Diablo 3 Beta Install Client Screenshots

Most of you guys have already seen these leaked images filling up our Diablo 3 Beta Forum, but if you haven’t, check ’em out. They don’t show anything amazing, just the various stages of the Beta Client install, but they’re very good at instilling a WANT in your heart.

Anyone can do this, incidentally. You don’t need a beta invite, just a link to the beta client download. The tricky part is that even if you get it, you can only poke through the menus and salivate, since you must have a valid Battle.net account with Diablo III beta access to play.

It’s still pretty though, and you’ll never watch a progress bar as closely or impatiently as you watch this one, when your time comes. All the images are in our Beta Interface gallery, or you can click the links below.

You might also be curious to read the full User Agreement from the Beta Client. To our surprise it includes an NDA about all game info and content, after we’d been repeatedly told the Diablo 3 Beta would not fall under an NDA. Possibly this is an artifact of the Friends and Family beta, and the NDA won’t be in place when the full version gets going later this week fairly soon™?

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22 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Install Client Screenshots

  1. Yeah, can we get the downloader anyway from somewhere? Would be nice for those who have a slow conexion in case we get in *cought*

  2. Why haven’t this been cracked wide open and data mined down to its tiniest secrets yet? 😛

    Oh, and the very topmost post in the forums are about this very thing!

    • “Why haven’t this been cracked wide open and data mined down to its tiniest secrets yet?”

      It’s in progress, check the forums.

  3. lol, if the NDA remains for the beta and I get an invite I will be uploading screenshots and videos constantly regardless.

    • I was half expecting one of the first posts to be that.  I wanted something(someone) to laugh at.  😉

  4. Did the installer really leaked? I’m refreshing blackcats-games website every day hoping the beta client pops there but had no luck yet.

  5. I don’t think the beta will start this week. We should all know how slow blizzard is by now. Please don’t get your hopes up.

    • It’ll stay in the F&F stage until they fix the major bugs affecting those people.  Beta or not, they want the game to look the best it can to the larger number of players.

  6. I can’t wait until we start to get detailed reports from people in the beta test.  While waiting so long for Diablo III, I actually read some of them for WoW, SC2, etc.  And I don’t even *play* those games.

  7. I’m having problem downloading the whole client because the P2P is really slow and is there anyway to speed up the download?

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