Diablo 3 Video Journal #2 – Gold Collection, Stash, XP Radius in MP

I made one of these a week or so ago but I had more to say so I’ve put together another video of observations from the current build. This one looks at the current changes to gold collection and trying to counter that, the reduction in the stash size and I’ve even thrown in a couple of tests.



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    10 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Video Journal #2 – Gold Collection, Stash, XP Radius in MP

    1. Good Info, thanks for the video 🙂

      Playing through the beta I noticed a majority of people do not check out the side rooms, ect (non-exploring people I imagine 😉 may also be due to people creating re-rolls of classes for SK runs) — Hopefully when the game releases the majority will slow down a bit to explore those hidden cellars and rooms so we can all share in the XP (and loot!) — I’d hate to be forced to play alone because everyone else wants to rush through it 🙂

      (( I’m one of those people that ended up with bugged quests in Skyrim because I’d scour a cave before receiving the quest to do so 😉 ))

    2. Is it really that big a deal to have to walk to pick up your gold?  It’s not like it will kill you.

    3. Thanks for this.  Two observations:
      1) Elly has a fantastic voice for narration
      2) Didn’t realize UK said “bee-tah” rather than “bay-tah”.  The more you know…  8)

    4. I agree with Elly’s thoughts about separating the health globe and gold pick-up or just removing health globe pick up entirely.  It’s counter intuitive, especially for melee, to have a huge ranged on the pick up radius if you need to be careful about picking them up in later stages of the game.
      PS.  Elly when are you going to do more podcasts with Flux?

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