We recently posted a video showing an amazing sequence of clickable destruction as a Wizard ran up a string of 94 destructibles smashed in sequence. That record didn’t last long, as Armada has obliterated it with a DiabloWikiBarbarian executing an amazing sequence of well-timed urn, post, and gravestone smashing to rack up a destruction bonus of over 9000 200! More than the number, it’s the technique that’s impressive, as he takes his time and spaces out the breakables over more than 3 minutes of non-stop smashing, while using DiabloWikiWeapon Throw and DiabloWikiLeap Attack as needed. He even moves through multiple areas; from the graveyards at the end of DiabloWikiThe Weeping Hollow, into the DiabloWikiCemetery of the Forsaken, down into dungeons, back to the surface, and even through a DiabloWikiWaypoint to the DiabloWikiCathedral Garden and then to the urn-rich destructible-paradise that is King Leoric’s Tomb.

    I wouldn’t have thought it possible (and I bet the D3 devs didn’t either) to keep the destruction bonus counting while using waypoints and dungeon stairs, and now that that technique has been so impressively-demonstrated, I wonder if Blizzard will neuter it, and make any running tally of destruction or kill streaks reset when a new area loads? After all, as Armada says in the forum thread, it seems like an almost infinite destruction streak could be managed, by clever use of waypoints, dungeon entrances, and maybe even the banners of your friends.

    I hope this remains possible, personally. I won’t devote the time/effort to do it myself, but it’s fun to see clever players find these tricks and gimmicks within the game. Besides, the reward is just experience, a quantity that is designed to become meaningless in D3, as all chars will be maxing out at Clvl 60 before they even get into the real DiabloWikiend game of DiabloWikiInferno.

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