Diablo 3 Beta Patch 10 Incoming

As if Jay’s incoming update from earlier today wasn’t enough PaNts0NhEaD sends word that Blizzard have just updated to say that we should brace ourselves for the next beta patch.

We’re currently in the process of preparing the next DiabloWikibeta patch for release and wanted to provide all beta testers with a heads-up that a character wipe will be included. Please note that, as with previous character wipes, this wipe will also affect gold, items, followers, and artisans.

We’re hoping to release beta patch 10 before the weekend (potentially as soon as tomorrow evening), but we don’t yet have a precise ETA. We’ll provide more information as it becomes available, and patch notes will be posted once the patch is live.

Thanks for your continued feedback and testing!

You can see details of the previous patches on DiabloWiki.Net.

Update: Bashiok left a tweet a little while ago to say:

I’m excited for tomorrow. And scared. Excared? Nah, it’ll be fine.”

This probably refers to the item we posted earlier about Jay’s incoming report on the system changes to Diablo 3 which I imagine will come out before patch 10 goes live.

But it will all turn out better than expected, yes I’m definitely a bit sure of that.

Source: Blues.Incgamers.Com

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    68 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Patch 10 Incoming

    1. …preparing the next beta patch for release and wanted to provide…
      …the next beta patch for release and wanted…
      …beta patch for release…
      …for release…
      my brain just concentrated on this word, getting crazy in here!

    2. On the brink of a nervous breakdown with this DexA? :p  As long as you’re not rocking back and forth yet, you’re still okay.

    3. So..I check my Battle.net account weekly to see if I get the Beta, and today I logged in, still no Beta =`{ but I had a message telling me to get an Authenticator, and I’ve never seen that. Possible On coming Release ? =D

      • Yes, better that the game releases with bugs and inefficient back-end server code, so that 3 months after the game release they can wipe all characters to fix those problems then instead of doing it now during beta.

            • @Internet: Raveharu’s post was probably frustration due to lack of beta access and hope for an imminent release. Lanthanide’s post was sarcastic, trying to point out the advantages of thorough beta testing. Kingu didn’t really get that at all, and nodfaction pointed Kingu’s misunderstanding out by writing “whoosh”, implying that the joke went over Kingu’s head.

              You’re welcome.

    4. Honestly, you guys aren’t missing much in the beta. I was just like you wanting a spot, but after about an hour… it’s incredibly boring. You out level the content way too fast and everyone dies in one hit. In fact, it’s no fun playing characters like the Barb, Monk (unless using Dash), or even the WD. If you have a DH or Sorc in your group that has played for more than a few hours, they clear everything way too fast.

      • Yes, what he said ^ The beta gets old very very quickly and honestly, unless you want to bore yourself the hell out of Diablo 3 before Diablo 3 even comes out, then this doesn’t help unless you stop after beating the Skeleton King. Honestly, I can’t see myself creating another character, YET AGAIN, after they do this wipe for the patch. I have no desire to play over from the beginning for the umpth time with some changes here and there. I think I’m good until the final release. They should give options to release keys when your done testing, I would seriously contemplate that…

        • I think that would be a great idea for the next game… or xpac. Some sort of option to reroll your key to a pool so a new one goes out to someone else or donate it permanently to a friend. Seem to me like that would keep a fair amount of testers actively testing content without having lulls in beta activity.

          • You guys are diablo noobs. The beta is awesome fun. I’ve played 50+ hours on a freaking 1 hour game. It’s so fun. Starting from scratch, timing your runs pretending it’s the release date. Maxing out in BB on the Auction house (500), trading on AH, playing public games, glitching runs and glitch power leveling.
            finding amazing items
            So fun. Anyway…
            Here’s my playthrough on Patch 9. Talking about random shit throughout for a watch

      • You aren’t supposed to be playing. You’re supposed to be testing.

        This gives me a chance (the character wipe) to test a couple more things I missed my first time through, but that may change due to the nature of the patch, which is yet unknown.

        • I don’t recall getting any paychecks from Blizzard for my testing. I’m sure most players are like myself and simply play the beta for fun or curiosity, and this is not some breach of contract or moral failing.

          • It’s logical failing, certainly. It’s always good to know that there are those who feel so entitled to what luxuries they have, though.

            • I don’t know where you get that I feel entitled. That seems pretty judgmental. Privileged? Lucky? Yes.

            • Sounds pretty entitled to me that you have the privilege and luck to get into the beta, and yet say that you aren’t being paid to test, which is the entire point of being enrolled in a beta to begin with.

      • Pantsy (you know you like it when I call you that),

        I’m afraid for you, ze war is over as rocking back and forth – definitely a lost cause.

    5. Day by day my fevered anticipation makes me feel more and more pathetic. And I was doing so well for a month or two there…

      • If they opened up new content, then that would make the beta much better. Move us somewhere we can find some rune stones and experiment with that a bit. It’s more realistic than people think. Jay Wilson is doing his little write up tomorrow and the patch should be released as well. I wonder if Jay will detail the rune stone system and then allow us in the beta to play with them a bit?

        • They’ve already said there won’t be more game content.
          But I’m actually thinking they may roll out HC mode in the beta at some point.

            • I think it would have added a lot of player retention to the tester pool. While there’s value in pulling in new testers, there’s also value in keeping the ones you already have. : /

              They didn’t have any HC strings or data in the game files until patch 8 I want to say, so maybe they just hadn’t worked on the coding yet.

    6. Jay’s “development update” followed by this beta patch announcement?  $100 says these two things are tied directly together.

      • Unfortunately I think they’ve dumbed down the game even more and they rightfully expect an incoming shitstorm.

        • Fears strikes my heart that you may be right, though i pray to the high heavans you are wrong! 

          The longer they take to release the pc version the more advanced the console version will get, then they will keep making changes to the pc version so it still feels like the “same experience” …..please o please god let me be wrong!

    7. “But it will all turn out better than expected, yes I’m definitely a bit sure of that.”
      Is there something you know that we don’t?

    8. “@Bashiok Bashiok @CDNSyntheSis We will absolutely not be announcing a release date tomorrow. Spread the word.”

      I thought it was obvious enough but why don’t they just say this stuff from the beginning?

      You’re welcome.

    9. “yes I’m definitely a bit sure of that” Must be reading too many of Bash’s posts as you are starting to sound like him 😛

    10. I think it’s obvious that Bashiok is scared of the butthurt that will be happening because they’re going to be announcing changes they’ve done to the game (removed gold auction house, removed runestone levels, added an hour long in game tutorial for every class in case you forgot which mouse button is left)

    11. Im guessing that due to the aforementioned changes the game will be delayed further into the year. Best guess, June/July. Take that as you will but the only reason why Bashiok would be scared is because of a further delay.

      On a better note Im guessing the reason for excitement would be some new goodies in the beta, maybe some extra content or even a possible open beta stress test or some such crap. In any case Bashiok will soon be hated beyond all measure. Mark. My. Words.

      • If they’d just put PvP in the beta at least it would give us something to do after leveling all the classes for the hundredth time.

    12. Bashiok says there will be no release date announced tomorrow, dont expect something :/

      And yes, beta is boring unless they bring some new content or feature into it

    13. For all those REALLY wishing for beta access, it really just makes the game wait worse.  Also, the content is so limited, it’s really just a demo but a constantly changing one where you stuff gets wiped…

    14. Tomorrow is now today, where is the update Jay?! Beta waves don’t count.
      *Runs and hits punchbag like a barb in a frenzy*

    15. What if bashiok is lying about the no release date ever thought of that huh? yep yep hes a liar!

    16. has already been set that jays comment will be on what they’re working on right now but not sign of release (because it’s not ready) … 🙁

    17. Howdy just stumbled upon your website from Yahoo after I
      typed in, “Diablo: IncGamers” or something similar (can’t quite remember exactly). Anyhow, I’m relieved I found it because your content is exactly what I’m looking for (writing a university paper) and I hope you don’t mind if I
      collect some information from here and I will of course credit you as the source.

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