Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Video #32: Tristram Music Comparison

This video isn’t purely from the Diablo 3 beta, but it’s such a good view it’s worth bending the rules to include it.

It was made by Spoisen and presented through at Danish fansite http://diablo3x.dk, and it shows a nicely-edited comparison of the town of Tristram, as presented in Diablo I, Diablo II, and now in the Diablo III beta, where it’s known as Old Tristram.

As I hope you remember from playing the game, Tristram was the safe zone town in Diablo I, where players often lingered just to enjoy Matt Uelmen’s justly-famed 12-string acoustic guitar theme. Things went bad in Tristram shortly after the conclusion of that game, and players revisited the burned out ruins in Diablo II. We see it again in Diablo III, after twenty years of decay and degradation, and it’s interesting to compare the differences in the town between the games. Especially when they are so conveniently presented in one short video.

Tristram Music Comparison

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  1. All bitching aside about blizzard’s dev cycle…d3 is efing gorgeous 😈

    Sign of release? 

  2. Nice vid! I was quite surprised by how accurate it was.

    I think the Diablo 1 player took a wrong turn when going to Adria’s Hut and then from Adria’s Hut to the Cathedral. He should have gone to Adria’s Hut via the bridge west of Adria’s Hut and then should’ve taken the bridge north of Adria’s Hut to get to the Cathdral, which whould have been a similar path to the one taken in Diablo 3.

    • I figured he went the long way to withhold any view of the cemetery beside the Cathedral until later, for the  side by side comparison.

    • Yeah, I agree. It was pretty darn close. I was pretty shocked by the accuracy of all three, though D2 is missing a good chunk of the map I wish they had put in

  3. Defiantly makes me want to play some D1 and D2!!! Oh, and d3… ;(

  4. The music and sounds in d1 are so freakin good. The feel of entering cathedral for the first time.. man that was intense. Not to mention running away from the butcher!!

    • Thanks for posting this Flux.  Tristram in D1, definitely my favorite memory from all the games.  And, when you’re too young to know the town has boundaries, man that was exciting.

  5. Dam those tectonic plates…

  6. I never realized how closely they matched the layout of Tristram between D1 and D2, or the area around the fountain/well anyway. I also never realized how visually ugly the town is in D2 compared to the other games; maybe I just never noticed because it’s such a fun area with such good memories associated with it (I remember the first time I saw zombie Griswold… oh man). I remember all the one-liners the characters say when they walk into the ruins, kind of strange in hindsight Blizzard didn’t have any hero say \What a s–thole\ heh.

  7. Really fascinating. Watching these side by side really emphasises how lacking D2 was in atmosphere compared to D1. D3’s atmosphere is different, but I definitely find it preferable to D2, where something about the whole world just felt a bit dead.

  8. This was a nice comparison.  Every time I played in Tristram in DII I also thought the town seemed SO much smaller. Like it was scaled down by 50%.  But now looking at it, it’s probably because the characters were a bit “larger than life” and a helluva lot faster moving.

    • That’s funny cuz I was surprised that in each game the characters all seem to move at a relative speed. The character in D3 only seems to move quicker cuz he’s “running” while the others are just walking.

  9. That’s awesome!
    Thanks for featuring my video, and thanks for linking it! 🙂
    I just want to talk briefly about the creation of the video and a few things I had to take into consideration. This should also address a few concerns people have voiced about Tristram in D3.
    First of all, I had to clear Tristram of enemies in order to move around it freely – this meant that “zombie Griswold and Wirt” don’t appear in the Diablo2 clip, and more importantly it means that you can’t see what happens when you enter Tristram in Diablo3. You don’t hear the character commenting the locations and the town is actually crumbling around you as you move through it, and the character actually has a few cool one-liners.
    As it was suggested to me yesterday I might feature this stuff in a “Best of Act1” video I’m planning to make.
    Thanks a million times for all your amazing feedback! I had no idea this comparison was of so great interest to so many!
    Love you guys!

  10. I almost forget how D1 and D2 are beatifull and how D3 is ugly like shit. Omg add more blur to D3…

    • As I mentioned in the youtube comments:
      A lot of people have mentioned this, and while it IS true that there’s a lot of fog around, the game doesn’t feel unclear or blurry by any means! I think it’s a technicality that happens in the video-compression together with the extreme contrast to the first Diablo games and their extremely clear cut graphics. The colors and feel of the environments change a lot depending on where you are, and I still think the game feels very dark. But the graphics have indeed changed!

    • Thank God for the Darken and Sharpen Mods!

      • Yup, tried these and and tested the different types of them. The medium setting is really good, its more diablo 1 look without being too dark. And obviously everything is non blurred =p

  11. I see u trollin, the hatin

  12. I think D1 and D2 still look pretty good. I don’t think D3 looks that much better for releasing 11 years later. As the other guy said, they just added a lot of environmental effects, fog, and blurring. 

  13. Very neat video. Brings me back 15 years.

    • We are getting old mate. I got d1 as a present on my b day the year it got released. Was the best day ever…partly due to the fact that i went to second base with an awesome girl whose name i can’t remember now 😀

  14. haha u may not have found wirt there but on one of my playthroughs i found a journal that discussed him and i also found warriv dead! (not in tristram, i think it was in the weeping hollow)
    also idk if it was random but i met a boss monster in the cathedral garden outside of leorics passage and the discription for him said something along the lines of Moustascioed cemetary caretaker and that just made me chuckle. 

  15. This video shows the color differences really clearly.  The blues and purples are outrageously over saturated.  I really prefer the more realistic color scheme of the first two games.   However, i think it’s mostly an act one thing. The monkgameplay vid in act 2 looks good. And they can’t be farmhams bones…he’s alive an well and will be in diablo three, I mean c’mon, it’s Farnham!!! 

  16. How dare they leave out Farnham’s bones!  “Can’t a fella drink in peace!?”  Same with Wirt’s bones (perhaps the river eroded that spot of land from existence)… I suppose 20 years would have buried them under leaves and dirt.  That said, why are the wounded townsman’s bones still there?
    Really awesome to see that D3 got back to some of the D1 roots, like having Adria’s hut (I was so pissed that wasn’t in D2!  They had to have the linear corridor leading a round-about to the cathedral… otherwise people would skip the Adria story arc.  I had forgotten about the catacombs tomb that is now clearly Leoric’s passage… HOW COOL IS THAT!  Some really good fan service IMO, great to see it in this vid as I clearly don’t pay enough attention in-game.
    P.S. the sanctity of this place has been fouled.  Keep on trololololing graphics-minded friends.

  17. I still don’t get the hate for Diablo 3 graphics, or colors, or this “fog” I’m reading about. I played D1 when it first came out, when I was 13 years old. At the time, I would’ve soiled my pants over D3’s visuals. Blizzard deliberately goes for a less realistic look in its game graphics so that games age well. Just look how well D1 has aged, right here in the video. Even Warcraft 2 and the original Starcraft still look great to me…

  18. Thank god for the Darken and Sharpen Mod!

  19. What a nice video! I enjoyed watching that, thanks for making it 🙂 Now, just a beta key so I can enjoy it myself this decade 😉

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