle absolutely everything.

    And this is why we can’t have nice things.

    • And if we didn’t have those, then there would be lag like in D2. It’s a trade-off, and Blizzard has decided lowered lag is worth increased risk of this particular type of hack, because (I suppose) they think they can defeat them. I tend to side with Blizzard on that one, but it remains to be seen if I’ll be eating my words.

      • Just like how they defeat the speed hacking miners in WoW? Their pay-to-play game? Do you like your words rare, medium, or well done?

  3. Why are people upset about this?  He’s in the beta, it’s his job to try and hack the game, then report how he did it to Blizzard.

  4. I think it shows that kicking single players to the curve will not keep people from being able to cheat.

  5. I’m not mad lol. I’m just saying… are the people in the beta even allowed to hack the game? I’m glad though that he did do it in the beta so that we can plug the loop hole. But if that’s the case… they should just give the beta to a group of highly specialized hackers and tell them to see if they can hack it. Lol.

  6. I see this as nothing but a postitive sign. The guy showed what clearly can be done to the game already and it is up to Blizzard to find a way to fix it. Ofcourse it shows how flawed the game is as well considering Blizzard has been preaching the online only for a secure environment. So we are secure, right ?

    • I have to say, this is a bit worrying. The idea is certainly trivial, but perhaps the implementation was actually quite tricky and they had to overcome various roadblocks that Blizzard put in their way.

      But given the rapid development of the hacked server, I doubt it.

  7. Seeing as it only affects the player movement speed ( everything else is send from the server, so it’s still slow, like attacks or monster moving/attacking ) this would only be good in exploring fast, so unless you can  avoid mobs killing you in inferno while still getting to your destination this could be really OP.

  8. does this have any real side effects?  Ok so if I wanted to I could blast by everything.  What does that accomplish exactly?  It isn’t going to get me loot faster nor is it going to give me a better chance at finding top tier loot.  (since bosses have pretty much an equal chance of dropping top tier stuff as normal mobs)  Now if they can do this AND convince the servers that they are 1 shotting things…THEN there is cause for concern.   Or am I missing something?  In my mind, if you blast by all the content, then you are missing the game and that is YOUR loss.  not mine.
    at any rate, this should be pretty easily fixed.  I’d imagine that they could add code that checks your character coordinate check-ins with the server and do a quick distance calculation.  If its absurd, throw an error and tell the client to position itself with the last known good coordinate.

    • to answer my own question…i suppose it would let you get from mob to mob a little quicker…i’m still not sure that helps anything tho.

    • It’d help in DII, due to the prevalence and profitability of boss runs, and it’d help avoid missile if you had ungodly reflexes, but I’d imagine using this particular hack in higher difficulties would be a one-way ticket to the respawn station when you accidentally ran into something that blocked you for half a second and everything chasing you decided you looked mighty pretty.

  9. Not only do I find it sad that someone’s already figured out how to do this, but I’m even more frustrated at Blizzard for all their online only justifications, because the reasoning that it will prevent hacking just fell flat on it’s face…

    • Online-only architecture stops the most disruptive hacking prevalent in Diablo games: duping. Duping takes legit items and creates copies of them, that poisons the whole market place.

      Speed hacks like this can only speed up the rate at which items are generated, but doesn’t increase the actual odds of acquiring a specific good item.

  10. This really shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone. Of course speedhacking, maphacking and similar were going to happen, the client-server architecture hardly prevents those (it’s all on the client anyway). If you want to get riled up, wait for something that actually matters, like item duping.
    They can’t implement all sorts of protection in expectation of what might come, there will always be a way to hack the game. What counts is that they constantly do updates and that’s what their implementation has to be good at: Quickly updating key security parts without having to do large scale changes and QA testing every time. The only way for us to find out how well they can stay on top of the hacking business is to wait and see how they start handling it after release.

    • There won’t be duping. You can pretty much count on that.

      However, it’s easy to say “if there’s ‘x’ thing wrong/broken, they will fix it in due course” because it isn’t that simple. Bots, for instance.
      Do you know what Blizzard would have to do to break a bot? They’d have to break something inside the actual game. This is not a small move or a quick process. It is very involved and it takes a lot of time and effort on their part.

      The other half of the QA equation is also making sure the average user who isn’t abusing their license is getting a good experience out of the game, and that includes low latency. So we’ll have to see just how far they’re willing to compromise in order to make that happen globally, and what specifically will be the repercussions of their decisions. 

      There will be hacks, there will be botters, there will be scammers, there will be spammers. It’s humorous that some thought it would ever be otherwise, only-online or not. It’s also humorous when people think a magic wand can be waved to fix the problem.

  11. I love that this happened… but what does this mean for the release date? If they have to completely rework how the server and client interact with each other, are we looking at several more months on top of their early 2012 target?

    • Why would they completely rework the architecture? Anybody with half a clue already knew that things like speedhacks were not going to be prevented. WoW has speedhacks, SC2 has maphacks, they’re still pretty secure games.

  12. It´s just an edit video, forward, normal and slowly frames, it´s well done but, check de fury sometimes, on 3:32 comes down quickly. And wen he is fast the monsters too.
    sorry for my english. 😀  

    • At 3:32 he casts Battle Rage. Which costs Fury. The video is definitely legit; monster movement, swing speeds, and reactions are unchanged even as the Barb flashes past them.

      The funny thing about the movie is how bad the guy playing is at finding his way through the dungeon. He drives like he’s never played the beta before; running into numerous areas that anyone playing has learned to recognize as dead ends.

      • Yeah? Then check out the speed when he grabs the waypoint. You’re right, he hasn’t played alot. So much that he forgot to edit out the speed the waypoint’s FX. Busted. Now remove this scam from front page, this is no better than D3Here

      • I was wrong about de Fury and you got a good point Flux but, everyone who want to fool us with fast speed would know that he has to run erratically to give that efect, everyone smart would do it.

  13. Hacking the characters movement in beta is one thing, hacking when this game goes live could actually land you in jail. A slap on the wrist just won’t do it when real money is involved.

  14. There should be some kind of server-side controls on this. I would expect that these would be implemented at some point, but they may not be running yet. The server is in beta too and it would make sense to try and watch for all the attempts, successful or not, without necessarily blocking them…yet.

  15. This is very easily done using a certain program that is public nowadays. Anyone who played free mmos should know this basic hack. In most cases its as easy as downloading the aforementioned hacking client and pushing one button bound to a hotkey. Thats why you see the player can speed up or slow down the char at certain intervals.

  16. Aaaand Blizzards like always deleted the topics from the official forums so that people can’t see that there are hacks in their games. I am astonished how many people believe that there aren’t hacks in WoW and there wont be any in D3…

  17. @Lanthanide (dunno why this didn’t post as a reply?)

    Duping is one of the easiest hack to prevent and it has nothing to do with \online-only architecture\. So long as they ensure that each and every item in D3 has a unique identifier associated with it that the server tracks at all times, they’ll have no issues. Offline mode has no bearing on how the server monitors the items it generates.

    Duping was so rampant in D2 because there were several item types with no identifiers associated with them so there was no way to distinguish the dupes from legit items. That and the fact that they ran rust storms like twice over a decade…

    • Well, even assuming that’s a legitimate speed-hack, I’d say what’d be interesting to see would be how that looks like with other players in the game.

  18. Frankly I think it’s time they dispense witht he hack-proof nonsense and allow offline play so that people like me don’t have to interact with a corrupted community.  I don’t miss the D2 community playing solo, wouldn’t miss the D3 community either.

  19. …judging by the comments, it seems like I’m alone who’s figured out that it’s just video editing…? Please…

    • Judging from your post, it seems like you are not alone in being stupid.
      It’s quite obvious that it’s real and not some sort of edit. Look at how when he enters the level of the Skeleton King and runs to the door he sees it closing in a way nobody else would, because he wouldn’t have the time to see it half open. Also look at the health orb animation, if it was some sort of edit then the blood in the orb would speed up spinning as well and if it was edited it would show up. It’s neither edit nor private/emulated server.

  20. Guess it’s called hack’n’slash for a reason

    Can’t wait for the 3rd party item sellers in hardcore to start spamming me with their awesome offers

  21. LMFAO is this someone’s way of telling Blizzard their antihack measures failed miserably and removing offline singleplayer was pointless? More power to them!!

  22. if you notice the clouds that are contained within each resource globe are all moving a normal speed. To me this does seem legit.

  23. Heh, this is what you get for ‘features’ like “lag doesn’t matter in D3”.

    Handle too much on the client and problems like this crops up. They’ll have to fix it, which isn’t rocket science but it can be time consuming to get right. They can verify the data on the server and correct the client, but it pretty much removes the positive things with the feature – the illusion that the game isn’t lagging while it is.

    So it’s a trade.

  24. this is absolute win. At first i was like 😐 then i was like 😯 then i was like :mrgreen:   So funny, and very cool too. This is definitely legit. The debris, doors opening, monster’s delay in reaction, monster’s movement speed, death animations, template loading (the blue squares that show up at the end), the rate at which things drop, the timer on the buffs, and so on and so on and so on, are all proof that this is legit. No one would have that much time to edit each and every single one of those to perfection only to claim they can run abnormally fast; which I’m sure he’s not actively seeking credit for. Kudo’s to the hacker.

  25. That’s just gravy, makes me wonder what else could be there that no one has discovered hackable? 1 hit kills to players? Just an FYI this crap will still pop up when the game releases too, they can’t just keep pushing it back because of every little detail. We’ll all be playing the hacked version till Blizz fixes EVERYTHING.

  26. You guys are so gullible. This is an obvious fake.

    Look at this mouse movements. At first he is like grandma moving around and changing direction. Then all the sudden he is like a mongoose moving his mouse and whipping it around like a professional gamer (the greatest that ever lived not to mention). LOL watch how he picks up the loot, like a ****ing sniper.

    All you people blaming client/server architecture have no clue about it. The server could validate when the client request the hero to move faster than possible (hacking) and handle it. And if someone happens to exploit a missing rule, then they will just patch the server without any updates the the client. Amazing.

  27. I hope the very same hacker breaks the online only aspect for us.

    There is a slowdown of the character/action fairly early on when they collect some loot after a kill. The mouse grabbing the loot during the slowdown moves quite quickly. I thought it was a fake as well untill I saw that.

  28. @czecho, oh it’s so obvious, I thought EVERYONE knew that! :o) I think it’s a Blizz dev just messing with us.

  29. @Srsly, exactly. Then watch how fast he loots the skeleton king, its like 10x faster.

    I watch AngryTestie, a well known SC2 and HON pro gamer. You just don’t whip your mouse like that 24/7. No one thinks that fast and changes their mind so much (now left, no right, no left, I mean right hahah). Its really laughable to watch that video and imagine his thought process. When I watch Testie it makes sense, that video is just funny.

    • You confusing the gold auto pickup for mouse clicks ? All the items were clicked at a realistic speed as far as i could make out.

  30. Why are the people saying ‘fake’ so dumb?

    Watch the video. If it is just a fake “sped up” video, why are the monsters not running after the guy at a “sped up” pace too? Why aren’t all the animations of doors opening, and barriers smashing all at “sped up” pace too? Why is the animation of the Skeleton King forming not at a “sped up” pace?

    The *only* thing that is moving faster than normal in the video is the player’s character. Nothing else is.

    Please engage your brains, it’s extremely obvious that is not just a normal game where the video has been sped up.

  31. @czecho You’re right about the speed of Skele King’s looting.  Looking at the mouse much of the time makes it look fake.

    But I’m not sure.  Like swills just mentioned, mobs don’t run after the hero at fast pace.  They’re blown by as if standing still.  That seems to point toward it being legit.

  32. Is this the only hack to materialize?  If so that is pretty good going on Blizzard’s part.  I’m glad the hacker shared this news, better it out in the open so it’s dealt with now.

  33. Seriously lol at the people that say it’s video edit, you can never achieve such quality of the video if it was tempered with. The reason his mouse goes faster is, because that’s natural human reaction. You adjust to the speed of your character. When he was moving slow he didn’t needed to click like crazy, he was just holding down the mouse button, when he was speeding up he was at some points so fast that he didn’t even had time to click much either, so for the most part he was holding down the button and just moving the mouse around fast so he can take the turns. At that speed what do you expect, to click with the speed of a koala?

  34. its all relative… just a short thought. What happens if he moves at normal speed, but slows down the environment and after recording the video he speeds it up to normal speed of the environment? Result ist exactly as shown in the video. The char ist fast and the environment at normal speed… thats all.. it looks like hes moving fast but he had all the time to move the mouse in normal speed and got the loot. no need for exorbitant reaction times of the player 😉

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