Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Video #20: New Patch Visuals and Music

We haven’t posted a Diablo 3 Beta gameplay update in weeks, but with the new patch there’s finally some new stuff to see in movies.

First up is 10 minutes at 1080 quality from Synark. This one shows off the new character selection and creation screens with the new character animations and music, and then goes right into some brand new Demon Hunter gameplay action. You can see the Fury Generators and Spenders, the lower initial damage, and all with the newly-enabled Anti Aliasing engaged!

If you like the new music added in this patch, click through for another video that’s 15 minutes of the log in screen, purely to let the new music play without interruption.

Thanks to dookiecookiemonster for recording and uploading this aural delight.

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46 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Video #20: New Patch Visuals and Music

  1. Hate to say it, but that’s a pretty damn WoW-y looking character select screen.  Personally, I’d rather not have the zoomed-in views of the characters, since all of the armor aesthetics are meant to be seen from a distance.

    • I don’t want to feed the troll… but DOWNVOTE.  Seriously, the WoW F$%^tard comments on this site are ridiculous and I have snapped because you all sling crap multiple times a day including the site mods.

      Are you serious?  The WoW selection screen has all of the races, classes, and 5 customizations off to the left, A DIFFERENT BACKGROUND FOR EACH RACE, and race descriptors to the right.

      HOW does that have any resemblance to D3 with a STATIC BACKGROUND, ZERO CUSTOMIZATION, AN ABILITIES VIDEO to the right, abilities icons, and the HC/Inferno BANNER?

      CAPSLOCK MEANS I HAVE LOST IT (damn coffee).  You have a point with the zoom-in, I just don’t agree with it.  If people don’t like it, IT MUST BE WORLD OF WARCRAFT.

      • Well, that was pleasant.  

        I’m sorry, but the two screens are aesthetically very similar.  CAPS and flaming doesn’t really change that fact.

        Do I necessarily care that Diablo 3 is borrowing ideas from WoW?  If it makes sense, no.  The art design in general is quite nice, minus some skewed geometry that I’d rather see a more realistic take on.  I’m long past pining for a grittier game, and okay with what we do have.

        My point was this: Having zoomed-in profiles of the characters, a la your Warcraft avatar, does not make sense. Bashiok has repeatedly said that the models are meant to be seen from a distance ; thus, exaggerated shoulders and seemingly ridiculous hats.  To display them front-and-center is shoehorning the art into a role that it isn’t meant to fulfill.  Have you seen the data-mined images of some of that armor up close?  If I were a Blizzard artist told to make armor that looks good from an isometric view, I’d be pissed at how they are choosing to showcase my work.

        This type of character select screen works well for WoW, because everything has been tailored to be seen at that angle.  It isn’t a good fit for an isometric game.

        Ultimately, it’s not a huge deal.  That’s why I wrote one sentence on the subject.  But if you’re going to rage and spill your coffee everywhere because I said “World of Warcraft”, then I think maybe I should explain myself a little better.

        • I deleted a bunch of the flaming this issue created, because obnoxious.

          To the point; since no *real* Diablo fan has ever played WoW or seen the WoW char creation screen, why would this be an issue?

    • Imho this game looks TOTALY like Starcraft, theres stuff in it, and it looks! ZOMG ?!?!
      Sarcasm mode *off*

  2. Holy fuck they have butchered that theme. Beforehand it was tolerable but now it sounds like something that belongs in the Looney Tunes.

    • There is a little too much xylophone in the beginning.  Everything after that first two and a half mins is awesome. 

  3. Seems even easier than before. Why do they expect gamers to be complete “noobs” when they pick up a game? Even a 3 year old can complete the first act. Why do they have such disrespect for people’s intelligence.
    And I understand that there needs to be a learning curve, but does it have to start at “retarded”?

    • Did you ever see Jay Wilson comparing it to D2 Blood Moor? Showing off a Sorcerer walking around monsters, barely being noticed, much less hit, when finally attacked.
      I really don’t understand all that hate – they’ve promised us ‘hardcore’ fans a challenge we won’t forget, so what is the big deal in letting casual gamers enjoy the game as well? We fans should be happy that more people get a chance to enjoy our passion…

      • +1  and to further your point…if this game doesn’t do really well in sales (which means it MUST be enjoyable to casual gamers)  then you can kiss expansions and any idea of D4 goodbye.   You folks really need to open your eyes and welcome casual gamers with open arms.

    • Who cares since most of us will be done with A1 within hours, and normal within a day or two?

  4. They had the same vision with WoW. After Vanilla the game was so easy, even the most causal gamers were complaining. What are they basing this “casual gamers do not play for the challenge” idea on? I have never ever heard anyone say: “ghee, I would have bought this game, if it just wasn’t so damn hard!”. It is a bad business model, since kids these days grow up with games from when they are extremely young. They know how to play. I really doubt there will be any challenge to this game at all. Just look at Diable 2 after the expansion. The game was so easy, that basically all it was about was finding new loot. All it took was a lot of time. Skill simply was not part of the equation. As for Septar’s comment, well, Ad Hominem arguments aren’t worth going into.

        • Ad hominems are an attack on another person’s character, I didn’t say “You’re fat and ugly therefore you’re wrong.” I said that you’re not so intelligent if you think the average gamer is intelligent. Just look at examples like… You, or the people who comment on the articles at kotaku, gamespot, ign, or some other shitty game site. You’ll find that on average, 80% of the people commenting are incapable of thought beyond “this burger tastes good nom nom” and those people commenting on the articles are actually not representative of the majority of gamers, which means they get even dumber.

          • So in your evaluation, 20% of commenters on those sites aren’t idiots making fools of themselves? That’s actually an exceptionally good wheat/chaff ratio.

            Check comments on something like YouTube, or Yahoo news. There you’re lucky if 5% of them don’t trigger “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.” reactions. That the vast majority of the commenters are just rolls trying to get attention (please God) is the only potentially mitigating factor.

    • I am not sure where they got this notion from either. I know many players in WoW complaining things were too hard because they considered it ridicules to repeat the same thing thousands of times in order to obtain or achieve something. That is not fun, and doing something not fun for countless hours is hard. However lately they have gotten so used to instant give me rewards that many complain if anything takes the slightest effort. Casual games like challenge just as much as the next guy, they just do not want to dedicate a significant portion of their life to achieving something that places them in the top 1% of the game which is understandable.

  5. Did you notice on the first video that you can grab health globe even if your life is full. It doesn’t work for me.

    • That’s always been the case. It actually adds something of a skill element; can you avoid hitting the globes, to leave them for later?

  6. Have to say I don’t like the audio on most of the DH skills. Theyre too loud and sound too much like guns. It’s like someone dumped a first person shooter into my Diablo game

    • I agree, the crossbow sounds are too.. loud?  Exaggerated?  I’m pretty sure firing a crossbow (Especially a small, one-handed crossbow) would sound nothing like what they do so far..

      • If you don’t like big, exaggerated sounds, then diablo 3 might not be the game for you. There’s a lot of volume to pretty much everything, and they added even more sounds in this patch. More zombie grunting as they unearth themselves, and I also noticed my wizard yelling while he cast some spells when he was silent before.

        You can at least modify all the volume settings. Most beta players turn down the sound effects and up the music, since so much of it is atmospheric that you don’t notice it otherwise.

        • Is the dialogue also controlled by the sound effects volume? Most of the playthroughs I have trouble hearing the NPC speeches over the “pewpewpew”

  7. I really love the sound effects. It’s as if DICE’s audio department came to Blizzard to help. Keep up the good work guys!

    • Have to agree. Aside from being somewhat obnoxious, it just doesn’t sound satisfying. Been one of my small gripes since I first saw the beta. Most of the other class skills are great, they just can’t nail down a good crossbow shot.

  8. They need to do more with Impale, now its not worth taking till maybe after you start getting runes.  They should add a bleeding effect to the skill giving it some damage over time.

  9. They deleted all the runes for electrocute, which of course wouldn’t be mentioned in the patch notes but it was in the mpqs. Lots of other little tweaks and changes, too.

  10. Wow, just finished listening to all 15 minutes – so beautiful. I love the style, the gentle softs and deeply passionate crescendos, the occasional melody from Diablo II music – I’ll let that accompany my game playing any day…

  11. what struck me this time quite to my surprise is the small dialogue between the toon and the NPC:
    DH: I come here to purge the evil of the fallen star (or sth)…
    NPC: Leah is the only survivor…

    I sense a load of cheese….

    • Yeah. I noticed a lot of cheese too. I suppose we will just have to live with it, they cant possibly redo the dialogue.

  12. lol I love how a simple character select screen can make people so upset. THIS LOOKS LIKE WOW — SORT OF. EVERYTHING RUINED! BRB GOING TO KILL MYSELF.

  13. I always appreciate Blizzard’s penchant for obnoxiously long long in screen music. This one’s pretty good. Not quite as good as Wrath of the Lich King’s but…I could care less if Lady Gaga did the login music.

  14. the character selection animations look really cool, that’s a big improvement to me. ok, that’s slightly wow-ish and the music is hollywood-cheesy, but I don’t mind these art direction choices as long as everything is polished to death and there’s a good feeling of immersion. otherwise i’m really annoyed by the crossbow shot sound, is it too loud and not feeling “right”, or is it me…?

  15. Question regarding the resource system, can it be checked for how fast thing regenerate now? Cause I’ve seen one of the screen shot with wizard regenerating at 750 AP per min, which means 12.5 AP per second. Also, it seems like except for mana, all resources are capped at 100, right? Because the expenditure are all under 100 and they are expecting tha player will generate resource with some skill and spend resources with others?:mrgreen:

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