Diablo 3 Beta Live Streams

Look a stream!

With the Friends and Family beta now under way, the live streaming begins and there’s a few live already. We have created a special Diablo 3 Live Streaming page with links to known live streams for your viewing pleasure. The current list looks like this…

  • nomsayins Stream on Ustream
  • Diablo Underground on Twitch
  • Wigens on Justin.tv
  • Diablo 3 Beta’s Stream on Justin.tv
  • fluddastud’s Stream on Justin.tv

This page will be continually updated with new links and if you are running a stream, let us know and we’ll share it with the community. Enjoy the streams everyone! Don’t forget you can leave comments underneath each of the streams.

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23 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Live Streams

    • Fluddastud’s stream is very high quality. He’s playing the Witch Doctor and is completely changing my mind about the character. Could, possibly, be one of my favorite chars! His skills are awesome!

  1. I didn’t like nomsayins stream, just a few guys talking the whole time…really annoying.

    I’m watching Wigens stream right now, its a lot better.

    zomg I want to play.

    • Exactly what sux about live streams, they never shut the F up. I’ll be killing my time with Dead Island until D3 releases. It’s not realistic to assume I’ll play earlier via beta.

  2. Not according to Blizz I think. There was a post where Bashiok was stating that the Beta was not under NDA and nothing was secret about it.

  3. I cannot believe my eyes!  People playing the beta and I can watch from the comfort of my own home!  I wish I could stay up later, but there is science to do in the morning ;_;  Ah, it looks like he’s shutting down, too, due to work in the morning.  

    Wigen’s stream (currently the 4th) is really good, and you can even see him/her chatting details about the game.  Very cool, lots of spoilers.  I really didn’t think the game would be so detailed, with the extra little caves, wells, etc to explore.  Lots of items!  The wizard’s skills are very different and I’m astounded at the variety of options so early on.  Later on with runes, it will be mind-boggling!  Other nice things are the animations and skill sounds.  The monk looks awesome, where before I never was interested.  Great voice acting, but I think it would have been cool to get Jim Cummings (voice of Minsc) to do the male monk.  

    I am let down by the music, though.  Not melodic – it’s too atmospheric.  I, like many D1 and D2 fans, really like to listen to their music in my free time.  The old music stands on its own, whereas this doesn’t.   Maybe it’s my bias as a musician, but I think that the music here is something of a copout.  Oh, well.  The game is great, so I can just mute the music and play my own tunes.

  4. Now that I watched the full beta on stream I have to say it does not feel as scary as the original Diablo games.
    It has the scariness of a darker area in World of Warcraft.  The music is eerie and the graphics and atmosphere are spooky.
    The first two Diablos have psychotic sounding music and the graphics and atmosphere has a much more frightening feeling.
    That is my FIRST IMPRESSION.  Compare what you saw in this game to the start of Diablo 1.  Where is the Butcher level of scariness to start the game off?
    The game looks fun and I like it, but it doesn’t feel like you are taking no prisoners like the first two Diablo games.
    Anyone agree or disagree with this?

    • If you’ve got Diablo, install and play it. If you’d need to buy it, it should come cheap. Then install and play it. Come back after that and watch the stream again and see if you are of the same opinion 🙂
      Not meaning to be nasty or anything, just that often we tend to remember things being far better than they actually were 🙂

  5. Maybe d1/d2 were scary because you were a child? D2 is like playing a Ti83 game nowadays, the only thing scary about it is how much game technology has improved in 10 year.

    • I don’t mean actually being scared, but the Butcher and the Harem say slaughter awaits much more than what I have seen in Diablo 3.

      • The butcher was a cheap trick – even Blizzard North admitted that – he was scary because you were in no way prepared to deal with a monster of his strength at the early point in the game you met him, on level 2.
        If I read between the lines correctly, concerning what we’ve seen so far, the flaming star falling from the sky announces that the invasion has begun, hence no slaughter has yet taken place, as such. Mind, this is only 1/3 of act 1, so there’s plenty potential for more ‘scary’ and gory stuff to show up.

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