Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Video #31: Laughter and a Mega Kill Streak

We saw some impressively-long DiabloWikikill streaks earlier in the beta, constructed largely in the Weeping Hollow area. In those days players spent a great deal of time farming the undead and herding them to allow for non-stop killing, thus setting the stage for huge killing streaks, the best of which took a Demon Hunter around 4 minutes and yielded upwards of 350 kills.

The zombies of the Weeping Hollow have since been nerfed and that location can no longer yield massive kill streaks, but players have found an even better spot. It’s found (once in a while) on Level 4 of the Catacombs, where a golden chest sinks into the floor and triggers a trap, causing four skeleton spawners to appear. This is a fun struggle for level-appropriate characters, where you have to quickly battle through a couple of dozen of skeletons to kill off the spawners. What if you don’t kill any of the spawners, though? Will they just keep making more skeletons forever?

Yes, actually. Watch the movie below to see the full streak, documenting the 11,391 kills in 106 minutes, by a Frenzy Barb. Yes, that’s over eleven thousand skeletons in nearly two hours of non-stop clicking. Thankfully, the video is only a few minutes long and shows the highlights, much of them at fast forward speed.

Click through for another fun video, which collects all of the class/gender *laugh* emotes seen in the Diablo 3 beta.

A fan put together a video showing off all 10 laughter emotes. They’re all pretty good, though the male DH (the last one shown) seemed fake to the point of parody. Like he should have said, “ha ha ha ha ha… NO!” and then murdered anyone who was laughing for real. That’s what I’d do if I were a Demon Hunter, anyway.

Which of the lot do you like best?

You can find more videos from YouTube and your other favourite video sites in Diablo3.TV.

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29 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Video #31: Laughter and a Mega Kill Streak

  1. The Male WD sounds like Santa and the Female Barbarian has some serious cough issues a doctor should check out.

    The rest is very good, especially Huntress and Wizardress. The Male Hunter sounds indeed like he says “harharhar… no way in hell buddy ;)”.

    • I doubt you gain exp after killing the first wave of enemies spawning from the traps. If one would gain exp/loot from all these kills it would be a huge flaw for the game.

    • I think it broked, since the game still displays your exp bonuses for quests, massacres, destructions, etc, even at lvl 13. I just checked with my DH to be sure.

      At any rate, a lot less than he could have earned simply playing other areas or doing skeleton king runs, which is why these kill streaks are basically just for coolness, rather than a serious game strategy issue.

    • you dont gain XP from mobs that are spawned by… mobs.

      i think i am saying that right? 

    • You don’t get the XP bonus from mobs spawned by the environment or other mobs. Or from events.
      You can exploit this, not only here, but at the 4 columns before the skeleton king. Those towers will keep spawning mobs as well. But it’s pointless to waste your time – as your kill streak isn’t netting you anything useful.
      The mobs at the skeleton king towers might be useful for loot hunting at level 60, though, since they do drop loot like normal mobs. The ones at this featured event do not.

  2. Someone should make a wiki entry for kill streaks. I would love to read more about them.

    • More like buffed I’d say with the possibility of mobs doing double the damage they are now for the first 20 or so levels. Going to be pretty tense when you’ve got that many archers plinking you and doing meaningful damage.

  3. Sexiest laugh = Female Demon Hunter & Female Wizard
    Worst laugh = Barbarian (Male & Female).  Maybe because they don’t know how to laugh, only shout with fury?

  4. That’s probably the first footage in awhile that’s made me excited to play Diablo 3.

  5. Meh, i don’t really understand everyones excite.
    Anyone played Halo ODST’s Firefight mode? I was hoping for something like that in D3 where you combine strategy with tactics with survival. This is just an endless stream of sameniness in comparison.

  6. Anyone ever see the movie Strange Wilderness? At the end, the stoner loser film crew does an episode on sharks, and they make fun of a goofy looking, snaggle-toothed, overbite shark. “Oh man! Look at that guy’s face! Dohh ho ho ho ho ho! DOOOOHHHHH HO HO HO HO HO HO HO!” That’s the male Witch Doctor laugh. DOOOOHHHH HO HO HO HO HO HO HO!
    (One F-Bomb version)

    • This comment should get a +1000!
      I heard the WD and the first thing came into my mind was Strange Wilderness! 😀
      Epic movie! 

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