Diablo 3 Beta Screenshot

Diablo 3 Beta Screen

A photo spotted by Ecsema of the final screen of the beta has appeared on a twitter image site from GKSteven. It’s not too bad quality either but apart from the overlay text there’s nothing new to see I’m afraid.

It’s of DiabloWikiLeoric, The Skeleton King’s throne room which we played at Blizzcon where you need to defeat him after you’ve dealt with all the minions he summons. He has just beaten it as the DiabloWikiMonk as you can see from his white resource orb full of monk, um, stuff, on the right. I can’t make out what’s in slot 1 but slot 2 looks to have a stack of 10 health pots in. Objective text can be seen on the right, it’s blurred and obscured by the overlay message but you can see ‘king‘ and ‘use the secret passage beneath the throne‘ which you can see has opened up.

The overlay text congratulates him on finishing the beta (I’m sure you’re all pleased for him). The poster’s text underneath declares that he’s completed the beta with 3 classes and to expect his report on Dutch site Gamerkings on Tuesday, so time enough to brush up on your Dutch.

If you’re unfamiliar with the interface, as it has changed over time, you can read about it on the Diablowiki page.

Update #1: – I wasn’t sure what the icon was in the top left but Risingred has since pointed out it’s a templar symbol with DiabloWikiTemplar written underneath it. So this monk had the assistance of his tank follower, Kormac.

Update #2: There’s a galloping forum thread with more analysis of this image and what it tells us about the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta.

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153 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Screenshot

  1. I guess that confirms that the presentation of the beta was part of the fansite event…

    • i believe it also confirms the d3anonymous twitter posts to be fake as i assume this is a cellphone picture? how did he get passed the electromagnetic scanners… or whatever the hell he said.

      Edit: assuming this was taken at the press event…

      • It was taken there, and I can 1000% guarantee you the d3anonymous is fake. For reasons that will become overwhelming clear when the NDA ends.

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  2. so is it short and one playthrough (after killing the last boss or however it ends)?

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  3. The important bit of this pic is that now we (probably) know that the Beta will end with King Leoric… Which means there won’t be much spoilers…

    • It’s just the promotional beta demo, the exact same stuff they used on Blizzcon2010, except that they just replaced one word, yes Demo > Beta, that’s it. This doesn’t mean the real Closed Beta will be quite the same.

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  4. I think those are not latin letters on the top of the monitor, neither on the upper-right corner of the game screen. 
    This screenshot may turn out to be from GStar Korea, with some added photo manipulation.

    • Actually they are, the weird 9 looking things at the bottom are from the guy not holding his phone steady while taking the pic.
      If you count the letters of the zone name (something of the skeleton king) it perfectly adds up.

      • No, they didn’t have. Followers were announced in may 2011 and GStar show took place at the end of 2010 (november if my memory serves me right).

    • on the top of the monitor the writing says; “1680×1050 resolution closed to projection”

  5. How would someone snap a pic of this?  Wouldn’t Blizzard be watching them like hawks?

  6. Screenshot is not a fake. It has new hot-bar without Tab-skill-slot and the rest of changes.

    Does anyone knows what are those icons at the left(top/bottom)???
    P.S. Seems Monk still got milk as resource :/

    • The top-left one looks like a mark of a chosen follower – in this case a Templar (I think). Low left corner icons seems to me as a chat scrolling arrows (or something very similiar).

    • Bah… what do people have against the Monk’s resource… As I said earlier, if it were golden people would still think of human fluids…

  7. Has the bottom UI changed much since the last one? Also…is that on the bottom left a chat system or something?
    The map seems to be a little out of place…it used to be more in the upper corner.

    Also in the upper left corner…is that a followers life portrait?

    Uhmmm im sceptic …

    • bottom left is chat interface like in WoW.
      Top left prolly follower/party member.

      • Im realy not liking the chat interface, i hope it wont take much screen space!
        Having voice com in D3 is more than we need, i hope we can toggle that somehow off!

    • If it’s like WoW, you can completely get rid of the chat box if you want, or configure it for size, shape, color, font, font size, anything you would want to do with it.

      • It’s sad when people tell something useful, but get downvoted because they mentioned WoW…

  8. it used to say:
    Congratulations you have defeated the Diablo III Demo, photoshopped to Beta, slick move.
    ps: the smileys on these comments seem rather blurry and unclear.

    • Ok maybe photoshopped wasn’t the correct word. But they just replaced demo with beta in that same demo as blizzcon2010 demo just so they can show to the audience that this is the current state of the game (beta). And obviously this is just a beta demo that will probably be used on Gamescom2011 and Blizzcon2011 just for promotional purposes. And all that doesn’t mean it’s gonna have the same amount of gaming time limit in the real closed beta, yet to be revealed.

      Just because one word has changed doesn’t mean it’s a whole different demo 😛

    • It doesn’t mean NDA untill 2-nd Aug, they are a big site and probably have more news to share in monday, or they just need more time to prepare their preview.

  9. Flux, can you confirm the authenticity of this screenshot?
    If yes, then we will have few story spoilers on beta, which  is a good thing.

    • It’s from a legitimate press outlet. It would be unlikely they would try to pass off false information as legitimate and undermine their integrity.

      If it were a random person then I’d have mentioned reserving judgement on it in the news item.

      • Why would an official press outlet leak information and their identity for one crappy image? They’re under NDA. They’d lose their accountability with Blizzard.

        • I have no idea. You’ll need to ask him. Msg him on Twitter.

          He’s removed it now so either Blizzard or his employees have made him see sense.

  10. Short beta. Not just in time that the beta will be going, but short as in content. 
    Sounds like they may run into issues with player retention.

    • If they have PvP Arena on beta (which is normal to be included), it could last 5 months, even if the PvE content is small.

    • True but look at the screen, the monk has, what, three skills? That’s clvl 6. And there’s no way to say if you can continue on with the same character or not.

  11. Glad this is real, I’m confident beta will be coming the public’s way ASAP! I just want this game already!!

  12. I was hoping the first beta screenshot to say something like   ” Welcome to Diablo III Beta ” , not ” you have defeated the Diablo III Beta ” .

  13. Even if it rlly is that short, im going to spend a lot of time playing it 😀
    Who wants to race for first lv60 in beta ? XD

    • If the experience gain system is anything like D2 or WoW, that would be literally impossible.

      • Yes, in D2 you could only gain experience if your level was close to that of the enemies (same for WOW and pretty much every MMO actually).  It was a lot worse in D2 classic because there was a bigger gap between act 4 normal and act 1 nightmare for example – I remember a lot of people confused that they weren’t gaining much or any experience because they were actually moving through content too fast.
        With what I’ve heard about them wanting you to be at X level in Y area the first time around, I’m not sure if they’ll do this for D3 or not.

  14. [quote]as you can see from his white resource orb full of monk, um, stuff,[/quote]
    Monk spunk 8)

  15. I am skeptic for two reasons:
    1) if this is indeed a real beta picture, and is a leaked one, why is it so shaky and that poor in quality? I mean it’s mid-2011, what phone does make this kind of picture? If it was shot “in secret”, given the NDA and possible restrictions why did they upload it to their site? As someone mentioned earlier, the site is well-known in NL, so from Blizzard’s perspective, no question who posted it and therefore broke the NDA. Why would someone do such thing if they going to post a beta walkthrough anyway on Tuesday? The whole story just does not come together for me.
    2) if this is a real beta picture, and the beta really ends in Leoric’s chamber, that’s quite a short content – what do they want the players to test? this content was literally cleared in the very first gameplay we have seen 3 years ago, with commentary in circa 30 minutes.
    I wish I am am being wrong here as I really want this game to be awesome.

    • “1) if this is indeed a real beta picture, and is a leaked one, why is it so shaky and that poor in quality? I mean it’s mid-2011, what phone does make this kind of picture?”

      A phone operated by me for one.  No one’s allowed to take pics at these things as you can imagine so that would have been taken covertly or at least not up by his face, standing still making sure he got it all in shot.  Much like the ninja videos we get from events where we have to evade the eagle-eye stand attendees.  But we’re all used to shaky-cams now so that in itself doesn’t discredit the shot.

      • If we stick with the phone aspect of my comment, lets imagine you are a journalist invited to a press tour hosted by Blizzard to be one of the first few who can have a run with the latest beta build of Diablo. What equipment do you bring? Deliberately a shaky cam just to ensure there is enough mystery around the shot, or a mid-class smartphone that actually makes quality pictures.
        But lets say it was an old phone and a shaky real picture. I still have two questions that remained unanswered. And the fact that I believe if we are talking about NDA breach, there is no such thing as “shaky pictures do not count”, so why stop with only this shot and not channel more accurate info?

        • I take my camera and take shots and video as I’m allowed to.

          When I’ve ninja’d at E3 and Blizzcon it’s less than stellar in quality but that’s because I’m taking the shots on the sly.  I’ve never taken any covert shots at Blizzard’s offices because I’ve always been allowed to and in areas I’m not I never have.

          My point is he’s probably used a phone or a wee digital camera and pointed it hurriedly at the screen to take the shot, hence the motion is captured.  Attendees would have been instructed to not take photos of the monitors. 

          Perhaps he doesn’t think a camera shot of a screen we’ve already seen (other than the overlay) text is a big deal or perhaps he thought only his twitter buddies would see it (doubt that one) but to release info beyond that would get him into trouble.  Who knows his thinking.

  16. I personally think a short beta (time-wise) is a good thing. In my mind, this means that the beta test duration will be short, leading to an earlier release.
    This also could mean that they have so much of the game done, and are confident with, that there are less issues to be dealt with before release.  This could just be more of a stress-test beta than anything else.

    • I’m thinking the same thing.  Given the short window between the beta release and their goal to get the game out in 2011 and the apparent short beta length (feels more like a demo), I too think this beta test is more of a stress test/b.net test.  For example testing out this new trading system with a ton of people. 

      Is this the new trend for games with a lot of hype and a lot of years in production? Star Wars the Old Republic is also going for a short beta (following a closed beta) and shooting for a 2011 release.  

      PS.- Can’t seem to be able to click these new triangles to up vote you, so here’s my +1.  🙂

      • “Can’t seem to be able to click these new triangles to up vote you, so here’s my +1”

        Well, looks like I’m not the only one with that problem…

  17. A stack of 10 health pots (in just what seems a small play through beta) is what bugs me, even if it has a CD.

  18. So the beta just ends like a demo? Do you not get to keep messing around with that character? Or does it let you keep going but with annoying text in the middle of the screen?

  19. I’m very freakin confused right now.

    Could seem like a fake, but I’m still moving towards the picture being a legit one :<

    Sitting here just waiting for more news is going to be the end of me ;_;


  20. The beta may end when you defeat King Leoric, but I doubt that will be the end of the first act in the final game. I think the beta will be a shortened version of act 1.

  21. @themeros

    They did say there was some major anouncments, maybe pot spamming is back in? 😐

    • That would be horribly disappointing. I know health orbs are very controversial, but that was one of my favorite changes to the game.

  22. However if this is fake and with this they already broke NDA, why there are no further information?

  23. So potion spamming returns i think!! 10 pots in slot 2. Whether health globes are out or not is the real question. Also, no alt-tab skill. WTF!!!
    I wonder, why not? What made them make such major changes SOOOO BLOODY LATE in development? Do their pre-alpha feedback mechanisms all suck big time??

    • Last word on this was that the alt-tab skill is still there; it’s just not represented in the UI.

  24. “The secret passage beneath the trone” is what I can read at the quest description  :8

    • The first word is “Use”… so I’m guessing that’s the intended way of exiting the dungeon after killing the Skeleton King or perhaps a loot room?

  25. I think they will have a separated mode for PVP with more or less premade cahracters that are unusable for PVE and a pure PVE mode.
    Compare the SC2 beta to it. They just had the first 2 campagin missions, whoich were like 30 minutes, but offered full skirmish matches, to save the story/lore.
    I’m kinda thinking blizz will go for a similar approach here
    Finaly, Im pretty sure, they are only testing stability and bnet, not skills and balance

  26. They’ve already stated that you can use potions, but, U won’t be able to spam them and that’s why health globes will be available at times.

    • But they’re also making big changes late in development.
      However, I highly doubt they’d backslide on pots, they’ve been incredibly adamant about it.

      That, and there’s nothing in the UI to support pot spamming if they put it back in.

      • Yeah, and the Health Globes were one of the first systems to be uploaded on the D3 Official Site. Not that they don’t tend to scrap things but this one specifically seems more than set in stone.

  27. Did noone come to think that the \beta\ build might be slightly altered for this press event. So that people wouldn’t spend more then a scheduled time on it.

    • I really hope, that this is the case. Otherwise the beta may be a little bit disappointing.
      Sure there may be positive things connected to a short beta, but having at least full Act1 to mess around with, would have been much better imho.

    • Good point. I’m willing to bet that the majority of that guy’s potions were pre-loaded into his character.

    • This is an important point which I have come to consider… But one wonders… Till which point will Beta actually be? All Act 1… or just a portion of it?

      • Just a portion of act one. Small enough that it can be completed in just a few hours of play (if you hurry). The point of the beta seems to be all about tech fixes and stress testing and such. Players are being given very limited content; basically just a big demo; enough to keep people playing and loading up on b.net.

  28. First time poster here, just thought I’d share my thoughts about the picture posted, since I’m Dutch myself;
    That twitter account from ‘GKSteven’ (GameKing Steven) comes from the Dutch TV-show ‘GameKings’. That TV-show is an initiative started by the same people that run the biggest gaming magazine in the Netherlands, the magazine is called ‘Power Unlimited’. This guy named Steven is therefore somewhat of a familiair face amongst Dutch gamers. (A giant douche regardless).
    The picture above may be meaningless, but the source is definiately reliable.

  29. Some people are saying they will be disappointed with the length of the beta if it only takes you to Leoric, namely because of the lack of spoilers.

    That depends on which spoilers you are talking about. Story spoilers will be in short supply, but a lot of systems may be available to low level players.

    Quite a lot of information may be available about skills and traits in general and specific grades of low-level skills and traits, rune effects, items and their affixes, enchantments, effects of attributes and maybe even item and gem crafting and enchantments. This ought to be more than enough fuel for the rabble.

  30. why do u believe this is real? it would be dumb to break the nda cause blizzards knows that he did it -> possibly followed by a letter from their lawyer

  31. Bashiok has once stated that they’ve already shown most of the beta content during various shows, so my guess is we will get the content from the beginning to Leoric, then they add some desert areas (presumably what we’ve seen in monk demo) and them a new part – something from act 3.
    I think that we will have about 30 days for each beta part, which would give us a 90 day beta (3 months) ending in early november and realease in early december.
    Just my guess, though.

      • Dang i really had hope that it could be the whole of Act1. But well, hey, even a part of Act1 is better than nothing 🙂

        Flux, can you spoil if it will be possible to replay the available content to still “farm” exp. and advance to a character level beyond one playthrough of said content?

  32. The beta is short….That may indicate that the beta won’t run long….which mean DIABLO IN DECEMBER 🙂

    all i want for christmas is….yeah

    • My prediction: That the prediction you predicted is predictically right!

      A person mentioned him being a douche – What person named Steven isn’t a douche anyway? :[

  33. So we have two bars above the skill bar.  One orange and one blue.  I think the orange one is your exp to next level?  If so what is the blue one?  Something to do with the passives?
    Also both of his bars are maxed out.  Is that because he hit some level cap?  Or did he just happen to level up in that last encounter.

    • Or just a long experience bar, that’s half full?

      edit: Sorry, did not continue reading to see replies before posting. :\

  34. edcaz there is only one bar that is half full and yeah its the XP bar. The blue is actually transparent and you are seeing the color of the floor. 🙂

  35. Ah sneaky screenshot at exactly half way through the level.  Thanks for clearing that up.

  36. This bodes well. I bet it’s similar, if not the same demo from the world wide invitational blizzard had in 09′ (I think that’s the one that ended with Leoric?) just with some major updates.

    Short game demo can mean short beta! 🙂

    • Just as expected… He got what he wanted though, people will be expecting his tuesday report…

      • But at what cost? He might not get invited to future Blizzard events…. 
        Not that I care, but this is not a really smart move.

        • Yeah to me it seems like a waste of breaking their trust just to post a screen 4 days ahead of schedule. His call though.

  37. As I am a Dutch guy aswell I will be looking forward to his report on tuesday.
    We will probably get some more info on what he actually played there, if the beta was short or that it was changed to a certain lenght for this event. I personally think it was changed. I’ll keep you updated on the report and try to translate what he said in the report 😉

  38. So it would appear Single Player *is* in fact in the Beta (not just Multiplayer).
    The Templar (Followers) are only allowed in SP mode.

  39. I thought followers were allowed in single play norm diff and multiplayer norm diff with no one else but you in the game.

    • Im pretty sure followers are allowed in SP and MP, in all difficulties, as long as you are alone in the game. If someone joins your game the follower automatically head back to the caravan. Last I heard followers were weak in NM and useless in Hell, but still available.

  40. Come on guys. Only 1 leaked photo. I’m disappointed with the leakers and the amount of leakage. I expected much more from you guys 😉

  41. I was hoping for some more leakage coming from the international sites… None thus far 😐

  42. Wake up and 100 bajillion comments while I slept, nice to start the day with a leaked screen.

  43. I notice that in top middle of the monitor there’s a Chinese letters and also a number “15”.
    So i thing this came from Asia  and beta will begin day 15. I hope 15 next month.

  44. I gotta say, I think this is fantastic quality considering the circumstances. I just tried to take a clandestine pic of my own monitor with my phone and its not easy to get a good shot without making it obvious. I would get caught doin this for sure, lol. Could you imagine getting booted out from this event? devastating.

  45. Wow! That guy flew half away around the world to take a blury pic of the end of the beta and now im sure got kicked out after the first day. I dont know about you guys but not worth it if you ask me.

    • There was only one day for the attendees. US/EU was Wednesday. Thursday was Asian and other international attendees.  Each day there was a presentation of new info, scenes from the intro cinematic, story info, office tour, joint interviews with the devs, and then demo play time.

      • Wait… they showed bits of the cinematic and told story info after going on and on about not wanting to give away things like that before release?

        • I should have worded that better. Not the cinematic like the movie with Leah narrating, but a sort of artsy/story presentation thing.

  46. I cannot wait for that NDA to lift man, I have the luxury of scheduling my own work client meetings, and nobody is taking that day away from me, NOBODY!

  47. Is it sad that I took a day of work on Monday just so I could read all the news (hopefully a lot of them) at my leisure?

  48. Remember to check the Korea site on 7/31. They always get the time zone wrong and leak things few hours early.

  49. Also a screenshot of the terran gas thing. (I am making something for my boyfriend, and he loves starcraft so if I could have a screenshot of the geysers in particular, that would be amazing!!!
    iPhone 5 Release

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