Diablo 3 Beta Screen

    A photo spotted by Ecsema of the final screen of the beta has appeared on a twitter image site from GKSteven. It’s not too bad quality either but apart from the overlay text there’s nothing new to see I’m afraid.

    It’s of DiabloWikiLeoric, The Skeleton King’s throne room which we played at Blizzcon where you need to defeat him after you’ve dealt with all the minions he summons. He has just beaten it as the DiabloWikiMonk as you can see from his white resource orb full of monk, um, stuff, on the right. I can’t make out what’s in slot 1 but slot 2 looks to have a stack of 10 health pots in. Objective text can be seen on the right, it’s blurred and obscured by the overlay message but you can see ‘king‘ and ‘use the secret passage beneath the throne‘ which you can see has opened up.

    The overlay text congratulates him on finishing the beta (I’m sure you’re all pleased for him). The poster’s text underneath declares that he’s completed the beta with 3 classes and to expect his report on Dutch site Gamerkings on Tuesday, so time enough to brush up on your Dutch.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the interface, as it has changed over time, you can read about it on the Diablowiki page.

    Update #1: – I wasn’t sure what the icon was in the top left but Risingred has since pointed out it’s a templar symbol with DiabloWikiTemplar written underneath it. So this monk had the assistance of his tank follower, Kormac.

    Update #2: There’s a galloping forum thread with more analysis of this image and what it tells us about the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta.

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