Diablo 3 Beta Options Menus

While no one’s first priority when they get their hands on Diablo 3 is going to be sorting through the options menus, you don’t have your hands on Diablo 3 yet… so you might be curious to take a look now? We’ve added screencaps of all the options menus in the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta to our Beta Interface gallery, and they’re worth a look. There are many, many more options than we had in Diablo II, with all sorts of settings for item hovers, tool tips, monster hps display (or not) sound options, red outline, and much more.

The “where’s the anti-aliasing!” protesters who show up in every screenshot post will want to take note of the video options, and the lack of an “On” option in the “FSAA Level” drop down menu. It’s not available in this build, but presumably will be in the final game with fully-optimized graphics.

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38 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Options Menus

  1. Hmm, maybe i’m blind, but i can’t find the red outline option on these screenshots? 🙂
    Great to finally look at almost all the options tho 🙂

      • I know that it was never confirmed. The only reason that I asked about the red outline is that Flux wrote in this news that among other options in the beta client is indeed the red outline option and I simply don’t see it. 🙂

        • That’s what I get for writing the post fast during a break in podcast editing. I threw out some options from memory instead of actually confirming with the screens.

    • Ugly red outline will be permenant it seems. But we should really play the game to decide if it fits nicely into the gameplay.

      • I’ve played the demo’s at the last two Blizzcon’s.  Not once did I consciously notice the red outline. It kinda gets lost in the chaos, so you won’t really notice it unless you actively try to pick it out of the action.

      • Perma’s right…after playing PoE, I found it necessary to have. Almost the same in Deus Ex. So it’s worth trying, at least.

  2. i know we are shortly before beta  and all – and i know that all are kinda fuzzy inside but 90% of the latest “news” ( i know its far fetched :X) is just redundant

      • We just had new music, and new screens of unseen-before options on the interface. That’s pretty new I’d think. And I read the forums every day.

    • Are you joking?  This is as brand new as it gets for me.  Maybe it’s redundant for ppl that read the forums religiously?

      • wow are you serious ? this is not even ingame ui , its startup screens and install windows, its nothing. i mean i want diablo 3 too and i feel “the magic” of this current pre beta time , but this gives me nothing.
        it just shows how little we actually get from official side.its like evidence of incapicity from blizzards side.
        i mean they are all so afraid of saying something wrong or showing something “non final” that they give us nothing … i mean they didnt even give an estimate for the beta even though its “supposedly” still this month. i think you cant argue that the Pr is pretty poor.

  3. Fake. Very bad design. VERY FREAKING BAD. Not a Blizzard work. Some photoshoped shit.
    Looks like a student work. However it may be a placeholder, but I won’t believe. Of course I’m talking about menus (except the “Options” one), not the login screen.
    Why post this?

    • “Why post this?”
      Because so far there haven’t been any new developments with the Beta and the Incgamers crew needs to throw something into the fire to keep it going.
      Not really, you can download the client yourself and install it yourself and see the menu’s for yourself. Placeholder? Probably, but its most definitely NOT FAKE. Now if it was a release product then I’d happily join you in yelling at the Dev team for being so lazy here, but since its still in Beta I’ma let that slide.

      • You got any proves about leaked client? I’m not telling someone’s lazy, didn’t you finish “basic reading” course at school? I’m telling it’s fake.

        • “You got any proves about leaked client? I’m not telling someone’s lazy, didn’t you finish “basic reading” course at school? I’m telling it’s fake.”
          And I thought my english was bad.
          “Fake. […] However it may be a placeholder, but I won’t believe.”
          You’re saying both, but that you’re not willing to believe the latter just yet. I countered both arguements in one paragraph because thats what a good debater does.

      • How should I call you? “Anti-brain”? Have you ever seen SC2 or WoW video settings, kid?
        Oh, I got it. Freaking FSAA setting is more important than model-quality.

    • Did you see it with your own eyes? I bet if anyone got a leaked client we’ll have like 100 news-posts everywhere as happened with Deus Ex press-version.

      Oh, will you tell me 14 Gb for beta installation – is just a typo or a bug cause you can’t connect to b.net? Do you expect a 70 Gb game?

      • Yes, actually.  You looked in our beta forum lately? It’s leak-tastic. As I’ve said in several posts thus far, the beta downloader is fun to poke at, but you can’t play with it; you have to have d3 beta access via a b.net account to play the game. Otherwise you can only poke around at the options menus… kind of like what you see in this post?

        We don’t post content w/o knowing it’s real. Well, obviously we post rumors and speculation and stuff, but we say that’s what it is in those cases. When we post something as X, it’s X, and in the case of something like this, we have confirmed it.

  4. Interesting, under keyboard messages options, there’s a “Console Window” which is set to “Grave.”  I wonder how many other options are out there?  Nice thing to have some variety, for sure!

    • I bet that the console won’t be in the final version; it would be unlike blizzard to have otherwise.

  5. I imagine it will change, but interesting there are no surround/eax options yet. And usually swapping left/right is handled by the OS or the driver manager software (or getting off your lazy butt and swapping them) now so it’s unusual that IS an option.

  6. Thanks for posting Flux!  Not sure why any one would complain about seeing these in a “its not even news” kind of way.  I wonder why there are only 5 skill keys to tie?  Does it just assume that right mouse button will be one?  What if I want all 6 skills tied to the keyboard? (not that I do)

  7. as i suspected, the d3 engine is crap. we are in 2011, and look: -no hdr option -no ambient occlusion -no lighting options -no model (polygons) option -no shader option   what the flying fucck did the d3 team do in 6 years, that they couldnt at least reuse the sc2 engine to get the same level of scaling in d3 engine? reuse the algorithms, modify the sc2 engine to fit d3 needs, etc?   this confirms to me that the d3 team is mediocre   also the ui is ridiculously mediocre

    • Lighting? what lighting? D3 uses only very scarce local point lights and ambient lighting. Things you see in low settings only in any modern game.
      Dont get me wrong, I totally agree with you when you say the graphics are mediocre

    • If you want to see what excellent graphics can cost you in terms of gameplay and replayability, go check out Dungeon Siege 3.

  8. 6 skills, but only 5 skill hotkeys?  I guess the other ones just go on your mouse buttons?

    This also is making me notice the lack of a tab-toggled skill in the beta gameplay screenshots.  And, actually, I’m really liking that removal.  I’d much rather just press a button to cast the skill directly, than press a button to toggle it into place and then have to click.

    • Actually, the source of the screens was the beta client, since I took the images myself. But obviously other people have the same beta client, as the leaks and datamining demonstrate.

  9. Interesting that the background is not animated, like the SC2 background, but maybe it is because the final one would give beta testers some spoilers, so this image is only a placeholder…

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