First up, here’s what will probably be the last video we post from the pre-patch beta. It’s worth it though, since it’s an achievement I doubt we’ll see again. A one-hit kill of the Skeleton King, pulled off by a super tanked up Barbarian.

    This Barbarian is something of an all star, with item contributions from the players from six different Chinese Diablo 3 fansites, created and played just before the beta patch wiped all characters and items clean. With all the top gear his damage was as high as possible in order to give him a chance to kill the Skeleton King in a single hit. It took a DiabloWikicritical hit with DiabloWikiWeapon Throw to do it, of course, and even then it was very close: 1362 damage vs. Leoric’s 1351 hit points.

    Thanks to Trainman for posting the video and explanation in the forum. Stick with the video after the kill (and slow motion replay) for a look at the stats on every item the Barbarian is wearing. Also note that Weapon Throw was nerfed a bit in the patch, dropping from 210% to 180% weapon damage. (Though the Fury cost also dropped from 20 to 10.)

    We’ve often talked about PvP with the Beta characters, and how unbalanced and arbitrary it would be with the characters just Clvl 13. Barbs who could consistently deal over 500 damage (which is a lot more hit points than the beta characters have) with their Weapon Throw would pretty well drive that point home.

    Click through for a second video, this one showing a full 63 minute playthrough by a Demon Hunter in the new beta patch. Hatred Generators, new skills, and more.

    Here’s a full playthrough with a Demon Hunter. The video quality is like the player skill; mediocre, but it’s an hour of non-stop action and you should get a good feel for the new DiabloWikiHatred spending/generating skill balance and plenty of action with the new DiabloWikiRapid Fire skill. If nothing else, skip to 42:00 for a quick battle with some champions with the new Mortar DiabloWikiboss modifier, for the graphical bug that’s fun while it lasts.

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