Diablo 3 Beta: Not Imminent

A week ago I mentioned that the DiabloWikiDiablo III beta was looking September-ish, based on logic and some inside info. Today DiabloWiki@Diablo confirmed that we’ve got to do a bit more of what Blizzard games fans do best… wait.

Any news about the beta you could share please? 🙂 –Highlifejewelry
We’re workin on it! It’s going to be a little while. In the meantime watch for info coming out of #Gamescom —Diablo

“A little while” goes into the Blizzard-speak lexicon right beside “soon™” and “when it’s done™.” Set your calendars…

Update #1: Lest the mood turn universally as gloomy as the first dozen comments… this doesn’t necessarily rule out a 2011 release. Blizzard has repeatedly made clear that the beta will be short and sweet and primarily for tech support. It could start in late Sept, run for 2 months, and D3 would still make a December release. Though obviously that window continues to narrow.

Update #2: @Diablo fielded a follow-up, after perhaps judging the despair his previous tweet was sewing in the hearts of men.

How long should we be waiting for beta on a scale of ghoul to baal? I don’t think i can wait any longer. –cionze
Radament. –Diablo

I bet Bashiok’s eyes got as wide as dinner plates when he saw that tweet. Can someone check the IP# to see if it came from Irvine? It’s kind of a joke, it relates to Diablo II, it’s evocative, it provides absolutely nothing even resembling factual information, and it’s so open to interpretation that anyone can read anything into it. You could argue anywhere from one week to three years out of that “Radament on a ghoul-to-Baal” metric.

You all should start using this measuring scale in real life. Girlfriend asks if she looks fat in her new pants? “No way Honey! Your ass is Stormtree, at the worst. Maybe you’ll be down to Duriel if you keep doing those new step classes? Not like that bitch Stephanie; she’s like, the Grand Vizier of Chaos in yoga pants.”

Wait, let me try that again. “Mom, these cookies are fantastic! They’re at least oh…. Diablo. If you’d used a few more walnuts they’d be be pushing a Doc Farren, or maybe even a Bonesaw Breaker!”

Update #3: The plot thickens with a graph that precisely charts…. something. The difficulty with using the GtBS™ (the Ghoul-to-Baal-Scale) is that @Diablo’s starting and ending points are not fixed. Is today “Ghoul-day” and the last possible day for the “third quarter” beta is Sept 30th “Baal-day?”

Worse yet, ghouls are not the first monster found in Diablo II. They are a subtype of zombie that you don’t encounter until levels 3-4 of the Catacombs. (The proper D2 SuperUnique scale would proceed from DiabloWikiCorpsefire to DiabloWikiBaal.) In other words, depending on the monster spawn and level layout, you might not see your first Ghoul until seconds before Andariel, with Radament coming just a few minutes later as the first SuperUnique of Act 2.

If you want to really confuse things, consider that the Ghoul Lord is a subtype of vampire first encountered in the Arcane Sanctuary. After Radament! That turns the chart inside out. It’s like dividing by zero! We are all doomed.

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84 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta: Not Imminent

  1. This is getting annoying…anyway, If the beta isn’t released by september 6, ill be happily waiting playing Waarhammer40k:Space Marine

  2. I’m now assuming Q1 2012 release. Damn I’m going to go and find something else to do for a bit.

    • Ok I don’t know how many of you guys know this, but when they do there Quarterly Fiscal talks they are working on a FINANCE calendar, NOT a REAL calendar. So Fiscal Q4 2011 can be all the way up till Feb. 2012. You guys DO REMEMBER God of War 3 and Sony right?!?!?! They bled that thing out for months because of that loophole.
      I should have known there first shot at a beta was a joke. When was the last time they had a beta go off on time???? Anyone answer that for the Double Jeopardy Question of the Evening. :choler: :choler: :choler: :choler:

  3. …2012 it is. They shouldn’t have gotten our hopes up, even if we were naive for thinking it could come out in 2011 (for those of us that were).

    F***ing a**holes.

    • I think Blizz were clinging to a 2011 release themselves. But they did say it would be really tough to achieve. I’ve personally given up on a 2011 release.

      This beta might be ‘quick’, but it is going to be testing new hardware, which may result in a lot of unknown problems occuring, thus extending the beta. It sucks I know, but I’d rather them polish it like normal before releasing.

  4. First week in September for my birthday would be great! (but unlikely)

    We’ve got… high hopes! We’ve got… high hopes! 🙂

    • My thoughts exactly, that’s what Radament means to me, early September. Same time my new favorite book gets released too, timing couldn’t be more perfect.

  5. tbh, I think “a little while” is not like “soon”. I really hope its earlier than “soon”

      • Waiting on Blizzard is like proving that a person cannot walk all the way across a room.  In order to walk from one side of a room to the other you must first walk half way across the room, and then half way again, and half way again, and so on.  Therefore proving that it is not possible to walk all the way across a room.

        Now it sounds silly, but this is how we actually feel waiting on Blizzard to finish Diablo 3!

          • Hehehe…My statement was a minor modification on one of Zeno’s Paradoxes.  I find that it is generally easier for people to grasp the idea that they can never reach a destination, because they must first travel half the distance to that destination, rather than the original (explained below) which says you cannot move at all.  

            Here is a text book definition of the paradox:

            The Dichotomy Paradox:
            Another variation on the same theme is called the “dichotomy paradox” (or sometimes the “bisection paradox” or “race course paradox”). Suppose you want to cross a room. In order to get to the other side, you must first get to the halfway point, which will take you some finite amount of time. And before you can get halfway, you have to cross half of that distance, at which point you’d be a quarter of the way across. And before that, you’d have to cross half of a quarter, and so on infinitely. Each of these steps must take a finite amount of time. And yet, you have to cross an infinite number of distances to walk across the room—or indeed any distance at all. And since one cannot travel an infinite number of distances in a finite period of time, motion itself is impossible.

          • So for a person to breath in and the air to reach the lung, the air first need to travel half the ditance in a set amount of time…… which in the end leads to all of us not breathing and dieing.

          • In order for light to reach your eye so you can see, it must first traverse the distance from its origin into your retina.  But to do that, it must first cross half that distance.  But to cross half that distance, it must first cross half of THAT distance, and so on until there is an infinite space to cross, and therefore light cannot reach your eye.   

            Whoever came up with that kind of paradox is a F***ing moron.  It’s called semantics.  God I hate philosophy.

  6. How long should we be waiting for beta on a scale of ghoul to baal? I don’t think i can wait any longer :'(
    @Diablo Radament.

  7. “little while” hmm unfortunately i agree, 2012 for the Beta 🙁
    It will still be an extremely fun game, besides whats another 6 months after 10 years of waiting?

  8. I have no clue why everone thinks this beta suppose to last more then 2 months anyway blizz dev team just slow and I honestly think they don’t know what there doing shouldn’t take a game this long to make.

    • Right, I’m sure all of us wish that Blizzard was known for rushing unfinished products to market.

      You say they don’t know that they’re doing … their total sales to date say otherwise.

    • closed beta including…. been going for more than 2 months now wait till sept = 3 plus 1.5 to 2 months equals 5.    5~6??? does it really matter?

      • The closed beta has not been “going on”, it hasn’t even started yet… which is why we’re all waiting for it. We’re not waiting for the open beta here, we’re waiting for the closed.

        And alpha doesn’t count as beta, hence why it’s internal to the company, not the public, and being called “alpha”. The company-wide alpha has been going on far longer than 2 months as well, so I have no idea where you’re pulling your data from.

  9. So there is 6-7 weeks left in Q1.  Radament is the start of Act 2, so about 2 weeks probably.  Makes sense, it will probably be right at the beginning of Sept.
    That’s if he even thought about it mathematically.  Either way, atleast another week and a half at the least.

  10. Begining to get bored. “Remake this, then remake this. Oh shit, its 2013 out. Well, why not remake the last thing?” .

  11. “Girlfriend asks if she looks fat in her new pants? “No way Honey! Your ass is Stormtree, at the worst”

    Totally approve of this new scale of measurement… I will try this example out as a test of its validity, and report back about the degree of beating / loving that I receive as a consequence (somehow the former seems more likely)

    • “Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid.”-Franklin P. Jones

      You sir are either astonishingly brave, or a man with a death wish. 😉

      You let us know how that goes, just try to make it back alive.

      • I got the opportunity, during a pleasant discussion about dinner she uttered the magic words ‘yeah these jeans are starting to make my thighs look big’ (close enough) to which I reply ‘nah babe, I reckon your ass is stormtree’.

        /exchange glances
        /totally ignored

        Survived yes!! for the meantime at least…

  12. How long after announcement of the SC2 beta, did the SC2 beta actually start?

    Using that as a guide for D3 wouldn’t be out of order.

    • I remember Mike saying on a Direct TV interview at that years Blizzcon that it would be safe to say “the beta for SC2 would be out before the end of the year that year”…it wasn’t

    • I believe it was within a week of the conference call where it was announced (announced for the last time, at least).
      They’ll usually say, like “Beta will begin within a few days”.

    • Hahaha… well…
      During the May 2009 Activision Blizzard conference call Morhaime said:
      “This summer we will be opening up external beta testing, and while we haven’t announced a release date yet, this phase will also signal the final stretch [of development on the game].”
      Then summer 2009 came, and passed, with no word until later that year when Chris Sigaty and Blizzard community managers confirmed that the beta would be pushed back to early 2010.
      So yeah, maybe not the best reference for beta est.

    • If I’m remembering right they said at one of the Blizzcon’s that the starcraft 2 beta would be starting in the ‘coming months’.  A whole year rolled around to the next Blizzcon and the beta was still not released.

  13. Well, im bummed a tad but only about the level of pindleskin on the official ghoul to baal scale.

  14. I don’t really think this changes anything.  When they announced 3rd quarter, I always assumed that meant toward the end of the 3rd quarter.  If they were ready for this thing, they would have given a date during the conference call, as they want that stock price to go up.  I am sticking to my previous estimation, which is as follows:

    1. Beta starts in September – when they are ready, which they would like to be earlier rather than later, but it will happen when the hardware and staff training are complete.
    2. Release date announced at Blizzcon – Assuming the beta does not reveal any major technical issues and I’m assuming it won’t, since they run WoW and SC2 already.  WoW requires logistics well beyond what Diablo 3 will, so we shouldn’t worry about this too much. 
    3. Release will be late November or early December – Blizzard want the D3 sales to happen in the 2011 year, otherwise they have no major release on the books.  They are already scrambling to rework enough of D3 to meet this time window.

    It is going to take a major issue to keep this game from launching in 2011, imho.

    • Yea, I would have to agree. It would be in the best interest for Blizzard to hit their target release time frame. And comparing SC2 announcements / dates etc. is completely off since SC2 is a e-sport and required a shit ton of testing before it launched, not too mention Battle net 2.0 was brand new and Blizzard had to work out a lot of bugs with that as well. I’m cautiously optimistic for a Q4 2011 release!

  15. Blizzard likes to mess with people, so I’m guessing that comment means that beta will be announced at Gamescom.

    *Crosses fingers*

  16. It totally makes sense: With ghouls being one of the earliest monsters in DII, Baal being the very last, and Radament being at the beginning of Act II, this means the beta is approximately 4/5 done.

  17. My prediction……………

    Wednesday Sept. 14th! Gives them a couple extra weeks to hit the ‘3rd quarter’ deadline.

    Plus, Radamant isn’t that far into act2!

    4 weeks (starting weeks) in September, 4 acts. Act 2, week 2 … the start of Act 2! 12-14th of September!

    I hope 😉

  18. You know, ghouls are found in the catacombs (level 3 to be precise). When I read that and when @Diablo replied Radament, I thought its REALLY close.

    It should be Zombie/Quill Rat/Fallen to Baal. 🙂

  19. I think people are getting ahead of themselves. They said they were starting the beta in Q3. Which means it can start anywhere until the end of September. They made this statement, as well as the hope of a 2k11 release with this in mind. Meaning that we’re still nicely on track. If the beta gets pushed back into Q4, or some major technical issues emerge, we’re likely to be good for 2k12. From what I gather the game will be very nearly launch ready in and of itself once beta hits. Thus, production of the game can start well before Beta is done.


  20. It’s insanely funny how Bashiok mindfscks people by giving them some random measurement on how close they are, look at all the comments thinking they’ve got it figured out when there’s actually nothing to figure out. I’m laughing my ass off.

      • I’m just surprised no one has yet alleged that Radament was the only Act 2 boss Bashiok could think of, cause that would be a cruel assertion, Bashiok’s noted lack of extensive D2 experience or not .

  21. I gotta say, this is a great news post. It made me forget about Diablo 3 for a second.

    And to make it better, my captcha was apple pie.

  22. Folks, folks, you speculate too much. They said Q3 for the beta, and it will be in September. Regarding that “Radament” thing: I bet this was meant to be a pun – Radament vs. Imminent. Got it? 😉

  23. I’ve given up hope for 2011. Wilson’s comments regarding reworking the rune system at what’s supposed to be the 11th hour started it and this confirms it. Sounds like it’s closer to 9:30.

    Thanks for the laughs Flux during this, my time of grief. 😉

  24. I find it a bit ridiulous that they “announce” a beta and one has still to wait for more than a month on it (even without a date)… these “announce and wait for your life”-politics really gets on one’s nerves.

    //edit: If thats true with “Radament”, then we shall see the beta either by the end of august (if its no ghoul day) the LATEST or… we had ghoul day back on august first (when announce occured) and we will have the beta on gc… naah, I dunno ~~

  25. Here’s my take on this whole thing..  The OP was originally speaking in terms of power.  A similar analogy could be “From a dingy boat to the Titanic”.
    Using the ghoul as the low end of the scale, and Baal as the high end of the scale, they’re asking Blizz to make some vague judgment of time based on the power relation between the two.  I don’t think this is necessarily specifically measuring the distance between the first instance of a Ghoul, and Baal, but more likely the first weak monster he could think of off the top of his head.
    On that scale, Radament would mean not that far away. My bet is two weeks off.

    Also, this doesn’t mean a 2012 release. Blizzard has projected this Q3 window for a long time now, and I’m sure they considered the release to be possible in 2011 if their Beta didn’t launch till late Q3. I really think release date is not so dependent on the launch date of the Beta, but more on the success of the Beta, and avoidance of bugs and issues.

  26. If Radament is at 25% of the scale, and Baal is at 100% of the scale and the scale ends at Sept 30 (end of 3rd quarter) then that means a Beta launch roughly 12 days from the date of this posting (i.e. end of August)
    My guess is well see it shortly before Labour day weekend so they can get a real, long weekend stress test in.

  27. There is a *non-public* press conference today @gamescom (Cologne) at 19:00 CET where lots of Blizzard folks are present. Stay tuned.

  28. “Looking for Baal??”
    Let’s just be glad we only have to wait a Radament rather than a whole Duriel. Being the tease that that they are, I’m surprised that wasn’t the answer in the first place.

  29. looks like i will play lots of D3 until GW2 will be released. Time passes and that’s for sure, nobody will be able to return that time we had while waiting for D3 and even worse, D3 will take away any remaining time once it’s released. Looks like we are indeed doomed. Oh dear almighty Tyrael let them never release D3 and lead us into the true Sanctuary.

  30. Meh.  I’m over it, TBH.  Too many other good games coming out this fall/winter.  I think Blizzard may have overestimated the hype for D3 a little, perhaps got a little too cocky.  I agree with G4’s assessment that they need to release now, as the game is becoming dated and the buzz is really tapering off (except with the small group of hardcore fans, of course).

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