Diablo 3 Beta Patch 15 Experiencing Delays

As has become standard for Diablo 3 beta patches, the DiabloWikiBeta Patch 15 has run into technical issues and delays. The original ETA was 10pm — it’s 3 hours later as I type this, and the servers remain inaccessible.

Quotes from the Beta Feedback forum thread, plus an image from the log in screen at midnight.

There’re still undergoing maintenance, and 10:00 pm PDT is still our ETA. Once servers are back up, I’ll definitely post an update in this thread (in both the OP and as a reply). Breaking News should also be updated at that time, as well.

Update 10:30 pm PDT: We are currently performing urgent maintenance on the Diablo III beta test server to resolve issues with player login. We do not have an estimated time for when this maintenance will conclude.

Update 2:00 am PDT: We are continuing to work to resolve issues that developed during the deployment of Beta Patch 15. Until these issues can be resolved, the Diablo III beta test will be unavailable for play. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide further updates as they become available.

Update #1: Patch delays, as the 10pm estimate for the realms coming back online is long past:

We’re aware that some players are experiencing issues logging in and are looking to resolve those issues currently. We don’t have an ETA as to when login will be restored, but we’ll provide updates as they become available.

I do hope those B.net tech guys get overtime for this; it seems like every beta patch goes up on a Friday or Saturday, and requires hours of emergency maintenance running well past midnight.

Update #2: The servers went down for the patch at 10am Friday. As of noon Saturday, 26 hours later, they are *still * down. Emergency maintenance indeed!

Given that all the previous beta patches ran hours long on downtime, and this one is the longest yet, for what was supposed to be a minor patch with minimal game changes, discussion in the comments has naturally turned to whether or not this is an ill omen for Diablo 3’s retail launch and subsequent patches. Especially given D3’s online-only nature. If you’d like to discuss that, best you don’t try it on the Battle.net forums, as DigitalForce did.

WOW — I got banned from D3 forums for posting concerns about downtime. I love Blizzard games. I HATE the Blizz community.

The fanboy/jay wilson manlove on that forum is sickening. The amount of contempt being spewed for simply asking a question is disturbing.

He was banned and his thread was deleted. On the other hand, if you’d like to read 25 pages of bored forum users making corny movie references, that’s a go!

Update #3: CM Lyllria replied to a complaint about the downtime.

This is one of the many reasons why a beta can be helpful. For every patch we deploy, we’re able to fine tune our processes and identify what works, what doesn’t, and where we can improve so situations like this don’t occur (or occur with incredible rarity) once the game ships.

Downtime is never ideal, though, even during the beta. We understand that, which is why we’re working to get you all back in the game, hacking and slashing at every damned soul in sight, as soon as possible.

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67 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Patch 15 Experiencing Delays

  1. Just interested… as diablo 3 is online only “experience”, what about maintenance issues? Will we be WoW like not able to play a game on our own (but dragged into online world by blizz) because blizzard is experiencing some “issues”? … I hate that …

    • I’m having trouble finding the blue post that said it, but recently they stated that the maintenance would be shorter for D3 like it is for SC2 and that they may even move to a monthly maintenance for those games with a server reset on the other weeks.

    • After deployment these issues will be worked out on the public test realm (PTR).  The ironed out patches are the ones that will hit the main servers.  Welcome to being in a beta where you ARE ON the functional PTR. Flux, I expect better from you. You basically incited a riot in the comments section by leaving out the PTR.

      Anyone saying anything is talking out of their ass and hasn’t spent any time on in other Blizz games on the PTR.

  2. If they think this is going to be any better for retail patches, they are smoking crack. HENCE, they need a FRACKING offline mode for single player.

    I can’t even imagine the rage when this type of crap happens on launch week and none of us can even play.. 

    • I actually can’t wait to see the final result – will people get to play within one minute after it goes live or will they have to download the inevitable day one patch, apply patch and then wait in queues to log on?
      I’d think Blizzard would release the final patch a few hours prior to release for those with digital pre-orders – that way people can apply the patch but only log on at the appropriate time,,,but I think a lot of crazy things (like hoping for some form of offline mode even if I have to accept their TOS and warnings about never being able to access online features 10 times each time I want to play with my offline character).

      • There will most assuredly be a day 1 patch for all the changes they make between the time of burning the game discs and release. Whether or not the servers are stable on day 1 is a totally different matter that only Blizzard can determine the answer to…

  3. How was it with the previous patches? For how many hours were servers down (except those original 12 hours)?

  4. anyone else concerned about the server after the launch? many people (myself included) are gonna take time off work that week, imagine the game being down for a day or so?

    • /raises hand

      With literally MILLIONS of people world wide hitting the servers on launch week, I can’t even imagine..

      MAKE AN OFFLINE MODE! I can see the writing on the wall with “Sorry, the login services are down. Sorry you can’t play your shiny new $60 game” 

      • thats what i am worried about. i mean i understand there may be issues but the fact that it takes them the entire damn day to fix them is crazy. maybe that wont be an issue when it goes live but i will believe it when i see it

    • SC2 was pretty stable on launch day so one would hope that D3 would be the same or better. Then again, all the problems they seem to have with patches do not instill confidence… Luckily the retail D3 patches will be few and far between supposedly.

  5. I patch software as part of my job managing land information management systems.  No matter how many times you practice, no matter how close your dev and production environments, it rarely goes exactly to plan.   You try to make it an exact science, but there are simply too many variables in the end to reach this goal.

    This is going to be brutal when game launches.  Anyone taking time off work or playing hookie to get their D3 fix is not going to want to stare at Error 35 for half of the day.

      • Can you really not go even ONE day without playing Diablo 3?  While I can understand other reasons for wanting an offline mode, this is one of the dumbest reasons for it. 

    • “When must the madness end?”
      “Madness? THIS.. IS.. MAINTENANCE!!!!!!!!!”
      Normally I don’t find 300 jokes funny because they’re so overdone, but that made me lol.

    • I just made a pretty long post on there with a modification of Tyrael’s speeches from Diablo 2:

      Hope people find it amusing… 😀

    • Yeah, this is my thought, as well.  Maybe somebody who works in the biz can suggest a reason but why do it when more of us might want to hop on and play a round or three?

  6. Apparently people think I am crazy for worrying about retail downtimes… I hate the gamer community.


    • Of course you’re crazy. The retail game will never have server downtimes, patch updates will never run overlong, and even if they do, the EULA says suck it.

    • TBH, I’ve played Starcraft 2 for 850 hours and I’ve never experienced downtime other than when I was in the beta.

    • The fanboy/jay wilson manlove on that forum is sickening. The amount of contempt being spewed for simply asking a question is disturbing.

    • I’m glad you got banned tbh. Blizzard announced the game was going to be online only so long ago, if you aren’t happy about it, just don’t play it.
      And really, it’s ridiculous what beta tests have become in some people’s mind. Many think it’s a trial mode or demo. Dafuq really… Even the fucking maintenance it can be something subjected to a beta test obviously. Delivering patches can be improved and they still got 2 months to test solutions.
      Try get some sense in your mind and realize beta test is to test, isn’t just publicity for them or a demo for you guys. Everyone that was been in beta more than 4 months, can say that they changed so many things meanwhile, some for good and others for bad but what it needs to be taken from this it’s that beta test are to fucking test and get feedback, not to have some bunch of kids whining that the beta test is offline and taken too long to get the servers up…

    • Lol, your thread was deleted. By the way, Lylirra responded to someone with the same concern in the stickied maintenance thread:

  7. The message kept chaning throughout the night all the way into the wee-hours of the morning, so obviously *someone* was over there working on it. Sucks for them, I guess. Unless they like night shift (I know I do).

  8. WOW — I got banned from D3 forums for posting concerns about downtime. I love Blizzard games. I HATE the Blizz community.

      • I got banned on the old D3 forums on a different B.net account for asking why there was so little news at the beginning of last year.

        Bunch of ban happy monkeylickers! 

        • I love how people who get banned always explain “the question or concern” they had instead of the “way” they asked it. It is not because you have a legitimate concern or question that you should be disrespectful or insulting. 

          Seriously… Are you really implying that you got banned “only” because you were asking “why there was so little news” or like today for “simply stating your concerns” ? Nothing to do with that, it is the way you asked it.

          You deserve that.


          • This.

            If he’s been banned twice now, something makes me think it wasn’t just a matter of bringing up subjects they don’t like, but rather having an offensive, belligerent attitude about it.

            In any case, it’s hard to judge without seeing the original post. I originally started searching through these comments trying to find the original post quoted somewhere. I thought it was odd that Flux was taking the poster at face value rather than presenting an objective story and actually showing readers what he got banned for. Seeing that he’s been banned twice now pretty much confirms my suspicions that he’s asking valid questions, but is being a douche in the way that he goes about it.

  9. Absolutely amazing that other threads on the same topic aren’t getting deleted. Regardless, I have seen in the past that if you bring ANYTHING slightly negative mixed with logic in the forums, you get banned.

    People kissing Blizzard’s arse is a sad sight indeed..

    “It won’t be this way in retail!”
    “Go find something else to do with your life!”
    “You didn’t pay for the beta so shut up.”


    • Well, those are all legit points…  Maybe besides the insult about finding something else to do; but the other two are valid points, some people mention ass-kissing blizzard fanboys, but isn’t there another polar to that?  Seems like this site represents that community.

      • Agree 100%.
        As soon as we do not agree with someone insulting Blizzard, being disrespectful or simply not buying one of the “theory” or “controversy” we are a blind Blizzard fan…

        There is a middle and this is a good example.
        All your points are valid concerns Digitalforce; but those are only “concerns” not fact and I’m very confident about the first week of retail and I have as much points to back it as you have to back your position: none.  

      • how is “it won;t be this way in retail” a legit point ? 

        “it won’t be this way in retail” is just a guess, its pure speculation 

        • Well by agreeing with the fact that he got legit points I was talking about the fact that this is normal to have concerns while I’m not sharing them 🙂 Not the random assumption about retail stability!

    • too bad you didn’t get a screenie of your post before you got banned/it got deleted. it’s good to have evidence to back your claims/character. I can just walk up anywhere and say “I’m a patient and respectful member who respects authority, and I got banned for voicing my legitimate concerns”, and someone who doesn’t know me will most likely believe that.

      lol me, patient and respecting authority……..did hell freeze over? 

      • Yeah, I’m a bit surprised (but only a bit) that Flux took him at face value when re-posting his gripes and an anti-Blizzard stance on the main article.

        How many people who get banned actually say “Well, you know what? I was being an asshole and I deserved it. I raised some valid points, but I was a total dickwad about it and came at it with a combative attitude”? Not many, I’d wager. 

        • no kidding, and you wonder why D3Incgamers doesn’t get invited by Blizzard for events n shit anymore

  10. No, I consider myself a pretty patient and balanced individual. I don’t go spewing hate across any forums on the Net, especially the Official D3 ones. Regardless, a 24+ downtime for any game, beta or not, is disturbing. Hence the reason a brought up the concern of launch week when literally millions of players will be trying to connect.

    With no offline/single player option, that worries me.. If that is not a legitimate concern, then I give up. 

    Also, no one can really say “it won’t be this way in retail” — That is a very poor assumption.

    • But you also make an assumption by saying that it won’t be much better for retail when history shows that it will… 😐

    • “I don’t go spewing hate across any forums on the Net.”

      And I quote: “I HATE the Blizz community”
      “I hate the gamer community” 

      gg no re 

  11. The truth is no one knows what it will be like retail… but these beta patch downtimes don’t inspire any confidence.

    • “If they think this is going to be any better for retail patches, they are smoking crack. HENCE, they need a FRACKING offline mode for single player.”
      And now you say that… Indeed like I said before, you deserved the ban.

    • You should learn to reply in-threads instead of creating a new reply for each and every post you make.

  12. Does anybody know if they’re still working on it?  Or should we just check back Monday at noon?

  13. as soon as you realise they dont give a F about any of you and care about money you’ll understand everything they do, besides why give a F if “they” still buy it? i would do the same, its my game, they love it, they buy it no mather what it is since its Diablo 3, few whiners rest is pure $$$

  14.    I can see what you see not—
        Maintenance message, then eyes rot.
        When you turn, it won’t be gone,
        Maintenance time has been prolonged.

        Then you see what cannot be—
        offline server where online should be.
        Out of darkness, out of mind,
        Cast down into the Halls of the Maintenance.
        Offline option blizzard!! are you BLIND!!

  15. It’s ironic, since I had no plans to play D3 this weekend; way too much work to do on the site and in RL, plus errands and stuff. But with every hour the realms are down, my desire to play grows…. just because they won’t let me!

  16. Hope you all realize we won’t be able to get in a stable D3 server till at least Friday May 18th… so much for release date delivery! 

    Mr. Pessimistic 😉 

    • Update 5:47 p.m. PDT: We are continuing to work to resolve issues that developed during the deployment of Beta Patch 15. The beta test will be unavailable until further notice, and we do not have an ETA to share at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide further updates as they become available.”

      Time to go to sleep and hope for tomorrow.  🙂

  17. If every forum on the Net was as ban happy as the B.net forums, I don’t think anyone would post anymore except for those who feast upon Blizzard’s table scraps.

    I definitely agree that bans should take place but come on, this is insane.

    And this arse kissing is disgusting but everyone eats it up and joins in:


    And these people are allowed to stay active:


    I rest my case. 

  18. 48 hours?  I am betting. Let’s hope Battle.net holds up better with 5 million players in a few months 😉

  19. Corney movie referenceses? They’re references using dialog from the game twisted (quite creatively) to be aimed at the server maintanence / shutdown. If you’d bother to read the thread, you’d know. Fucking tool.

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