Diablo 3 Beta Patch 17 is Live

Repeating the minor miracle that patch 16 inaugurated, Diablo III beta patch 17 went online on time and without major incident, just a short time ago. The Blue thread was updated and after playing for the last hour, I can confirm that the patch is working and that characters, achievements, and everything else have been wiped.

I was prepared to say that some subtle tweaks have been made; I first played a Barbarian to level 9 and checked the ring merchant numerous times without ever seeing a ring with +damage. There were rings, but just with +hps per kill, small bonuses to stats, +experience per kill, etc. Never any with +damage though, which seemed reasonable to me, as that modifier on commonly-obtainable rings at level 6 was making the early going way too easy.

And then I played another game with a Wizard for 20 minutes, and my first check of that vendor showed him with two rings, both with +2-4 damage plus another stat. Thus is demonstrated the dangers of drawing sweeping conclusions from limited sample sizes.

That said, I don’t notice anything in gameplay, NPCs, different in this patch than the previous one. Things really do seem to be pretty well set in their all-but-final release state.

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    34 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Patch 17 is Live

      • Enjoy your invite man, it feels so good and relaxing be able to play a bit of D3 when the cravings for D3 gets into us. 🙂

    1. I found something new (for me at least) in the weeping hollow. Its a random event in which you click a single tomb stone which sits under a tree surrounded by stone walls. After i clicked the stone, it broke and zombies started spawning. I counted around 40 of them, maybe more. Very similar to the jar of souls event but without timer.

      • I don’t think that’s new though…. pretty sure I had it triggered in Patch 16 or earlier

    2. I don’t agree about “Things really do seem to be pretty well set in their all-but-final release state.”
      There are still ton’s of issues (especially the fps drop issue’s in the beta that is still there) I hope that all those issues will be solved and won’t be in the final game. because they are still in the beta and it’s really weird…

      • Well, that’s a technical issue; nothing to do with balance or content, which is what I was talking about in this post. 

        At any rate, I didn’t say things were perfect, or shouldn’t be changed… I just said they hadn’t been, which was all I could ascertain in 1.5 very quick games in the new patch.

      • Blizzard had said that the retail build is completely separate from the Beta build. And Beta build is unoptimised with FPS issues. It’s clearly not intended to be a reflection of their final retail version.

    3. i got a rare within the first twenty minutes of play from a barrel, so maybe  they  tweaked rare  drop rates.  i also noticed that there are in general a lot more monsters now, since in cath level one i routinely saw groups of three harvesters and thirty or more zombies in an area of half a screen. game is a bit more difficult now.

      • There’s a big debate thread in the forum about rares being more common now — or not.  A guy last patch got one for the first item drop in the entire game, from the wretched mother right outside the town gates. Hard to beat that record.

        I got one last week on the road just before Old Tristram, which was by far the soonest I’d ever seen one in the beta.  Then tonight in my first p17 game my Barb found rare shoes in the first Crypt, from an urn. Which is very uncommon, maybe the 2nd or 3rd rare I’ve ever seen outside of the Cathedral.

        So for me at least, rares are much more common in the last 2 patches, but others have said they’ve seen no change, so it might just be luck of the draw.

        • I just did a fresh run on my Wizard and didn’t get a single rare drop…even from Leoric :\.

    4. Iv gotten into the Beta and i dont have an active account…. Not sure whats going on with that but a few others have replied to my forum post saying the same. seems Its open to all? 😛

      • I can confirm this, I was just able to log on to beta on my account that is not flagged for beta. Either they are making the last 2 weeks open to everyone or it is a big bug.

        • Yup.  Can confirm this also.  Play while you can folks.  If it’s a glitch, you can bet they’ll take it down to fix it.

    5. 1Mb/s, not sure how fast/slow that is but it definitely isn’t fast enough. 45% to go 😀

    6. Bah, should have downloaded client just in case, where can it be downloaded from? Will obviously be fixed before I get it down, but gotta stay positive! 🙂

      • It’s sad to read this hours later. I can literally watch dreams dying as the minutes pass…

    7. I saw a much reduced rare drop rate and it seems they fixed the graphical glitch that was exposing the female wizard’s butt. Also the default color schemes of the armors seem to have been tweaked so my wizard looked like one of santa’s elves. 

    8. I noticed a new segment in one of the Cathedral levels… I’m not entirely sure that it is in fact ‘new’ but it was a small ledge segment that I had never seen in any of my previous play throughs. It was pretty uneventful, but certainly made me stop and look around.

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