Diablo 3 Beta Patch Imminent

Good news. It seems we could be in store for beta patch 5 as early tomorrow. Community Manager Lylirra has announced:

We’re currently in the process of preparing the next beta patch for release. As part of this patch, we’ll be wiping all characters and items (including those placed on the auction house).

While a specific ETA is unavailable at this time, please note that Beta Patch 5 may go live as early as tomorrow afternoon.

Source: Blues: IncGamers

There are no details on what the patch may address.

A major patch also means that another wave of new testers could be joining us so keep your eyes on your account on the official site and if you’re lucky enough to have been selected feel free to whoop about it in the comments.

Thanks to EricBrightEyes who hit the massive ‘Send News’ button at the top of this page first.

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    21 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Patch Imminent

    1. Tomorrow, eh? I’m going to temper my hopes and just pretend that says “two weeks from now”.

    2. Wonder if this will be our last (major) patch for the Beta. Was doing some SK runs a few days back and said “wait a minute, they’re totally going to wipe everything in the new patch.. time to wait a bit”.

      Look forward to the patch and re-leveling all characters again, especially trying out the Demon Hunter changes.

    3. I’ve been trying to remain calm and not too optimistic when I check my Battle.net, but I still know I’ll check it every two hours or something tomorrow with intense sadness every time I see the fake Diablo icon there telling me to go to the community site.

    4. “There are no details on what the patch may address.”

      Per blizzcon, Witch doctors and Wizards are finally getting their damage and attack speed based on weapons.

    5. You know,,, most people here suffering from the same disease: we can’t wait any longer. It is time.

    6. Wonder if the update will reveal any new passives they’ve put in the game? Also hope the new invite wave is something like 20,000 people. Not that I really expect that though.

    7. I heard from World lead content designare that next path will add new content, new maps, new area =)).. I hope its this patch =). Would be intressting to see new places =))

    8. Here’s hoping they come through on their comment that they would add a lot more people after the next big patch… Don’t go crazy refreshing your account page or email until after they officially announce its release though…

    9. they trolled everyone good here with that post as early as tomorrow haha. maybe next week tomorrow. instead of “as early as tomorrow afternoon” why not say we may or may not get a patch released in the next week or so, maybe two. We don’t really have an idea of what we are doing :/

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