Diablo 3 Beta Keys Gone Out

diablo 3 beta invitesBlizzard have sent out another wave of 200 keys so be sure to check your battle.net accounts.  As usual be on the look out for fake emails with scammers hoping to lure you into revealing your battle.net details with the promise of a beta key.  Don’t click links in emails, just type the url directly in your browser.

The key sweeps aren’t over, more will be going out, so if you were out of luck this time, there are still more chances so chin up.  If you were lucky this time, leave a “whoop” in the comments.

If you did make it in this time don’t forget to drop me a PM so I can pimp your forum title with the coveted Diablo 3 Beta Tester title.

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    14 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Keys Gone Out

    1. Wow, really…? ..200? It seems like many weeks since the last ave went out, and all they send out is 200?
      DotA 2 sends out 200 PER DAY..

      • What are you talking about? It is the sweepstakes that these keys are coming from, not the opt-ins… There has been 200 keys going out from that every week for a few weeks now… and there will be 2 more… the opt-ins are not announced, are not emailed to you and come and varying intervals…

    2. only 200?  How do you know it’s 200?  Are you talking about the Facebook contest?

      If that’s the case, it won’t be attached to their BNet account. Theyll actually get a key in their email afaik.

    3. I’d love to know exactly how many entries there are into the Facebook contest and exactly how many keys have been given out.  If that info were public, you’d see people saying “it’s more likely you will (insert comical remote possibility here) than it is you’ll get a beta key for Diablo III!!!”  You could dedicate a whole forum to it!!!

      Seriously, can’t they open this thing up a little more??  200?  What could they possibly have to gain by having only 200 more testers than they have now??  All adding 200 testers tells me is that they’re basically happy with the number of testers they already have and are just releasing a few keys to pacify people and to be able to say that they’ve complied with the terms of the contest.  Sadly, I don’t see any light at the end of this tunnel for us unlucky bystanders at least until the Facebook promo is over.

      P.S. – This would be SO much easier to take if I just knew WHEN THE #&^[email protected])* GAME WAS COMING OUT!!!!

      • The Diablo effbook page has ~1.64 million likes.  For argument’s sake, let’s just assume that’s the number of people who entered into the contest.  So you have the same odds of being struck by lightning as you do actually casting Electrocute before the effbook contest ends.

    4. Been die hard fan and played thousands of hours with D2 and still have over 100 accounts on battlenet.  Too bad I have never had any type of Beta invite.   But thats Murphy’s law 😡

    5. Or just life – I was in SC II beta, so I don’t really expect to make it into D3 Beta because life likes to poke people on the nose.

    6. So where on the battle.net screens does it show that you have the beta ready for download?  Is it the main account screen?  I always go into my account and click all over the place just in case they hid it somewhere.

    7. A friend of mine got an invite. He said, “If it was a key I would have given it to you, since I don’t care for diablo.”

      *insert sad face here*

      • Tell your friend he is a moron for opting in to possibly get an invite to a game he doesn’t care about…

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