Diablo 3 Beta Servers Still Down

The documentation began in our patch post last night, and more than a day later, DiabloWikiBeta Patch 15 has cemented its reputation as the the worst patch ever. The servers have been down for more than 36 hours now, and worse yet, from the latest update the tech guys have given up and gone home to finally get some sleep. Things will improve tomorrow afternoon… at the soonest.

Update 9:47 p.m. PDT: We are continuing to work to resolve issues that developed during the deployment of Beta Patch 15. The beta test will be unavailable until further notice, and we do not have an ETA to share at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide further updates as they become available. Thank you so much for your patience.

Update 10:23 p.m. PDT: We are continuing to work to resolve issues that developed during the deployment of Beta Patch 15. The beta test will be unavailable until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide another update tomorrow, March 18 at 02:00 p.m. PDT.

I tried logging on a couple of hours ago and to my surprise, it worked fine. I made a new Barbarian and rushed through the early content, until just when I entered Cathedral level 1 and killed a Carrion Bat boss.. I couldn’t hit any barrels anymore, the monsters stopped moving, and verily were manifest all the other signs of a disconnect. Then, after I exited the game, I was unable to log back onto Battle.net

Hot and bitter were my lachrymal secretions!


[03:23PM PDT 3/18/12]

The Diablo III test server is live, but service may be intermittent for the next few hours as we work to address ongoing issues. Thank you for your patience.

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  1. T T … damn 2:45 EST i think they went to bed and said fk it as shall I

  2. Yeah, same here.  I tried logging on maybe an hour or two ago and was able to get connected.  “It’s fixed!”
    I only made it to the second wretched mother before all the enemies stopped moving, no one was taking damage, and I could spam my Lashing Tail Kick to my heart’s content without spending any Spirit.
    Bummer.  This is the first weekend I’ve had the beta, so I was really hoping to take advantage of the time.  C’est la vie.

  3. I was slightly annoyed because I had a busy week and was looking forward to playing today.  Then I reminded myself that this is Beta and I don’t really have any justifiable reason to complain.
    I just hope they fix whatever problems they are having so that stuff like this doesn’t happen within the first week or two of launch.

    • Heh, yeah, I haven’t played since several patches ago and wanted to try out the double damage monsters and runes and all that and waited until patch 15 because there was going to be a wipe. Oh well, doesn’t really matter anyway.

  4. I’m looking forward to the chaos the first time this happens after the game is out.  The forums will actually be fun to read when I can’t play the game!

  5. It was working for about 15min, I got to level 3 with a new wizard.

    Then BAM LAG….! and then D/C…

  6. Well think of it this way, the more time they spend on patching problems now, the less time they spend come May 15.
    At least I hope so.

  7. pretty sure they’ll fix it up, but let this be the reminder to every one about the stupidity and unreliability of always online DRM. And blizz also said that “right now the shape it’s in is how they intend to release the game”

  8. I was hoping to spend my whole day with the beta, but maybe that won’t happen afterall. I hope that we will face all the big patch problems now instead when it goes live.

  9. well i hadnt checked my bnet account for a while, i check friday and found i had the beta, go in to the beta and 1st msg i saw was server shutting down in 10 mins, so i was well gutted, been waiting for so long to play this and when i get the chance i cant 🙁 well gutted

  10. They will likely do more testing for patches after full release for three reasons.
    1) They are trying to get as much tested as possible before release, and don’t have time to Q/A as much.
    2) They’ve said they want to have as little downtime as possible and plan on eventually having patches once a month at most.
    3) They use test servers. So even if a patch DOES fuck up, only the test servers have an issue. That way they get it fixed. There are no test servers for a beta.

    • > There are no test servers for a beta

      There are, 100%. No sane developer rolls out something without testing. Even if its Beta 

      • Like I said, Q/A. Test servers are for the public. Even for WoW and SC2, they test it before it goes to test servers. They can test here first, but there is no actual test server in case something goes wrong like there will be on full release.

    • They will for sure continue to spend as much resources they possible can even after game is released to weed out instability bugs and such.
      As Pong says, most likely they don’t have any real secondary test servers for us beta testers. It’s logical however to assume that they have some small local thing where they can simulate a real Test -> Live server setup to see if it gets installed correctly. The actual test purpose of the server is served through our beta server though.

  11. beta servers are down? SIGN OF RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCEME….

    oh wait.

  12. sign of release ?

  13. Sign of delay and sh1t.

  14. rofl what a joke… they have unlimited funds of money almost thanks to wow and they cant solve some server issues? maybe fire the the worthless guys they have and get some decent people that can actually fix things.

  15. Hey bro, see that timer on the right?  Thats my life.  No one is shedding tears that the beta server has been done for a few hours over here.  

  16. Looks like Top Men didn’t made it.

  17. My concern is at launch there will be a new patch,
    Worst nightmare: may 15th unable to login due to 3,000,000 people on bnet and or patch problems.

  18. I just won access from the Incgamers contest (after doing every other contest for stupid sites), I got a weekend to play, and haven’t been able to get on for 1 second!  I’ve never even watched a beta video.  My time expires at midnight tonight.  I really hope they get this thing online.  Ugh.

  19. People are still acting like this will be a major possibility post launch – 3 WORDS: Public Test Realm (PTR).

    Inform yourself here – it is the place where patches are tested BEFORE being released to the masses.  Please notice that the beta IS the function PTR right now.  This is how major patches like 4.3 can be deployed in WoW, and aside from routine maintenance, the servers don’t miss a beat: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/public-test-realm-faq

    Please, kill the drama with knowledge. 

  20. Starting to think D3 has really gotten away from Blizzard big time. It’s like their Jurassic Park. They got overly ambitious and created a beast they can no longer control. (As evidenced by the May 15 release game looking nothing like the 2008 announced game)

  21. Holy crap, the sense of entitlement of these people, they dont owe you any playtime of this beta. 

  22. The only major change in patch 15 seems to be the Authenticator crap. Wouldn´t be surprised
    if the reason is to be found in that field. Don´t think a 20% to 10% cut in any skill could crash the whole server
    structure into limbo.

    • We should have some new runes and a diffrent skill to play with once its online again.The patch notes say the levels for skills and runes have been changed.

    • Not sure if I agree – the authenticator piece seems to be intact and functional.  Yesterday it accepted a valid authenticator key while also keeping me out if it entered an incorrect key.  There isn’t any more function to an authenticator that I know of.  The step past the authentication is the point of error, e.g., battle.net is down.

      I could be 100% wrong if they require it at the RMAH or something like that. 

  23. I feel like this waiting to login again.

  24. Relax, at least you folks have beta keys.  I just ordered online the hour the release date was announced and still waiting anxiously to play. A beta key to folks who pre-ordered directly with Blizzard would be nice.

  25. yeah so the 2pm update was exactly like the other ones, this is getting boring..

  26. and finally, the servers are up!

  27. This is why you never push out a Software update on a Friday 😛

  28. Argggg nooooo not again 😯

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