UPDATE: Diablo is back up! 9PM it is!

    UPDATE: Three hours later… we’re getting a message now that maintenance will conclude at 8PM-9PM. Predictions are holding true!

    It looks like another update is coming – nothing like a patch, or anything. The outage is assumed to be approximately one hour. Let us all hope we don’t see something like last weekend’s fiasco with beta patch 15. Since this is just a server update, I don’t think we’ll be seeing an outage like last time.

    We are currently in the process of performing a small server update and will be bringing the Diablo III beta offline for maintenance shortly. We anticipate that downtime as a result of this update will be minimal, lasting for approximately 1 hour.

    Many people have been experience more lag than normal, so hopefully this update will address some of the issues players have been experiencing lately.

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