As has become standard for Diablo 3 beta patches, the DiabloWikiBeta Patch 15 has run into technical issues and delays. The original ETA was 10pm — it’s 3 hours later as I type this, and the servers remain inaccessible.

    Quotes from the Beta Feedback forum thread, plus an image from the log in screen at midnight.

    There’re still undergoing maintenance, and 10:00 pm PDT is still our ETA. Once servers are back up, I’ll definitely post an update in this thread (in both the OP and as a reply). Breaking News should also be updated at that time, as well.

    Update 10:30 pm PDT: We are currently performing urgent maintenance on the Diablo III beta test server to resolve issues with player login. We do not have an estimated time for when this maintenance will conclude.

    Update 2:00 am PDT: We are continuing to work to resolve issues that developed during the deployment of Beta Patch 15. Until these issues can be resolved, the Diablo III beta test will be unavailable for play. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide further updates as they become available.

    Update #1: Patch delays, as the 10pm estimate for the realms coming back online is long past:

    We’re aware that some players are experiencing issues logging in and are looking to resolve those issues currently. We don’t have an ETA as to when login will be restored, but we’ll provide updates as they become available.

    I do hope those B.net tech guys get overtime for this; it seems like every beta patch goes up on a Friday or Saturday, and requires hours of emergency maintenance running well past midnight.

    Update #2: The servers went down for the patch at 10am Friday. As of noon Saturday, 26 hours later, they are *still * down. Emergency maintenance indeed!

    Given that all the previous beta patches ran hours long on downtime, and this one is the longest yet, for what was supposed to be a minor patch with minimal game changes, discussion in the comments has naturally turned to whether or not this is an ill omen for Diablo 3’s retail launch and subsequent patches. Especially given D3’s online-only nature. If you’d like to discuss that, best you don’t try it on the Battle.net forums, as DigitalForce did.

    WOW — I got banned from D3 forums for posting concerns about downtime. I love Blizzard games. I HATE the Blizz community.

    The fanboy/jay wilson manlove on that forum is sickening. The amount of contempt being spewed for simply asking a question is disturbing.

    He was banned and his thread was deleted. On the other hand, if you’d like to read 25 pages of bored forum users making corny movie references, that’s a go!

    Update #3: CM Lyllria replied to a complaint about the downtime.

    This is one of the many reasons why a beta can be helpful. For every patch we deploy, we’re able to fine tune our processes and identify what works, what doesn’t, and where we can improve so situations like this don’t occur (or occur with incredible rarity) once the game ships.

    Downtime is never ideal, though, even during the beta. We understand that, which is why we’re working to get you all back in the game, hacking and slashing at every damned soul in sight, as soon as possible.

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