Diablo 3 Beta Lottery: Only SC2 and WoW Players?

Interesting tidbit forwarded to us by our friends at inDiablo.de. They quote a reader who mailed Blizzard tech support asking about being selected to test the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta, and here’s what he heard back from Blizzard tech support, translated to English:

As already mentioned, you’ll need a World of WarCraft or StarCraft 2 Account to participate in the Diablo 3 Beta Lottery. If you don’t have one, you’ll have no chance to create a Diablo 3 Beta Account if you win. This applies to our forums as well.

We don’t do this because we only accept paying customers for the beta, even though it might look like that.

We want to prevent that players create countless Battle.net Accounts to take part in the lottery. Because of that, only players with an activated game will be able to take part in the beta lottery.”

While we know you must have an SC2 or WoW (or D3 Beta) account to post in the new Battle.net forums, this info directly contradicts the Official Diablo III Beta FAQ, which says that a Battle.net account tied to any Blizzard game will make you eligible for the lottery selection to the Diablo III Beta:

To be eligible to participate in the Diablo III beta test, you need an active Battle.net account with any Blizzard game title attached to it. If you don’t already have an account, it’s easy to create one. Once you’ve set up a Battle.net account, or if you’ve already got one, you can access it by visiting http://us.battle.net/en/ and clicking the Account button on the upper right. Then, to opt into the beta, just click the Games & Codes section of your Account Management page, and then select the Beta Profile Settings option from the drop-down menu.

We have also seen this from Scarbrow who posted this ticket notice he received back.

Then contradictory information on this ticket from a separate poster…

We’ve repeatedly heard different things from US and International Blizzard CMs since the D3 F&F beta began, but this is biggest problem yet. Was the German B.net tech support guy misinformed? Is Blizzard excluding non-SC2/WoW players in EU, but not in the US? Hopefully we’ll get some clarification about this from Blizzard (for fans all over the world), or there are going to be a LOT of disappointed people in the Diablo community.

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104 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Lottery: Only SC2 and WoW Players?

  1. It’ll just be SC2 and WoW. Hasn’t Bashiok or someone already said that D2 or other classic games that aren’t integrated into the new b.net system don’t count?

    I don’t think this is somehow new or different to what we’ve been told before. The D3 beta FAQ just isn’t specific enough when it says “active Battle.net account”.

    • Those comments were aimed towards the forums. There’s other quotes from Blizzard reps saying that you just need a valid key attached to your account (that isn’t an inactive WoW license, or a trial for a game).

      Perhaps the German reps and other EU reps are confusing the forum restrictions? I made a thread about this in the beta forum to no avail, and others have made threads in the bnet forum, also to no avail.
      The blues are around, even now, but they seem to be pretty busy.

      • Ahh, ok, thanks for the clarification.

        Wouldn’t surprise me if it were the same requirements for both.

        Having said that, though, if you can log into your battle.net account and opt in to the Diablo franchise beta and run the compatibility tool, then that would be all you need to do to register for eligibility.

  2. I’d ask for clarification over at the official forums, but since I don’t play WoW anymore and never bought SC2, I can’t.

  3. feel free to correct me if im wrong but does that mean i cant get onto the beta because i dont have a wow or sc2 account.
    if it does then thats a bit harsh. ive played both d1 and d2 and lod to death but because i havnt invested in blizzards other games i cant get on the beta that is for the game that follows the 2 i have played alot…
    also it means i cant actually say anything on the official forums because of the same thing… D: could someone clarify and/or ask on the forums please.
    much appreciated

    • Yeah it is a bit harsh (and in many ways doesn’t make sense).

      But from the point of view that they only want to give one beta to one player and make sure that’s the case, having this requirement basically means that if one person wants to artifically get a heap of beta keys, he has to buy a heap of new, existing games to get those beta keys.

      It’s a pretty heavy price though that diehard Diablo fans have to swallow if they don’t play any other Blizzard games and want in on the beta.

    • The sense of entitlement in these forums is just overwhelming. Why do you think that just because you bought one game and an expansion that you should be ENTITLED to a Beta ticket? That’s like going to a restaurant, and you heard they are making a new dish, and you demand that you get to try that dish because you happened to buy a couple sides of fries and a soft drink before from them. You aren’t being denied something that isn’t being offered to you in the first place. I think those of us that have bought nearly every Blizzard title, loved them and enjoyed them SHOULD get first dibs on a Beta key, and that’s that.

  4. Hmmmm, ‘paying customers’? Warcraft III and DII weren’t free right? Or do they require a subscription?

    • I guess it because there’s CD key generators for WC1-3 and Diablo 1 & 2 games & this means that having a key is no longer 100% proof of purchase.

      Though its possible the blue is wrong and a Battlenet activated copy of any game counts.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      I have D2, D2:LoD, WoW,BC,WoTLK in my account but I don’t have any chance to be selected for the D3 beta because I’m not paying monthly anymore and I didn’t buy their latest game SC2.

      Sounds like TOO MUCH GREED!

  5. I think this is bunk and here is why:

    If you complete a “blank” Battle.net account and try to opt in for betas, it says that you need at least one FULL game (Not WoW trial) tied to your account.

    As soon as you add Diablo II/LOD, etc etc, it lets you opt in…

    • Yes, I don’t think this is correct. You didn’t need a WoW account or anything like that for SC2. WoW has its own requirements, but it’s WoW.

      I see no reason why they should change the battle.net opt-in requirements now, particularly without even notifying the fans. This is information that would have been in the FAQs and in the opt-in stickies plastered all over the place.

  6. if they do this they will lose a lot of peoples respect, for my own sake and everyone else who played d1 and d2 and lod i hope this is not the case.

    • They are referring to their impending behind the scenes semi-random selection of  (tens of) thousands of fans via their b.net accounts who have clicked the beta opt-in button. Blizzard offers zero transparency on this sort of thing; in terms of telling us when they’re picking, how many, or why. People who are picked just find out, and others wait and hope.

  7. i opted in on 5 accounts. all my old sc keys each have their own bnet account and i opted in on all of them. curse you blizzard, CURSE YOU!!!!

  8. If only with WoW or SC2 I get access to D3, then I remove my D3 preorder. I really think this(blizz) starts smelling bad.

    • yay you are THE MAN
      you wont buy a game because you dont get into the beta ?
      i tell you something kid .. youll gona play all day long till starving 2 death 😉

      • lack of reading skills again 

        where did he say he wouldn’t buy a game because he couldn’t get into the beta ?
        he said he wouldn’t buy the game because if they restrict the beta to only WoW and SC2 customers 

        and he makes a very good point people who have D2  accounts should obviously have the same chance of getting into the beta as someone with a a WoW or SC2 account

    • You don’t need a WoW or SC2 license to install and play the full version of D3. Though you do need to create a b.net 2.0 account after install if you haven’t already. Basing this on if this info is correct…Even if you did have a WoW or SC2 license at this point, it doesn’t guarantee a beta spot either, so if you didn’t have either game you would be in the same boat as people who were eligible for beta and didn’t get in.

  9. Have no fear, everyone will get into the beta that pre-purchases the game 🙂

    Or at least that’s what should happen. Didn’t that happen in the StatCraft beta?

  10. I have a world of warcraft account upgraded all the way to cataclysm but my subscription has run out, does this mean I wont be able to enter the beta lottery? 

    All this contradicting information ahhhhh

    • I tried using my WoW account out of curiosity but it would not allow it since it wasn’t active.  It must be an active subscription.

    • ^^^
      I have a similar situation..  I did have a WoW account, but I haven’t had the subscription for probably over a year.  I wonder if that counts enough?  I mean, people don’t have to actively pay for SC2 monthly do they?

  11. What really sucks is people who don’t have an active WOW or SC2 account can’t pose this question on the forums.   It squelches the people who are most concerned with no effort.   I am glad I have SC2 on my account so regardless I am eligible.   I definitely feel for the other D2 vets out there.

  12. So… I have Battler.net account with Diablo II, Diablo II LOD, WoW – Classic to Cataclysm. My WoW account is frozen, i need to pay to have a chance to play Diablo III Beta?

    • This is what I want to know too – I played WoW for 5 f***ing years, but since I grew out of it after everything at level 80 became boring I don’t get a chance at Beta for D3?
      Doesn’t make sense. I have opted in on my WoW account and my other account which is tied to my D2 liscence…

  13. The beta profiler wouldn’t succeed on my computer for weeks, and I thought it was an issues with my crappy internet. Then I re-verified my SC2 account (it had been months since I played) and the profiler worked instantly.

  14. I wonder if the f2p version of SC2 counts.

    In any case I’m all for this as it increases my odds and doesn’t let people game the system with tons of blank accounts. I feel bad for the minority who really don’t like either WoW or SC2 though.

  15. sounds Like Corporate greed to me Blizzard,  I have every game you have out even Wow all the way through Cataclysm, I dont have SC2 though. i have been very loyal to this company as have most on this forum. if this is true then this is  excuse the  langauge, BULLSHIT! i am not activateing my Wow account again . i guess i will have to wait for the full version to come out and it better be worth it. /glares very angrily at Blizzard

  16. I agree with this 100%, been buying Blizzard games for over 14 years now. LOYAL customers should get the right before bandwagon jumping n00bz do.

  17. We need more information.  If this is true it is definitely unfortunate, but the people posting enraged comments about greed and bad treatment of customers and all that need to take a chill pill.  I would guess that it’s somehow connected to the Battle.net 2.0 architecture.

    Regardless, we don’t have all the facts yet.

  18. Loyal customers? are we running a cult here?

    One would think that a customer that bought Diablo 2 and LOD should qualify since they have bought the last in the series of Diablo games? If you hate the whole idea of WoW and never bought it why should you be locked out of the next in the series Diablo release?

  19. Makes all sense in the world. Regular customers receive special treatment. That’s business. Why is everyone acting so surprised?

    • Because the “regular” customers are the ones that purchased Diablo I and II and, in this hypothetical circumstance, they wouldn’t even have the chance at getting into the beta.

  20. So basically what they are saying is you get a free ticket in the lottery if you bought starcraft 2 beacuse it requires no subscription fee, your SOL if you have an expired WoW account so either A) pay for 1 month of wow you won’t use to get in or B) Buy starcraft 2 , both of which I find pretty lame on blizzards end inactive fully paid world of warcraft accounts should count…

  21. I asked customer support to clarify and they gave me a rather vague answer – 

    This is the latest response from Customer Support:
    Hello, I’m Game Master Etherira. Thank you very much for contacting the Game Master department.

    As far as I know, the amount of games tied to your Battle.net account does not affect your chances to be selected in any way. For more information on Diablo 3 and getting access to the Beta, please visit http://us.blizzard.com/support/index.xml?locale=en_US&gameId=14. I hope this helps clear things up and good luck!

    So instead answering the question she changes it to number of games.  What the heck.

    • What do you expect?  It’s obvious that Blizzard doesn’t have a set story on this yet (see the contradictory blue posts), so she ducked.

    • Ha!  I have never seen anyone else, besides myself, post in a forum (obviously not this one) with a Renshai name.

  22. Flux you linked the same customer service image twice. Or at least that’s what it looks like where I’m sitting.

  23. if i cant get in on beta if i “only” have previous diablo games, i really hope they crack the shit out of it.

    • to play in the beta, you have to log in with a bnet 2.0 account, so there are no keys at all. the beta is just activated on your account

  24. this is bullshit.

    there is no excuse for requiring an active WoW subscription.

    this is purely a revenue generating scheme.

    Blizzard pretty much only views their customers in #s and $s.

  25. Below is the full text from Customer Service.  It looks like you are still eligible even if you only have a legacy title tied to your account.

    Hello, I’m Game Master Etherira. Thank you very much for contacting the Game Master department.

    As far as I know, the amount of games tied to your Battle.net account does not affect your chances to be selected in any way. For more information on Diablo 3 and getting access to the Beta, please visit http://us.blizzard.com/support/index.xml?locale=en_US&gameId=14. I hope this helps clear things up and good luck!

    Just to clarify, I am still eligible even if I do not currently have a WoW or SC2 account. I do have a current blizzard store and battle.net account with 5 other titles tied to them. Is this correct?


    Game Master Sorovoukk here. Thanks for contacting us today!

    You are eligible as long as you opt in on your battle.net account.

    To dismiss this window, you may click “Message Read” below, or you can request additional assistance by clicking “Need More Help.” You can always let us know how we’re doing by e-mailing [email protected]

    Best Regards,

    Game Master Sorovoukk

  26. What the hell. Warcraft 3 and D2 are linked to my accounts. I played the SC2 beta. Seems that Blizzard have changed their policy, I’m apparently no longer a paying customer.

  27. While this doesn’t really effect me since I have both a Sc2 and an active WoW account, I do think it’s screwed up if they say any game then say only those two… Although we don’t have any solid confirmation on it yet… If it is true, then I can see where they are coming from considering how easy it would be to try to skew your chances by creating a ton of accounts with generated D2 and Sc1 keys…

  28. OK, I believe Blizzard is the authority on beta opt-in. Check the FAQ:


    Q.  How do I get into the beta?
    A.  To have a chance at being selected, you’ll need to complete our beta opt-in process.  You can find instructions on doing so, here: http://blizzard.com/support/article/betaoptin

    So there you have it folks. Complete the opt-in, and you’re in. I don’t own SC2 or WoW, and I’ve completed the opt-in.

    • Then perhaps the Blizzard web team should tell the Blizzard tech support team so everyone is giving out the same clear information.

      • I totally agree. Best case scenario, a blue posts on the official D3 forum clarifying true beta opt-in requirements, and potentially followed by them updating their FAQs.
        Too bad I can’t post on their forums… anyone care to reach out for a blue post so everyone can reference it?

  29. Money-grabbing whores……..just like I told ya! Meh who cares about a stupid beta anyway? How many times can you play the same tiny portion of the game over and over before you get sick of it? I’d rather get sick of the full length game.

  30. If you have registered Starcraft 2 or World of Warcraft to your battle.net account, you have an “active” account.

    An account that does not have either of these games registered is not an considered an “active” account for beta invitations.

  31. What is wrong with you idiots?
    Would you not buy the game if you weren’t randomly selected to play the beta anyway?
    Get over yourselves you fucking babies.

  32. I bought starcraft 2 when it was $30 from kmart. One day sale. Was a good game, but if it can get me into the d3 beta… Even better!

  33. I think you guys are blowing this out of proportion. From what I remember from WoW the EU blues tend to screw up pretty often and give out misinformation. Considering multiple NA tickets confirm the opposite and the policy on their site says the opposite it is likely the EU guys just screwed up.

  34. I have a WoW Cataclysm account, but I haven’t used it in over a year. Does it need to be an active wow account? Because right now mine says status ‘frozen’.

  35. C’mon… Does anybody else feel that it would just have been better if Blizzard would have just told the truth to begin with? I would have accepted that without a grudge because it’s a legitimate cause. They don’t want people to create 100 Blizzard accounts and I’m fine with not being in the beta.
    …But lying to your fans about it?

  36. I think when somebody says cancel preorder, this don’t mean they intend not buying the game when it’s out, stop beating someone, just because sayd that. Ferking ignorants.

  37. Sigh.
    Seriously, I’d only worry about it if they were saying that people with an active SC2/WoW sub would automatically get in.
    Whatever the case may be, the chance of actually getting into the beta is 1 to infinity anyway, so why kick up a stink about it?

    • Man, you miss the point. If it’s true what the first blue post says, this is just one of the many steps they’ve taken lately in order to suck the money out of you.
      I guess they were thinking like this:
      Blizz developer: Hey guys, Diablo’s beta is coming so let’s reward all those die-hard fans who bought diablo2 and LOD and have waited 10 years for this.
      CEO: You mean PAYING die-hard fans right?
      Blizz developer: yes, most of them bought diablo 2 and LOD…
      CEO interupts: but no SC2 or WoW? *starts to rub his hands*
      So if we tack on this requirement, those suckers might even buy SC2 just to play the beta…
      That means a fat bonus for me…ehm, I mean it would give you extra cash for development.
      Blizz developer: But sir, that’s just evil. Those people have waited 10 YEARS!
      CEO: Shut up or you will get fired!
      Bliz developer: …

  38. I have no idea if it’s been said but the reason you need WoW or SC2 in EU is because those are the only games with current EU support.

  39. Well… I think that they should put some restriction on beta. One specific – you can get in if you have active Wow, SC 2, W3 or Diablo 2. Nothing else.
    But! Yes, they should allow Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3, but they should not take recently purchased D2 and W3 keys into consideration. Personally, I believe that they should ban all old-games accounts created up to 3-4 months before SC II beta. (about 1,5 year from now).
    My reasoning: The current system is NOT fair. Diablo 2 and even W3 keys are relatively cheap, so lots of people just buy like 10 D2 keys, make 10 account and increase their chances in getting into beta. It’s so lame! Moreover – some people (as far as I’m concerned) upload different system spec – I’ve heard of a guy who registered 50 (!!!) accounts, each with different spec (it’s possible!). I know it’s a lot of work, but anyway – I think it’s just unfair.

  40. You guys are bunch of idiots, most of you, you DIDN”T READ THE CONTENT OF THE TOPIC AT ALL, before you comment, kiddos, the second part of topic clearly states that any game is enough to let you participate, including legacy games (d2 sc1 etc). 

    First READ, then THINK, and then POST.

  41. If this is indeed true, then it’s a sad news for those of us who have waited so many years for one game and don’t care about WoW and SC2. I’m kinda disgusted of how long Blizzard kept their diablo fans in the dark with this. But seeing how they f***** up with the release of the mac beta client, i just dont care anymore about getting into the beta. I’m positive that in a few weeks time we’ll get almost complete version of Diablo 3 Beta cracked and could play it without any lag locally.

  42. See, another idiot, he didnt even read what i wrote a comment higher, nor he did read the news properly. 

    All you people can do is to read the news headline, thats all.

      • While polite speech is indeed a great thing, it does not strike people as much, as harsh scolding with a rough language does. All i do, is trying to shake some people up so they will actually read topics, because, as you can notice, most of the comments are based purely on reading headline without probing further into the matter. If it is indeed true that you indeed trued, then sorry for that~. Tho, i won’t give up on this method of calling people idiots. 😛

  43. so if i only have Diablo 2 and being a diablo fan, it is not enough to get into a diablo franchise’s beta, and i need to share the love with the other 2 games to have a chance?

    • Well unfortunately for you blizzard feel that there are probably way too many people creating tons and tons of bnet accounts and attaching d2 / wc3 keys for a higher chance they will get in.

      I see it this way, you haven’t paid for anything since buying d2 many many years ago? Yet a person who is an active wow or sc2 player has supported blizzard alot more recently. Which do you think deserves the chance for beta from both blizzards and the players perspective?

      • I just never like the other 2 games ( i do have the old SC as well). Not exactly my fault blizz have not released anything for diablo for many many many many years. If they release one every year i would have been supporting blizz recently as well.

      • Still doesn’t make much sense. Lets look at 2 cases.
        1 case) World of Warcraft Player who played for 5 years and quit last year. No SC2 purchase – Does not qualify for D3  beta
        2nd case) An individual never purchased any blizzard games. Buys SC2 or activates a world of warcraft account in the previous week. – Qualifies for Beta
        Which do you think deserves to get into Beta?

  44. And WHY are they doing that?
    I bet all my coins that someone inside blizzard *cough*Kotick*cough* (or some of his lackeys) did that to force players to buy SC2 or WoW battlechest. Crazy? Well, there are a lot of crazy fanboys.
    Luckily I started playing WoW after the D3 RMAH announce so I still have a chance to be chosen. I was holding myself not playing any game while I waited for D3 because most games I play I quit a few days later because they are all boring. But since I won’t buy D3 anymore because of the real money gayness I came back to WoW. Its sad because Diablo >>>>>>> WoW.

  45. I don’t have to worry, I have every single blizzard game, except Cataclysm.  I got tired of WoW after Wotlk.

    ****For others, would activating your 7 day trial work?****

    • Oopps excuse me, I meant 7 Day return.
      I know if you haven’t played WoW for a while, it offers you a free 7 days.  Do you guys think this might work?

  46. I honestly believe this is all a misunderstanding, which is being entirely blown out of proportion.  I think Bashiok will come and clear this all up by tomorrow, and state that you need an active Blizzard title to opt into the beta, just like battle.net says.

  47. So, Diablo III is closed for me. I dont pay 60€ for Starcraft2 or begin playing WoW, because I am not interested. I love Diablo, I have registered Diablo 2 and LoD. If it is not sufficient for Blizzard, ok. I can wait for full game and enjoy it instead.

    What is mystery for me, why I can apply for D3 beta in my battle.net account?

  48. If they were to only allow WoW and SC2 account holders the option to be in the beta and exclude D2 accounts, it would be the worst decision they could make. It would completely smear their image and put a bad taste in the mouths of millions of loyal Diablo fans. Just a complete PR nightmare! Not to mention a slap in the face to the people who are dedicated to the title.

  49. Big update here:

    I have read your ticket and below you will find what I believe answers your question. However, if it does not answer your question or you have any other questions or concerns, please reopen the ticket and we will answer it soon as we can.

    If you are opted into the beta then you are eligible to be chosen for it. When it says active battle.net it means that you have a battle.net account that has any title attached to it. In your case you were able to opt in due to the legacy games (ex, Diablo) you have attached to your battle.net account.

    Blizzard Account and Techincal Services

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